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It has always been vitally important to try to secure your home from intruders. However, in today’s day and age increasingly large numbers of people possess very expensive small items such as smart phones, iPads and laptops which appeal to thieves and are often left out and lying around the home. From treasured photos and jewelry right through to your television and games console, mark your items with a permanent UV property marking pen[3] to help ensure that their ownership can be identified in the case of a recovery operation. Add details such as your initials and postcode to the items because you are then more likely to get your items back should they be stolen and recovered by the police.

In addition, try to never leave keys, cards or wallets near to your front door because this presents a clear visual opportunity for a thief. Instead, place keys, wallets and change out of sight and away from reach of the front door to your property. There are many other small ways in which you can protect your home further both in terms of safety and security. I will now explore just five of these additional methods through which you can keep your home safe from intruders today.

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1. Alarms

Owning a burglar alarm is certainly at the top of many people’s lists when they consider safety for their home. Whilst I would personally agree that this is very useful, one should also consider the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning in the home too. A smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm could save your life and they are well worth installing as a long term aid to help keep your mind at ease. Check the batteries in your smoke alarm periodically (for example every few months), to ensure that they have not run out.

Remembering codes and number sequences for a burglar alarm may seem a little tedious, but the thought of losing beloved items outweighs this quick task for many. Try not to have an obvious code with consecutive numbers or letters but rather choose something unique to you and your family that is not easy for a burglar to predict. However, it does need to be easily memorable for you and your family. It is also wise to change your burglar alarm code every so often too, to help ensure advanced security for your home.

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2. Locks

Locks are the most obvious way in which one can protect the home from intruders. However, have you ever thought about the locks on your windows as well as doors? Many people pop out into town or to their local shops and leave their windows open. It is best not to do this at all because many thieves are opportunists to whom the slightest window crack could present a chance to steal.

Put your own safety first and go around your house closing all the windows and doors before you venture outside. This will provide you with a stronger peace of mind that you have done all you can to ensure the safety of your home. However, if you need to ventilate specific areas of your home for pets or plants for example, then you may have considered window locks. These will lock your windows open at the desired amount without compromising the safety of your home. 

In addition, there are many decorative safety grills that can be secured to the external brickwork of your home which means that you could leave windows open all around your house or flat more readily when you are in. However, it would still be advisable to always close these windows when you are going on a trip away from your residence.

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3. Timed And Sensor Lighting

Timed lighting is especially useful for when you and your family are going to be away from your property for an extended period of time. Sensor lighting on the other hand is more beneficial on a day to day basis in the evening for helping to secure your home. As it was mentioned earlier, many burglars are simply opportunists. If they see what they perceive to be an empty property with nobody home then they may be more likely to try their luck to break in. You can help to prevent this from occurring if you use timed lights or a timer on devices such as the radio. This way you will be able to give the impression that somebody is home and this could act to strongly deter a burglar if they can see lights and hear noise inside the property.

Sensor lights have many practical uses. For example, if you are coming back from work late and you drop your keys on your driveway then sensor lights will help to improve visibility for you. They could also be useful when you are taking the bins out at night or for calling your pets inside for the evening. They are also great for deterring a burglar who does not want to be seen under lights. Lighting can highlight their facial features, clothing, build and other distinguishing marks that neighbors may be able to spot across the road if a sensor light is activated.

Certainly there are creatures such as foxes and cats which may set these sensitive lights off at night. However, it can be very reassuring (especially in the middle of the night), if you hear a noise outside your property to know that you can also see the object, person or danger straight away under a light source.

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4. Cameras

Some people chose to install small cameras for security in their homes. For example, you could place one in front of your drive to monitor your porch or doorway and your parked vehicles. You could place one just inside your front door down the hallway and one by a backdoor too. Any places in your home where you feel forced entry could be attempted then a camera could be positioned there to give you extra peace of mind. Many of the home security cameras these days are extremely small and can therefore go completely unnoticed by a burglar too.

They will also help provide you with strong evidence in court to help identify a burglar should your property be compromised. Another benefit is that cameras will often show the exact date and time at which the incident occurred. If you are not quite fully convinced that you want to purchase a real security camera yet then there are lots of fake cameras on the market as well which will still act as a deterrent to potential burglars.

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5. Pets

Lastly, the main reason for owning a pet should be because you want to provide it with a loving and nurturing home. However, some people chose to own a pet to help protect their property as well. From a family with young children to an elderly or vulnerable resident who lives on their own, pets can provide company and will protect you in whatever way they can in the case of a break in or in an emergency.

Dogs are frequently employed as ‘guard dogs’ and people place signs upon their front doors saying ‘beware of the dog’. These sorts of signs and owning a dog in general will always deter a burglar because the dog will draw attention to their presence through barking and could also cause them a physical injury. However, remember that the primary reason for owning a pet should not be for protection, but to offer it unconditional love and a good home for life.

I hope that these five brief safety and security tips for the home can help to reignite a safety conscious attitude in people and to remind us all that we should look out for our family, friends and neighbors security in the local community too.