I have 3 articles that each got over 100 views here on Infobarrel. They are:

What Are Power Foods On The Weight Watchers Points Plus

Door Decorating Ideas For High School Homecomings

Pobre Messi
The reason the first 2 got over 100 views each is because of SEO. I had carefully chosen the right keywords and then I built some backlinks to rise up the search engine results.
The third one got more than 100 views because I jumped on a trend on twitter(Pobre Messi), wrote an article about it and then did A LOT of social bookmarking sharing my article with every single digg-like website I could think of.
I'm thinking of writing another article on a trend like Pobre Messi today. The problem with the first time I did this is that it didn't actually make me any money - not a single penny actually... but it was fun especially since I was new to Infobarrel to see the article get so many views so fast. I got over 100 views on that article in a couple of days and at the time I was average 5 views max for each article I would write.
Here's how I did it: I went to search.twitter.com and looked at the latest trending topics under the search bar. I picked one that I could write an article about and wrote the article. Then, once the article was published and live, I went to all the social bookmarking sites I could think of Digg, Reddit, Delicious, etc... I went to a lot of these types of sites and I created a social bookmark on those services. Within hours, I had a spike of traffic.
I remember when I learned about this strategy, the writer said that this strategy can be used to make money TODAY but it's a little hit and miss because sometimes it will make you some money and other times it won't make you anything. I guess if I would have had better results, I would have done more of this. That's why I have decided to try it again today.
Let's get back to the first 2 articles I wrote that received over 100 views. The way I did this is that I based my keyword research and SEO on what I learned in a book called Infobarrel Success which I recommend you get a copy of for yourself. It's a great read and it really helps if you're still struggling to make money on Infobarrel or similar writing platforms.
My goal for today is to write 1 article around a big trend that I'll find either on Twitter search or on Google trends. Then, I'll literally share my published/live article on hundreds of social bookmarking sites that I know about. I'll share it on any platform I can possibly think of. That's why I believe it's so important to write a really great article in the first place so it will spread better. One other great idea is to promote an affiliate product in the article so you could make a little money from all your hard work. It would be really interesting to see what kind of results I'll generate this time around.
I'm listening to a smart passive income podcast right now and one important thing I just was reminded of in this podcast that applies to this strategy is to make sure you are providing a lot of value to your readers. That's key. It's like an important concept I learned in my marketing class. There needs to be an exchange of value for you to make money with your articles. You provide great free information through your articles... that's the value you are providing and in exchange some of your readers will pull out their credit card and buy a product you are promoting through your articles. It's simple really. You can't expect to get anything from anyone until you are prepared to give something to people first. Marketing(and online marketing) is all about building relationships with your potential customers based on give and take.
That's basically how I got 3 of my articles to pass the 100 views mark. Remember though, that doesn't mean I made much money from these articles but it's a good start. It's important to keep in mind that the more views you get, the more likely you are to make more money through your writing.
What's crucial is that you need to write such great content that people will want to share it with the people they know.

Another great tip I have to share with you is that you learn from the masters and in this case the master is Ryan who is one of the owners of Infobarrel. Check out his article on how to make your content go viral. It's packed with great information.
As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged. Cheers! I encourage you to share how you are getting a lot of views to your articles here on Infobarrel or any website that you use.
Thanks for reading!