I joined HubPages 3 months ago, I have been there longer than I have been a member of Info Barrel. It was the first article writing site I was ever a member of. I am 51 and surely didn't think I could write a thing. But I wanted to try if just to stave off boredom. I really don't remember how I heard of HubPages, but I'm glad I did. It's a great site and the community is great as well.

I find coming up with a topic the hardest part, but the format used at HubPages makes that process easier. HubPages has a green," start a new hub" button at the top of every page. Click this button and you will be taken to a page where you can format you Hub in a number of different ways. HubPages will first ask you the name of the Hub, they do want you to do things in order, but before publishing I have heard, but never tried, to change the title of the Hub. Other things you will have to do is place you hub in a catagory and pick a look to your Hub. This is all explained as you go through the steps of getting your Hub set up so you can begin to write your hub.

Adding photographs is really easy and I can position the picture anywhere within the text by using the arrows in the photo capsule. You can add a photo to your Hub, using an image from your computer or using the web. I confess I have only used the from my computer option but I am sure I will eventually use the web option.

You can also add links again using a capsule. It is an area that makes it easy to add a link, everything is explained very well as to what you have to do to get this task accomplished. You may link some of your other hubs or links to other article or news that is pertinent to the subject matter of your Hub.

There are other capsules as well such as Amazon or Ebay capsules that you can put products from these websites and sell the items if you are an affiliate. HubPages makes it very easy to do this and make sure you put you affiliate number within HubPages on the my account section then look for affiliate settings. There you can register your affiliate number with HubPages. There are 4 affiliate programs that you can be a member of to be able to register you affiliate number with HubPages. These affiliate programs are, Google, Amazon, Ebay, and Kontera. I have heard that becoming an affiliate with Ebay is difficult at best, and I know nothing about Kontera.

This next capsule is one I love. It is the news capsule. Click this capsule and you get a current news feed published along with your Hub, 3 or 4 articles in the news that are in the same vein as your Hub. It's a very cool add to your Hub.

There are 2 fairly new capsules that have been added recently that are a pretty cool addition to what you can already do on your Hubs. These capsules are Poll and Quiz. On the Poll capsule you can ask a question usually pertaining to your Hub and take a poll on what the readers of your Hub think. The other capsule is the Quiz capsule. This is where you can add a quiz of your own making to your Hub. This is a really cool feature and many hubber are having fun with this.

There is also a Table capsule. If you have numbers or want to chart something, I confess I haven't used this capsule, than I do believe this is the place you want to be.

There is a comment capsule where readers can make comments on your article or your style of writing or how much they liked or disliked your article. When you are editing your Hub click on the comment capsule edit button and you will be given choices as to how you want to moderate the comments posted on your hub.

In the account section of HubPages is all your personal stuff. A count on all your published hubs as well as the unpublished hubs you have going on. Many other features in the account section and you should have fun just exploring this section.

HubPages also has a forum section and the topics range for A to Z. There are also specific topics to choose from in the forums. At times and in certain topic matter some "discussions" can and do get rather heated at times. You can choose to participate in these heated discussions with a chance of getting banned from the forums for a certain number of days if you do or say something that is against the Terms of Service. I tend to stay out of the really messy discussions and only comment in a calm respectful manner.

And the same with Info Barrel if you view or read someones Hub or content then most people will return the favor and read some of your content.

So all in all I think HubPages is a great website and I for one will continue to write my Hubs and enjoy the articles I read there. Check it out sometime, you might want to stay and give writing a try. You might surprise yourself, I know I did.