Success Comes With a Info Barrel Backlinking Strategy

Before I get started writing articles for Info Barrel, I found out that there are certain steps that need to be taken to be successful on Info Barrel, taking the time to set up these accounts in advance will save you valuable time. If you don't, it will cause you mass confusion, and you won't have a strategy to follow to increase your success on Info Barrel.

1. Setting up My Accounts –

These are the accounts we need to make money with Google Adsense. Info Barrel, Google Keyword Tool, Google Adsense Account, IMAutomator, Amazon, Chitka, and 20 Social Bookmarking Sites, and of course there are 300 or more Social Network or Bookmarking than you could shake a stick at.

2. Make a List of Topics:

Writing down a list of topics for the niche articles you're going to write, the next step is to do a keyword research using Google Keyword Tool for each niche article topic. Use Microsoft Word so you can review your grammar and word count when you have completed writing your article, remember your article must use 435 - 650 words to be indexed into Info Barrel.

3. Linking Info Barrel Articles:

After you have written some Info Barrel Articles, remember to link them together, but only ones that match what your content is about. Example: You have an article about apples, and you have an article about cars, this is not a good match, but when writing about green apples to red apples is more like it. So if you have other articles about food items, which are what you, link together same relevant content.

4. Setting up Your 20 Social Bookmarking Sites:

Listed below are the 20 social bookmarking sites I use to submit too, remember each site you submit your Info Barrel to, the description has to be slightly different or it will be reviewed as duplicate content, so just switch up your words:

1st Day:






2nd Day:






3rd Day:






4th Day:






More after you submit to IMAutomator:









These Social Bookmarking sites should be submitted in increments of 5 submissions a day, reason being is that you don't want to look like your spamming by pushing to many links at one time (Big Red Flag for Google = Penalties, penalties.)

5. Now Sign in to IMAutomator:

In your Members area of IMAutomator, go to Bookmarks area and then go to set up new Bookmark and click Submit New, set up each of your Info Barrel articles for 5 links per day.

6. Sign into your Google Adsense account:

Now let's set up your Google Adsense account so you can track each article, go to link Adsense Set Up, click on the link for Channels, then set up Channel URL's, this is where you place your Info Barrel article links, so you can track how many clicks and impressions you are receiving every day.

OK, now you have set up a strategy that will set up back linking to your articles, which will increase page views, thus increasing traffic, and then increasing Google Adsense revenues for you.

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