Third Month on Infobarrel

Although I've barely produced any articles this month, I'm slowly getting back track at Infobarrel.

In my first month, I had made $2.41 with a total of 30 articles.

In my second month, my earnings took a dip to $1.18 from Google Adsense with a total of 42 articles. I did not make any money from Amazon or Chitika that month.

I wasn't surprised to see my earnings drop in the  second month. The Infobarrel 2.0 upgrade resulted in temporary system glitches. Everything seems to be back to normal, as my earnings are back on track.

In my third month on Infobarrel, March 2011, I only produced 5 articles for a total of 47 articles. Yet I saw a jump in my earnings. I made $6.12 on Google Adsense and $0.77 on Chitika for a total of $6.89.

Considering how little I produced last month, I was surprised to even see a jump. This reminds me that every bit helps.

Strategies for the Upcoming Month on Infobarrel

On my earnings report from last month, I received many helpful comments from IB community members.

chezfat suggested interlinking articles to improve long-term page views. (Obviously I am taking this advice, as I have hyperlinks to previous earnings reports).

Jerky suggested that if I didn't have time to crank out tons of articles, I could isolate the best performing ones and write more articles using variations of those keywords.

This is one piece of advice that I'll begin to apply this month. I barely had any time to write in March, but at least I have a better idea of which topics are doing well for me.

I've noticed that my best performing articles are television related. This may not be the case for everyone, as different writers seem to do better with different topics. Some people seem to be having better luck with travel or home improvement.

Other Online Writing

My Examiner earnings took a huge dip this month. In the past, I was able to have success with trendy topics. I also cover a popular celebrity, and that has always given me an automatic supply of hits.

However, this month was difficult because Google has decided to crack down on sites they deemed as "content mills." Sites like Examiner and Associated Content seem to be temporarily blacklisted from Google News. And this has resulted in a cut in my Examiner income.

And because of Google's new guidelines, Examiner has responded by becoming even more stringent on what it considers "news." They also seem to be cracking down to make sure they don't have too many people covering the same news story. I'm putting Examiner on the back burner for now.

My earnings on Yahoo/Associated Content didn't suffer too much. I have a reasonable base of partner assignments on Yahoo outlets to compensate for the drop in Examiner earnings. I'll be sticking to Yahoo/AC and Infobarrel.

Although I didn't meet my writing goals last month, I'm making a point to start writing again. I'm confident that with a concentrate effort, I'll be able to find steady success here.

Hope you found this Infobarrel earnings report helpful!