Drug addiction is a very tough dilemma to deal with when it affects you or someone that you love. For millions of people who have drug addicts or alcoholics as sons, this reality can be very difficult to accept. There are millions of parents who wake up everyday screaming, "Help, my son is a drug addict!" The fact is that dealing with addiction is scary, but the good news is that there are definite steps that you can take in order to help a loved one with an addiction issue.

Help my son is a drug addict

The fact of the matter is that a person will not become a drug addict or alcoholic overnight. It usually takes months (or years) of regular drug and alcohol abuse before the individual starts to show signs of addictive behavior. Those signs are easy enough to recognize and they really all boil down to one thing, that the addict will continue to use drugs in spite of the negative consequences that their use is causing.

But even though it takes time to become addicted and display the addictive patterns of behaviors, many parents expect their children to be cured from drug addiction instantly. Well, it does not work that way. Returning to a life of productivity after years of drug abuse and alcohol abuse can be challenging for anyone regardless of age. When you add into that the legal and financial consequences of drug addiction you are going to have to realize that your child faces a difficult road ahead.

Treatment for teenage addiction

The only way to get an addict into recovery is for him to get treatment. If you are simply sitting there on your hands and hoping that things are going to get better you are in for many sleepless nights. Drug addicts never get better. This is the law of addiction. Over time untreated alcoholics and drug addicts only get worse. And the more serious your child's drug abuse, the faster that the deterioration will take place. Therefore, as a parent the most important step is to take action. If you are experiencing an addict in relapse the most important thing to do is to get them to realize that things will get better.

One of the things that parents of drug addict and alcoholic teens do not realize is that drug addiction is not fun for the addict. Sure there are highs when the addict is on the drug but, for the most part, most addicts just want relief from their misery. This is why they use drugs in the first place. Chances are if you talk to you child and show them that you support them getting clean and sober, they will be interested in hearing that message.

Drug Rehab for Teenagers and Young Adults

No method of drug abuse treatment works better than inpatient drug rehab. The statistics bear out the fact that people who go away for a length of time to work on themselves and their drug and alcohol problem do infinitely better in recovery that those who try to do it alone. Most drug and alcohol rehab centers work with young adults, but a teenager who is a minor will need to find an adolescent drug rehab center. Adolescent drug rehab centers are just like drug rehab centers for adults only their population is younger. The basic principles of recovery from addiction and a life free from drugs and alcohol is taught.

The fact is the people who go to drug rehab get better. These programs work at helping young people reclaim their path and find new meaning in life. I can not stress this point to you strongly enough. Drug rehab changes lives, and saves lives. If you are concerned about the cost of rehab, know that most rehabs take insurance plans and nearly all will work with low income families to make certain that their loved one gets the help that they need.

If you are still screaming, "Help me, my son is a drug addict or alcoholic!" the time to take action is now. Look into the rehab centers in your state and start making phone calls and checking out websites. All rehabs operate websites that share their success stories, have interviews with former drug abusers and talk about ways to get help from drug addiction. The sooner that you get your son off to drug rehab, the sooner the healing begins.

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