I am a new Android phone user and the main reason that I switched from my former brand is due to the number of Android apps that I can get for free.

After using the phone for six months, I have a list of ten must-have Android apps that I have on my phone.

  1. Bible App – As a Christian, it is important for me to have access to a Bible whenever I need one. I have found Live Bible, a free Bible app to work very well. You can save favorite verses as well as download entire books of the Bible(subject to daily limit) so you can read the Bible offline.
  2. Video Player – Although Android has its own video player, I use Mobo Player because controls such as brightness and volume are accessible on-screen. It has also a screen lock function that disables access to onscreen controls. Great to have when you have kids.
  3. Stopwatch/timer – I haven’t had the opportunity to try out a lot of Stopwatch/timer apps but I found StopWatch & Timer to be suitable for daily use.
  4. Dictionary – I use Offline Dictionaries, the only app I found to allow for offline use.
  5. Mobile Security – I use Lookout. It scans regularly for any security issues. Although I do not use my Smartphone for any mobile transaction, it is very handy when checking out all the apps I download from the Android market. It has other features that are very useful and gives any serious user peace of mind, especially when your phone gets lost.
  6. Notes – Can’t live without Post-Its, digital or not. The first note app that I installed is ColorNote, a simple app that is very easy to use. You can even create check lists and place conveniently put a widget on your home screen.
  7. Shopping List – I use Shopping List by Fivefly to help me organize and manage shopping lists. I can add new items buy, set quantity, categories (aisles) to item and lists. I can even add a picture to items and synchronize your Shopping list with another person. I can even add barcodes!
  8. Barcode reader – I use pic2shop and mobiletag. Pic2shop is very good with the usual barcodes while mobiletag is good for other types.  
  9. Task Manager – I have been manually closing apps on my phone when I began to notice that some apps open without me doing so. These apps slow down my phone and can be very frustrating. I have one one very good app, Mobo Task Killer, that solves my problems. I can close unnecessary apps by touching a button or just setting the app to auto optimize to stop the apps automatically. Its main screen is also very informative as it shows estimated battery remaining for most common use such as calls, movies, music and websurfing.
  10. Games – nothing like games to kill hours.

Hope you find my list useful.