my to do listHave you been feeling stressed lately, and just can't put your finger on it? Is your "my to do list" in your head, and now it is swimming around as you keep finding new things that you need to add to "my to do list"?

Procrastination is a major cause of stress. It is amazing just how much energy can be expended avoiding a chore, then it takes to actually do it, therefore causing even more stress. You may not think it is, but it is just under the surface bubbling away.

You have your regular stresses of work, kids, sports, meetings etc.. but also in there are those annoying little things that you have "been meaning to do" that can get under your skin. As soon as you lay eyes on the item that is bothering you, you may mentally say "I had better fix that or clean that" then walk away and it doesn't get done, but it has been added subconsciously to your mental "my to do list"!

So, you can't always deal with the stresses at work and other places, but you can deal with the ones at home. Your home is suppose to be a soft place to land at the end of a long hard day, it is not suppose to be the source of even more stress. But because of procrastination, we have let small chores and fix it jobs pile up.

I am the same way.. I will go to have a tub, and while I am laying in the tub, I will notice a piece of trim about to fall off the back of the door. I make a mental note to get the hammer and a nail, then after my bath, I don't see it anymore, and go on to other stuff. But then the next night I see it again, and now I am mad at myself for not bringing up the hammer!

As I go outside to let the dogs out for their last run, the carpet at the back door, yet again, gets stuck in the door. It needs replacing, and even though I am out and about all the time I have not done this yet. But each and every night I have the same problem again, and curse!.

Now multiply that by every room in your house that might have something that needs fixing, cleaning or replaced and stress is building!

By tolerating these little problems you are actually draining energy, and then procrastination sets in, as these chores start to multiply, you will feel a loss of control, and it will seem that everywhere you turn something is wrong with your world!

It all just gets added to the soup pot. It will start with seeing the broken trim, then while trying to put the dogs out you will trip over the mat, then someone will phone from work, and you can't get to the phone because you are now chasing your dogs down the street after tripping over the mat and letting them out loose.. Maybe a bit of a exaggeration, but you get the point.!

So, my to do list needs to be down on paper, and there needs to be one for things you can totally control. So, why not start with your home. Pick a weekend when you are refreshed and it is daylight in your home, and walk through the place with a "my to do list" pad. As you get to each room, write down what is wrong, what is bothering you in this room? Does anything need fixing?. Write it down

After you have gone through the house, don't panic if you have a huge list. You can now break "my to do list" into bite sized pieces.

Break down your "my to do list"

1. Start by separating out any chores that you can do by yourself.

2. Next, separate out any chores that are not hard, but just need an extra pair of hands.

3. These should leave you with the chores that may need some professional help.

If your finances will afford, take your "my to do list" and pick out the professional help one, and see if these are chores a handyman could do. If so, ask around at work, or your neighbors. Many handymen are retired contractors or trades, and can fix most things in a house. Although, if it is electrical, or something big, you may need a specific tradesperson. But if it is loose trim, or ceiling tiles falling down, or damaged drywall etc.. you can get a handyman for small jobs and this will cost you less than a larger outfit.

If there are a few of these on your "my to do list" then try and bundle them together and get him or her to come and look at the chores and get a price, and then pick a day and get it done.

You have no idea how good it can feel to check off something on "my to do list". You will feel more in control.

Now this should get you excited enough to tackle the other two lists. Break them into bite sized pieces, and pick a day and get all your materials together and complete a task. Then check it off. If you need additional muscle, then arrange a day to get a friend or relative to help you.

You will be amazed at how in control you will feel. All those small annoying chores that have been bugging you for ages, will now done. I know, that I felt 100% better when I got in that tub and saw that piece of trim nailed on the wall, and when I let the dogs out that new back door rug worked like a charm. For the cost of a single nail for the trim, and 5.99 at Wal-Mart for the rug, I felt a lot better about things!

Procrastination sucks the life energy out of you. If you notice something write it down. At least if it is on paper, it has half a chance of getting done. So start your "my to do list" now, even put little things on there, that you can scratch or check off, you will feel so much better for completing it. Don't just put "clean the house", put "clean the bathroom" then under that "vacuum" or something like that, so that if you don't get it all done you can still check something off!

Get it out of your head, and on to a "my to do list" and this alone can stop the energy drain that has been going on inside of you, if you have been letting chores build up.

Now your home is your castle, and a soft place to land at the end of a long day, all because of a "my to do list"