Why I'm forgetting keyword research

and writing about whatever I want

I've decided to forget all about keyword research for my time here on infobarrel and I choose to instead write like Ernie writes. He writes about whatever he wants and he still earns over $100/month in passive income from his articles. That strategy really interests me and it's what I'm going to do while here on infobarrel.


Why do I want to be earning 100 dollars a month in passive income here? The reason is simple. I intend on creating an affiliate marketing business and there are a few monthly costs related to starting up as an affiliate marketer. What are these costs? Well, you don't technically really need hosting or a domain but it sure does help. However, it's crucial to be using a service like AWeber if you want to be earning good money because everyone knows that in Affiliate Marketing, the money is in the list. Also, I'm a little worried about giving out my real address to my list so I plan on getting a PO Box for my email marketing so no one can show up at my door, you know?


So, these things don't really cost 100 dollars a month but that number just seems like a nice number to start out with. It has a good ring to it, don't you think? Of course, I'd like to then move on to making money as an affiliate marketer. My goal is to be earning over a thousand dollars a month in passive income as an affiliate marketer and then I intend on again moving on to something completely different. I think this will allow me to keep growing and learning more about making money online. There's a whole world out there and I want to conquer it.


I've been reading on ways to make passive income for years now but have never taken action like this until now. I really believe that if you want to be successful online or in the real world you have to take consistent action day in day out to start seeing results. That's why I'm going to keep plowing away and write tons and tons of articles about topics that actually interest me. Basically, I'm going to be throwing tons of mud on the wall and waiting to see what sticks. You gotta figure out on your own what kind of articles will generate you money consistently and then keep writing more about those topics. It always helps if you are actually into those subjects too...


I believe that a great way to earn decent money is to stick with evergreen niches. What are evergreen niches? They're niches that are always and will always be in demand. It's the complete opposite of niches that are hot today but gone tomorrow. We're humans and some things will always be searched for on google like how to make more money or anything that has something to do with love and relationships or even health and well-being. This is just a reality that's why I've chosen one of those 3 fields to focus my energy on. I'm going to focus on wealth and how to make money articles because I believe that will bring me the most bang for my buck. Actually, if that doesn't work out... I'm going to move on to love articles or even health articles. I'm going to keep throwing mud at the wall until something eventually sticks?


What about promoting your articles? I think that's unnecessary at first. You really need to be focused on creating... on writing. On being creative. Really pour your soul into your writing and it will show. People will notice and your articles will be shared. I really believe this. It reminds me of this guy named Steve Pavlina who really didn't do that much to promote his new blog but it really took off. Ok so he did take part in blog carnivals but that's about it actually. I wonder if there is something like blog carnivals for article writers. If there isn't there should be. Maybe I should start something like that where lots of article writers promote each others' work. That could be really interesting.


If you don't remember anything else from this article, the only thing I want you to keep is that you have to be taking massive action if you want to see results. Try anything... do anything and see what works for you. Whatever works, keep doing more of it and whatever doesn't work, just drop it. You tried... it didn't work. Big deal. It's time to move on.


I really love writing and I would do it for free. If only 1 person were to read this article and find it useful, I'll feel like I'm actually making a difference. That's the truth.


Now it's true that when it comes to writing articles, it's all about quality and not quantity. Actually, I take that back. I think both quality and quantity are just as important. You need to be producing quality articles but you also need to be producing them in big enough quantities if you want to see success on here.


What else do I believe about writing or anything in life actually? I think that it's crucial to study the success of others in whatever you are interested in to become successful yourself. You have to study the best and adapt to what's working for them if you want to succeed. Sure it might not work for you but it's worth a shot. Learn from the pros. The experts. And the rest will take care of itself. Learn their secrets... Heck, ask them what their secrets are! You'll be surprised by how often they'll actually open up to you and tell you how they do it. They want to see you succeed! Well, most of them want to see you succeed. More often than not, people will be glad to share the secrets to their success with you.


I hope you enjoyed this article and I wish you the best of luck on your journey! Thank you for taking the time to read this. It means the world to me. Please share it with friends, family, co-workers, anyone you can think of!


Finally, a big THANK YOU to anyone who has ever helped share my writing with others. I REALLY appreciate it...