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If you are feeling in need of a pampering[1] session, then here are my top four favorite ways to unwind and relax. Pampering is essentially all about taking time for yourself and finding ways to treat yourself more in life. You could choose to pamper a friend[2] or family member with an indulgent delight such as a spa break. Pampering will mean different things to different people and of course it all depends on the time you have available[6] to you with regards to what sort of pampering activities you can fit into the day.

Let us know explore four ways in which you can relax at home which are all inexpensive and do not require much forethought or preparation.

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1. A Relaxing Bath

Being in water is fantastic for bringing you a sense of inner calm and peace because psychologists say this harks back to our time developing in the womb[3]. Water has natural associations of tranquillity, calmness and relaxation to name but just a few. The reason why hot water especially can help to relax you is because the heat can help to slow down your breathing and heart rate. This in turn will also help to lower your blood pressure. In addition, it can help to stimulate circulation[3] and even cell movement[3] too.

I have known of highly stressed individuals taking regular baths as an effective approach to de-stress themselves at the end of the day. Sitting back in a hot bath and allowing your body to breathe deeply should not be over-rated as a technique to unwind as well as to simply pamper the soul. 

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Why not discover scented bubble baths, bath bombs or bath salts as they could make bathing a more exciting and enriching experience for you. It can be exciting to pick new scents because this can completely transform your bathing experience. For example, a more citrus-based lemon or orange bubble bath may make you feel invigorated and awakened. Whereas a jasmine and lotus flower fragrance may calm you even further.

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Image Credit: earl53 (Morguefile) 2015

2. Using A Face Mask

One of my favorite ways to unwind after a long day is to use a face mask. Face masks can help to refresh your facial skin after all that dirt, grime, pollution and sweat has got to it during the working day. Masks are more effective at improving your skin tone than simply splashing hot water on it. This is because using one takes time and it is this crucial time which allows the ingredients in the mask to penetrate the pores and to clean them out more deeply.

From masks with exfoliating beads to ones using all natural ingredients, there are many different types available which you could explore to best suit your skin type. If you have oily skin then you may prefer to use an exfoliating or peeling mask for example.

Using a face mask helps you to stop and unwind because you often have to allow them time to dry or to work into your skin. So why not put your feet up and make a cup of tea and try out using a face mask today. I enjoy using one once every few weeks but I would advise that you always read the instructions on the back of your product because some have very different usage instructions. 

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3. Atmosphere

Candles and music are a great way to relax and to pamper yourself as well as to create a calming atmosphere. Scented candles can be especially wonderful to awaken your senses and provide the sort of ambiance that you are looking for. I personally love vanilla and coconut candles. If you purchase a multiple wick candle then it will release a more intense scent and this should hopefully be more potent and powerful than if you were to use a single wick candle. There are so many different varieties of candles on the market that you are bound to find a scent that you can enjoy.

Lighting is also crucial when you are trying to unwind and relax in an evening. More subtle and subdued lighting will be conductive to restful sleep and will help your eyes slowly adjust to the evening light dimming. However, if you are looking to pamper yourself in the daytime then you may prefer bright light. Opening a window in this instance will provide a wave of fresh and invigorating air which will circulate in your bathroom and help to aerate the room more fully too.

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Image Credit: Seemann (Morguefile) 2015

4. ‘Me Time’

Away from the bathroom and the relaxing feeling of a warm bath, candles and face masks, you may also simply crave some ‘me time’. This is when you dedicate part of the day to looking after yourself. You could choose to spend this time relaxing indoors reading a book, watching a good film or simply doing nothing. Alternatively, you may seek out adventures outside of your home environment. These could range from going shopping or eating out right through to taking a trip to the cinema on your own or with friends.

‘Me time’ does not have to be a solitary activity as you can just as easily have valid ‘me time’ with family or friends. However, the important thing to remember is that it should be all about you unwinding and for encouraging you to enjoy and appreciate life on your own terms.

This means that if you have children you would look into getting a babysitter or a friend or family member to look after them for a few hours. It can be a refreshing and welcome break from everyday life to simply escape for a few hours. We all need to remind ourselves sometimes of who we are as a person besides being a husband, wife, mother or father and so on.

To discover the best way for you to spend your ‘me time’, think about what you are passionate about in life. Could this be music, dancing or art for example? If so, then explore local classes and groups online and in your local papers. You could enjoy it more than you think, but you never know until you get out there and give it a try.

I hope that these four simple suggestions have provided you with your own springboard for pampering ideas that may be suitable for you and your needs. There are so many other relaxing activities out there from yoga and massage right through to going on holiday.

However, I have chosen to focus on the inexpensive and at-home variety of pampering tools that most people will have at their disposal. Why not comment below on what your favorite way to relax and pamper yourself might be. This way we can all share our favorite pampering ideas together and perhaps learn about something new to try out!