Neopets is an online virtual pet site for kids. You can travel around Neopia, the planet inhabited by Neopets and shop for items. You can make new friends, go to the forums and discuss about Neopet-related topics, join a group and other exciting stuff. There are also many mini games on Neopets that you can play to earn Neopoints. This article introduces the 5 of the best games (in my opinion) on NeoPets.

NeoPets Game 1: Typing Terror

The game ‘Typing Terror’ is a puzzle game about a Grundo, one of the available species of Neopets you can get in Neopets. You play a Grundo working in a Space Station and malfunctioning clockwork Grundos are attacking the Space Station. In order to destroy these clockwork Grundos, you are required to type out the words on their body screens to make them explode. As you advance on to the next level, the words become longer. At the final round, you will face the clockwork Grundo boss and type out 25 words in 60 seconds or less to defeat the boss and win the game.

Typing Terror on NeoPets

Why I like this game

I like this game because it is not only enjoyable but it also helps improve my typing speed. This is a great game especially for kids for learning how to type better or faster. The clockwork Grundos will appear faster and in larger numbers and you will also have to increase your typing speed in order for your character to survive.

NeoPets Game 2: Extreme Potato Counter

The game ‘Extreme Potato Counter’ is a game where potatoes and other vegetables fly across your screen and you have to count only the number of potatoes in order to get to the next level. This may sound extremely easy but the potatoes come in different shapes and sizes, and they spin while they fly across your screen. The other vegetables are also incredibly distracting. Just when you think you have got this down, the next level makes the potatoes fly faster, increase their numbers and also distract you with more random vegetables.

A text box appears when stuff stop flying across your screen and you’ll have to type in your guess. Do not take too long to type in your answer for there is a time limit. If the time is up and you have not entered your guess, you will need to restart the game and count the potatoes all over again.

Extreme Potato Counter on NeoPets

Why I like this game

I find this game very challenging especially at the higher levels but after playing for a while, my potato-recognizing skills actually improved and I could easily notice the potatoes after a few days of playing even though they were flying across the screen faster.

What I like best about this game is the funky music that is played when the potatoes are flying across the screen. Although the concept of the game is simple, it’s actually quite addictive and fun (not to mention you get a good amount of Neopoints for doing something so easy).

Game 3: Meerca Chase 2

The game ‘Meerca Chase’ is an action game about a squirrel-like NeoPet that absolutely loves eating Neggs (the NeoPet version of eggs). This game is actually the NeoPets version of the classic arcade game ‘Snake’. In this game, you will need to collect any color of Neggs except for the red ones. Neggs that you collect add on to the length of your tail. If you collect a red Negg or hit your own tail or the walls, the game ends immediately.

Different colored Neggs will give you different points. One of the rarest Neggs in the game is the Fish Negg and getting one almost guarantees that you’ll be able to earn maximum NeoPoints from your game.

The game also has three different difficulty modes. The higher the difficulty, the faster your Meerca moves but you also get more points for each Negg you collect.

Meerca Chase on Neopets

Why I like this game

The reason why I like this game is that it reminds me of the time when I used to play Snake on my really ancient Nokia cellphone. Plus the Neggs are cute and it’s easy to earn Neopoints with.

Game 4: Shenkuu Tangram

This game ‘Shenkuu Tangram’ is a puzzle game where you are given multiple shapes and will need to form a figure with these shapes. You can play this game in three different modes. In the Zen mode, you can form the diagram at your own pace. There is no timer, but you will not gain any Neopoints. In Normal mode, you have to form the diagram with a timer. In the Hard mode, you have to grab the shapes that are falling from the sky and place them correctly in the puzzle. As you advance towards the a higher level, the pieces fall faster. 

Shenkuu Tangram on NeoPets

Why I like this game

This is a great game to play when you’re bored and just want something mindless to do. The soothing music in this game is also one of the reasons I like it.

Game 5: Maths Nightmare

The game ‘Maths Nightmare’ is about a NeoPet named Imiya who is having a nightmare about maths because she has an maths test tomorrow. To help Imiya sleep properly, you have to solve the maths problems that appear and help the BaaBaa (sheep-like creature) jump over the fence.

You can choose to answer addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions or a combination of these. Harder problems are awarded more points. In order to let the BaaBaa jump over the fence successfully, you’ll have to answer the questions correctly within a time limit.

The faster you can solve and answer the math problems, the more time you will have in the next level.

Maths Nightmare on NeoPets

Why I like this game

This game is fun and helps kids to learn Mathematics. Because you can choose the type of maths problem you want to solve, it will help you practice what you are not good at. If you think you’re good at all of them, try beating the high scores in the NeoPets scoreboard.

These are the five NeoPets games that I like best. There are many more fun ones but I found them most interesting and easiest to earn Neopoints with.