As a Christian, I sometimes find it difficult to pick non-Christian songs in an ever-darkening, increasingly obscene world.  As an elementary school substitute teacher, I notice that I've had to scold a growing number of kids from third grade and up for saying curse words in their typical conversations with each other (yet well within my earshot).  It's sad, really:  for many of the children, these words are second nature to them.  With the older set, it's almost considered un-cool not to curse, or at least make an allusion to it.  Nobody’s perfect, not even me.  However, I feel that to at least reduce this, some songs with positive lyrics are required.  My top ten choices are constantly played on various media devices and are a big part of my daily life.  Some selections may not have been technically released in 2010, but were played by many popular radio stations and during my leisure.  Besides, a good tune is like a fine wine:  it gets better with age, or in this case, airplay.  These songs are ranked in a particular order, counting backwards to my most favorite song of the year.

My tenth choice is called “Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith.  I must admit this is a guilty pleasure song simply because I remember dancing to the hits of Will Smith, the singer's father.  Not only does she display a lot of attitude with this single, but it's curse-free.  Finally, it keeps me feeling young and energetic:  I love watching the children at school try to keep up with singing and dancing to the latest lyrics, and this song definitely produces some entertaining results concerning this matter.

My ninth choice, titled ”Bulletproof”, is by LaRoux.  This song helps to assert independence and strength.  It also reminds people not to let their hearts get trampled on over and over again.  I love lyrics that are deep, yet not too complicated.  This fun song is also great for driving to and from work, in addition to dancing and exercising. 

The eighth song, by Drake, is called “Find Your Love”.  Who wouldn't want a little 21st century R&B to turn up in their digital music players/car speakers?  The handsome Drake (with his lovely voice) is a terrific example of subtle coolness.  The song’s romance is perfect, not sexually explicit or promoting any drug abuse of any kind.  This single is sexy yet classy at the same time. 

My seventh song is by B.o.B, featuring Hayley Williams.  It's called “Airplanes”.  This is one of those songs that bring on reflective solitude.  However, it's also thought-provoking.  There happens to be one curse word in the album version, but it's well-hidden when properly edited.  On top of all this, it's also full of compassionate, understanding lyrics.

The sixth pick is called “Secrets” by OneRepublic.  This song is also one of my more serious choices, but it's got a cool beat and considerate lyrics with decorative prose.  The violins are a beautiful addition to the memorable melody.  Any time I hear this song, I immediately pretend that I am hiking in a gorgeous forest and observing nature at its best.  Sure, it's weird and cheesy of me, but that's my fantasy and I'm sticking to it.

My fifth choice is called “Fireflies” by Owl City.  I considered this song to be the most romantic of the bunch.  This song is a marvelous electronic symphony coupled with dreamy lyrics and has a 21st-century pop culture feel to it.  Whenever it plays on the radio, I usually imagine that I am sitting in a supersonic, high-tech drive-in waiting to watch a movie with my boyfriend on a hot summer night.  It is the year 2040, for some unexplainable reason, yet we have not aged a single day:  I am a dreamer, and this song just adds more fuel to my fire of passion and creativity.

My fourth pick is by The Neon Trees, and it’s called “Animal”.  This is my most fun single of the bunch, considering I haven't yet covered my top three choices.  It's a terrific work/exercise song, and the pace/tempo is motivational.   Furthermore, the lyrics are sexy, sassy and chic.  When I hear this song, I love to make up an MTV music video that is set to a modernized story of Little Red Riding Hood, specifically when she is being chased by the wolf who turns out to be a smoking hot underwear model and they retreat to an underground rave  - yes, I do realize I need a life, but a girl can love fables, can't she?  This is simply a wonderful rock song, without a doubt.  

The next pick is my third favorite song of 2010.  It's called “Firework” by Katy Perry.  This is such a special song because it’s the one I turn to when I need cheering up.  I refer to it as my “Cinderella” song, because it's so inspirational that it feels like my fairy godmother has rescued me from my evil stepmother, whatever that unsettling situation would represent.  A person could dance to it in either a fast or slow tempo and the lyrics alone are worth singing out loud.  As a Christian, I notice that many of Katy’s songs contain some objectionable words/explicit situations, but this one is fantastic.

My second choice is called “The Time (Dirty Bit)”, by The Black-Eyed Peas.  As a child of the 1980’s, I grew up loving the original song, which was sampled from the “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack.  It provides a sense of nostalgia as well as an excuse to dance at the same time.  It's the perfect working, driving and exercising song.  It's still a little bittersweet because it reminds me of Patrick Swayze’s untimely death, but it also makes me feel like his legacy will live on forever, with new generations that are bound to discover such a wonderful talent.

My top song choice for 2010 is none other than “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz.  This is just a popular song by nature:  many people would probably agree with the fact that this song is one of the top hits of 2010.  This is my championship single:  not only is it good for every single occasion, but whenever I play it, this song makes me feel accomplished, confident, poised and even sexy.  The lyrics are positive, passionate and clean.  There's nothing explicit, and that is surprisingly refreshing, considering it’s more of a club pop song than anything else.

If there's anything I hope to remember from these particular songs, it's the fact that each of them carried a certain degree of motivation in addition to being free of curse words.  Some of the songs even helped me to overcome a few of my life's difficulties.  Each single was definitely memorable.  Finally, as a Christian, I could listen to these songs with a clear conscience, even though some of them required minor editing.  The bottom line is, these songs made 2010 a better year than expected and will continue to inspire me long into the future.