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Music festivals are a fantastic place to have a great time with your friends. Dancing to great music, eating and drinking in the sunshine as well as meeting new people, festivals seem to have it all. There are some useful things to remember when you go to any festival, to help ensure that your safety is maintained. From toiletries to torches, bottled water to sun cream, this article is designed to provide a few helpful pointers for festival goers this summer.

This article could be especially helpful if you have never been to a festival before in your life. However, even if you are a seasoned festival goer it could help remind you to remember all the essentials again.

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1. Toiletries

There are certain things that you should not be without at a festival, and things like makeup or shaving cream can sometimes go out of the window. However, maintaining hygiene is certainly something you should try to do! This can be especially important if you are stuck in a crowd and far from the toilets, or out all day in the sunshine. The first thing that you will want to take is your tooth brush and tooth paste as well as some deodorant or perfume. Secondly, you will need to take sun cream with a factor of at least thirty. Reapply this in the day time when you can. It is a good idea to carry it on you in case you notice your nose or shoulders getting burnt. A small handheld mirror can be a big help when getting ready too.

In addition, hand sanitizer is crucial for cleaning your hands when you are eating and drinking. It will help more generally to keep germs at bay too. If you do not have this then wet wipes will also be useful and do the trick. Not only could you use these to clean your hands and remove makeup, they could refresh your face and skin in the heat of the day, and help to prevent sweat from causing breakouts on your skin. 

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2. General Items

Depending on where you are staying, you may need a tent. Remember your sleeping bag and to bring along a few spare tent pegs in case you lose any. It is also a good idea to take along a torch with some spare batteries. This is because not only will it help you to get back to your tent at night, it could also be useful in an emergency as well as being a night light. Taking bin bags is also wise because they could be used to store dirty clothing items, as something to sit on, as a makeshift raincoat if the weather turns bad, as well as to put general rubbish in! Taking a whole roll of bin bags will be appreciated by your friends. Storing everything in a backpack or rucksack is easier than taking a purse or handbag too.

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Toilet roll is a must, and depending on the length of your festival stay you may want to take a spare roll too. At night, people can still be making a lot of noise when you are trying to get some sleep, so bringing along a pair of ear plugs may help. This could be useful if you have a headache or are feeling unwell from all the partying. If you are drinking and a hangover may ensue, then taking along a small medical kit would be recommended. Include items such as painkillers (paracetamol or ibuprofen for example), and plasters. Remember any other prescribed medication that you are taking such as hay fever medicine, and any multivitamins too. Fresh bottled water[2] is a festival essential that I would not be without either.

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3. Festival Clothing

Muddy clothing is going to happen at a festival, whether you try to avoid it or not. Wellington boots will help to keep water out, but wearing boots of any kind is going to help protect your feet, keeping them warm and dry. Loose fitting and comfortable clothing is a good idea at festivals because you will be out all day, dancing, moving, sitting and standing. A hat will help keep the sun from burning your head and sunglasses are a great essential too. If you own a few pairs of sunglasses, then try to take your cheapest ones. This is because you may drop them or someone may accidentally stand on them in the busy crowds.

Loose fitting waistcoats, flowing summery dresses, baggy cardigans and shorts and crop tops are great festival looks and styles to wear. If you are heavily into fashion then you will probably want to change up your outfit each day. Therefore, bring some versatile pieces such as denim shorts or colorful tops which can be interchanged. Something waterproof is also a great backup if the weather takes a turn and rains. A big trend this summer is for the metallic temporary tattoos which look feminine and epitomize festival style, such as the ones below.

Below is a YouTube video from Tara Michelle with some great festival inspired outfit ideas for more clothing inspiration.

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4. Food And Drink

There are many places to eat and drink at the larger festivals so you do not need to take a picnic hamper by any means! However, sometimes it is good to have a late night snack or morning energy bar, especially if you are hung over or feeling a little worse for wear. Pack oat bars or cereal bars if you can because they will keep you feeling fuller for longer, and they release energy slowly. If you need some fruit in among all the junk food that you may consume at a festival, then a bag of apples is not only healthy, but one of the more robust fruits if it is damaged or knocked about in a bag or if one falls on the floor.

Bottled water is also something I would not be without at a festival. This is especially important in the summer time when you may get dehydrated more easily. The last thing you want to do is to collapse in a crowd at a festival from dehydration. I take along a larger bottle and keep this in the tent and then a smaller hand held bottle which I fill up for my bag in the day time.

If you are going to be purchasing food daily at the festival, then ensure you have your correct bank credit or debit cards or enough cash to do so too.

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5. Festival Safety

Lastly, safety at festivals is very important. Always stay in a group with your friends and people you know. Never walk off at night on your own to find your tent, always go with one other person. It can get confusing in a sea of tents to remember where you were, especially if you have had a drink or two. Always charge your phone before you leave and take an on the go charger if you can.

Pace yourself with the alcohol if you are drinking, and always look out for your friends, making sure that they are doing okay too. Be wary of drugs at festivals and steer clear of this. Do not feel pressured to join in just because someone else is. Put your safety and health first.

Lastly, if you have valuables such as a laptop or expensive phone which you really do not want to lose, then the answer is not to take it at all. Certainly things can go missing at festivals, so keep your essentials, cash and your phone on you at all times if possible.

I hope that these simple tips can provide some useful pointers if you are going to a music festival or any festival soon or over the summer. They may only seem like small things to remember, but you would be surprised at the amount of people that forget toilet roll or sun cream at festivals!