Secular songs are one thing, but songs about my Christian faith are far more valuable and helpful to my daily life.  It's not just about the lyrics of the songs:  in some cases, they are very similar to secular music.  However, it's the fact that the songs were created to give glory and honor to Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Savior of the world.  The artists are not ashamed to admit their faith and tell others about God through their music, which is more like a ministry. My top 10 songs come from a variety of genres, ranging from rock to rap.  Although some selections may not have been technically released in 2010, popular Christian radio stations have constantly played them this year, so they're not just my individual choices.  I have compiled a list of my favorite songs for the year of 2010, and they are ranked in a particular order:  I will start with the tenth song and count backwards up to my top favorite single.

My 10th song is by an artist named Hawk Nelson.  The single is called “Crazy Love”.  I love rocking out to this jam when I wake up in the morning and start my day.  It's about demonstrating God's love to the world through our daily actions.  We Christians may seem crazy to others when it comes to love:  loving our enemies, loving and serving Christ, as well as others.  The point is that we would rather have that crazy love than anything else in the world.

My ninth pick is called “Arise” by Flyleaf.  The lead singer of this band has a truly beautiful and melodic voice.  She sings with such a passion that anyone who hears her will be interested in her lyrics.  In this particular song, the singer uses lots of symbolism and displays an old-school writing style with a 21st-century alternative twist.  Furthermore, it sounds like she's sending out positivity and blessings, things of which I happen to be a sucker for.  This song is definitely the most inspirational of my bunch.

The eighth pick is called “Breakdown” by Group 1 Crew.  They sound a lot like one of my favorite secular groups, The Black-Eyed Peas.  The big exception is that they don't curse or promote anything of an explicit nature.  This song has a bumping bass, that “Boom Boom Pow” feel, but it's more of a 21st-century pop praise song.  I love driving and exercising to this wonderful single. 

My seventh choice, by one of this year's top Christian rappers, is called “God is Enough” by Lecrae.  I have to admit that this is not the only song on my list from this particular artist.  This song has an upbeat pace/tempo and Lecrae features a singer named Suzy Rock, who sounds just like Fergie.  I happen to admire Fergie for overcoming all of her drug addictions of the past, but I wish she would become a born-again Christian.  Until that day, which I'm praying will be sooner rather than later, I have this song to remind me of Fergie's potential in singing for God.

The sixth pick is called “Epiphany” by Charmaine, a former backup singer of a popular Christian recording artist named Rebecca St. James.  This young, breakout singer has definitely set herself apart from the crowd and earned her platform for giving God the glory through her beautiful gift of a voice.  The song is thought-provoking and can be played countless times, over and over again.  It also has this world pop feel, which only serves to increase its appeal.

My fifth choice is called “Awesome” by Thrill Da Playa.  This artist used to sing in the secular market, but has converted himself into a singer for Jesus Christ.  This is the perfect motivational song, but pumping up one's self in Christ-confidence, not necessarily a lone-self confidence.  When I need inspiration and something to pick me up, this song definitely hits the spot.  As a substitute teacher, I find myself promoting this song to my students for encouragement.

My fourth pick is yet another song by Lecrae called “Background”.  It is the most emotional of my bunch because I threaten to cry almost every time it plays.  This song truly speaks to me with its lyrics about letting God take control of my life instead of trying to do it all alone.  The chorus requests for us mere mortals to play the background with regards to being musicians while He plays the lead.  Sheer musical genius!  A funny movie quote puts this all into perspective:  “… life is the way we audition for God.  Let us pray that we all get the part”.

My third choice is called “Life” by Beckah Shae.  This song motivates me to keep pressing on during any hardship that comes my way - in style.  Who knew that going through such tough times in life could feel so fabulous?  God wants all of us to praise him during the good times as well as the bad ones, and this song reminds me to do just that.  This is also my “show must go on” single because despite my bad feelings, this song always turns my frown upside down:  it always gives me advice and I will never wear out from hearing this dance hit.

My second pick is another dance song that has both the inspiring lyrics and a memorable melody.  Charmaine’s single called “Run” is sung in such a way that her beautiful harmonies are undeniable.  I tend to imagine stuff when listening to this song, and whenever I drift off into daydreaming, that's a sign that the melody is truly doing its job in a successful manner.  This song is also good for exercising, especially cardio activities and running (pun definitely intended).

My final favorite Christian song of 2010 is by Lecrae.  It is called “High”.  This song is sick (in a good way)!  It has an infectious beat and lyrics that are so fun to memorize - I even catch myself saying them in my sleep.  This single captures a pure praise track in the form of hip-hop.  Last but not least, this song has me meditating on a particular scripture from the Holy Bible, in addition to pretending that my life is just one big Christian music video.  With this top pick, I can truly do what Psalms 96:1 commands everyone to do:  sing unto the Lord a new song!

I am humbled whenever I hear any of the songs on this list because they literally speak to my heart and soul.  There are only a few secular songs that can do that.  The lyrics and the lives of the artists speak to me, especially with regards to their faith in Jesus Christ.  If listening to these types of songs were like talking to God, I'd want to have that conversation every single day of my life.