Last December I started my own bookmarking website using Hotaru CMS. I still receive questions about this bookmarking website on a regular basis so I will attempt to answer some of the questions I receive about it.

Background of SiteIce

The website took me about 4 ½ hours to set up, install script, and a few tweaks including an Adsense revenue share plug-in. Once the site was set up I used the RSS Auto Feed Reader to automatically bookmark my InfoBarrel articles at a set interval.

SiteIce has an Adsense rev-share add-on that shows the users Adsense ad 75% of the time and the remaining 25% of the time my Adsense ad is displayed. I also receive 100% of the revenue from my own personal bookmarks that I put on the site automatically using the RSS Auto Feed Reader.

I occasionally will click over to the site, but I have done nothing with it since January. I simply let it sit. Hotaru CMS is a great script and if you are looking to start your own article site and do not want to use WordPress then Hotaru is a great choice.

The Panda update pretty much killed bookmarking websites in my opinion. Even before the Panda update SiteIce was getting very little traffic. I could easily increase the stats of the website if I was to focus on it, but my focus right now is simply to write a lot of articles.

Future of SiteIce

I may modify the site into an article directory, but I will probably end up selling it eventually. SiteIce was more of an experiment to try out a new script and to see how much money I could earn with doing no work.

How Much Have You Earned With Your Book-Marking Site?

Since last December when the site went live I have received 2 clicks. I have earned about $2.00 from the site. If you subtract my hosting fees I have lost money with it.

The Hotaru software used on the SiteIce website has a lot of potential to earn money. If you use the Hotaru CMS software I would now recommend that you use it to build a broad niche article directory such as Environment911 as opposed to a simple bookmarking script.

Hotaru CMS is a great website script that is free to use. You may choose to simply use WordPress if you start an article directory, but Hotaru may work better for you if you do not mind the learning curve. I prefer to work with WordPress over Hotaru CMS, but that is simply because I am very familiar with the WordPress software.

How Much Traffic and from Where?

My top traffic referrers are,Google Search,, and Squidoo. Since December 2nd SiteIce has received only 328 unique visitors and a total of 3,457 pageviews. The average visitor is viewing 5.07 pages per visit which tells me the vast majority if the traffic is simply users who are bookmarking their articles.

If I do keep the website and convert it into an article directory I will be keeping all of the current bookmarks without erasing them. I will probably start from scratch and start a broad niche article directory if I ever do it, but for now I am going to keep focusing in my blogs and InfoBarrel.

I consider SiteIce a successful experiment. Oftentimes we think that if we build a bookmarking site that people will come and bookmark and then you will earn a lot of money as the site owner. This proves that even though other people will come and bookmark articles on your website that you still need to market your article bookmarking site in order to make money with it.

Is Starting a Bookmarking website Worth My Time?

If you truly want to run a bookmarking site and dedicate time to it then yes, however I would suggest an article site instead of a bookmarking website. If you plan on just slapping up the site like I did and then leave it alone then the answer would be no. You can’t make money with it if you do not invest the time and energy the site needs into it.