Top 5 Relationship Tips

Relationships and their ins and outs can seem like a maze sometimes. One minute you're the hottest guy or gal in town and the next minute you can hardly get anyone to smile at you or you try to flirt and end up highly embarrassed.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could have a five step survival kit to make it through the rough terrain that is the dating world? Well here are five of my tips that I've found useful:

1. Learn to let go of past relationships:

Walking around with the baggage of past relationships will get you nowhere. Have you ever tried running uphill with a car attached to your ankle? Probably not, and for good reason. Chances are you wouldn't make it very far. So why then do you think you'll make it with past relationships strapped to yourself as you pursue new adventures with someone else? Let them go!! Leave them in the past where they belong! Then you can go forward and...

2. Explore your options:

In the world of relationships a mistake that many persons make is fooling themselves into thinking that the first handsome guy that comes along or the first vixen that winks at them is "the one". They go on and on convincing them-self that they have everything in common with the new person in town. They tell all their friends and in a matter of months they've "settled down" until.... someone else new is in town. Don't rush into something as serious as a relationship without checking out what's out there. Weigh your options, give yourself room to make an informed decision. Do a little sport-fishing just...

3. Don't hurt anyone along the way:

I'm sure you've heard the common expression "Karma is a bitch" but, I'm here to tell you Karma can also be pretty kind to you, if you let her. You just have to do right by others and Karma will do her best to ensure you don't get burnt. Of course this may not always be the case but in the event that life hands you a bunch of lemons...

4. Use them to make lemonade:

Learn form past mistakes and past hurts. Let them be your teacher and guide. Another common expression I'm sure you've probably heard is that you have to know where you're coming from to know where you're going. So, why not apply this great principle in the world of relationships? Why not let your past help to shape your future? Yes, I know I told you to let go of your past, and I'm not being contradictory here. All I'm saying is, if you had to suffer the pain of going through those bad experiences there can't be any harm in reaping the good from them. But in so doing...

5. Don't hold grudges:

Don't hold grudges from the past and most certainly don't hold grudges in your current relationship. Relationships aren't all rainbows and butterflies... that's the cold hard fact BUT they CAN and WILL be a world of fun and great memories if you learn to forgive your partner's mishaps along the way. Holding grudges only cheats you out of having a wonderful experience that a relationship can be. It prevents you from giving your all and consequently from getting all that your loved one has to give. So, my best advice to you is to let go of hurt and LOVE.

I hope you found these tips helpful... there's a lot more where those came from. Look out for my next article!!