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Most people want to be successful in life and in their careers. Perhaps you want to climb to the top of your career ladder and reap the rewards? Or maybe you are someone who is entrepreneurial in nature. Whichever it may be, money is often a huge part of this picture. Whilst striving for financial wealth should never dominate proceedings, it is certainly at the forefront of many people’s minds and often they are seeking ways to achieve it.

It is easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day routines and patterns of working without giving your financial progress in the short term much consideration. However, if you switch on a ‘wealth mentality’ in your mind then you could potentially strengthen your financial drive in the present. In addition, this may encourage you to seek out more ways to ultimately achieve monetary wealth in your life today.

This article is designed simply as a starting point to offer encouragement in thinking in this new way with five of my top tips on developing your own wealth mentality. It is certainly not a definitive or fast tracked way to becoming a millionaire, but I believe that it offers a glimpse into the right mentality needed for wealth to come to you in life. I hope that you enjoy reading these five easy to implement points.

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1. Savings

Becoming wealthy starts from having strong foundations. But to establish foundations you need to build upon fertile land. If you are someone who has not thought about making any financial savings[1] until now then do not worry because it is never too late to start considering this option. There is no time like the present to get going and to make a difference for your financial future.

Savings can mean different things to different people. For example, you may have a savings account or an ISA which gives you interest back at the end of each financial year. However, to others ‘saving’ may mean simply setting aside part of their monthly income for a rainy day. 

Whatever your methods may be for saving, the important point to remember is that you should try to think about the long term future of your money and to not live purely in the present financially.

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2. Conscious Spending: ‘Want’ Verses ‘Need’

It is important to have the right outlook or ‘mentality’ when one seeks wealth in life. To achieve this you need to become proactive when it comes to money. You may want to start a business or to simply work extremely hard grafting to achieve your dreams. However, there is also a technique you can add to your financial tool box today. This tool is to start considering 'conscious spending'. 

Conscious spending simply translates as living within your means as well as within your needs when it comes to parting with your hard earned cash. It also means that you should not let aspirational lifestyle choices interfere with your attitude towards saving money. Frivolous or unnecessary spending on a frequent basis can get lots of people into debt and debt can sometimes spiral out of control if one isn’t aware of the implications at the time.

Therefore, think about your bigger purchases very carefully. Shop around online before making choices and try not to rush into large financial decisions. This way, you may be able to save money, better calculate financial risks and ultimately to become more wealthy in the long run too. Ask yourself if you really need that newer juicer or that modern hi-tech phone or laptop.

I am not taking about the smaller treats one may enjoy in life, but rather the ones that can make influential and sometimes huge differences to your monthly income and outgoings. Taking on-board this approach of conscious spending could make a difference to you financially and whilst it is certainly harder to take on in the short term, it could pay off for you in the long run.

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3. Lower Your Expectations

If you are thinking about becoming a millionaire tomorrow then this is quite unrealistic (unless you happen to win the lottery overnight!). Instead, concentrate your expectations for wealth on more realistic goals to begin with. This is an important mental technique because it can help you to feel less disheartened by not attaining larger amounts of money immediately and more encouraged when smaller goals are reached.

For example, start by aiming to pay off your rent and your weekly food shopping each month. Perhaps then advance over time to paying off the finance on a car you have bought all by yourself. Eventually, you may reach the goal of paying off a mortgage on your first house and it is in this way that those small steps can add up to you achieving more of your financial goals.

Just imagine the alternative if you bought a car without thinking through the monthly costs of maintaining it and petrol for example. You would quickly become disheartened and could discover a monthly shortfall financially in your income. You may even feel like giving up on any financial goals in life more generally from a bad experience such as this. You might start dreaming away your hours, believing that the only way you could get rich quickly is through winning the lottery. You may not make savings with this attitude and you may live too much in the present moment.

This sort of behavior could stem from someone having financial expectations that are simply too high to attain. They consequently feel overwhelmed and end up giving up on their goals altogether. Therefore, lowering your financial expectations will bring you a greater sense of achievement in life and could drive you on to succeed with more vigor and energy. This is due to the fact that we can all reach smaller financial targets more easily than larger ones but we just need to appreciate when we do achieve these smaller goals first.

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4. Positive Thinking

If you are someone who always looks on the bright side of life and is optimistic by nature, then positive thinking should come easily to you. However, many people are not naturally positive people and having financial expectations which are too high (as I discussed in point number three), can really be disheartening.

I believe that positive thinking is something that can be cultivated and learned and does therefore not have to be naturally inbuilt to an individual. Explore positive thinking resources online, at your local library and even try listening to motivational speakers on disc whilst you are doing errands or driving your car. If you have never tried this approach to becoming a more optimistic person before then you never know if it may work for you.

The reason why positive thinking is extremely relevant when it comes to becoming wealthy is because thinking more optimistically can help you to face setbacks which may occur along the way. You could say that 'looking on the bright side' in life will help to drive you forwards to achieve more in the face of adversity. It can take time to change bad habits and to become less negative if you are that way inclined. However, with persistence, repetition and determination, there is no reason why the sky cannot be your limit.

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5. Taking Action

Lastly, talking about becoming wealthy will only get you so far. Taking action is the next definitive step to accomplishing your financial goals. It is important not to ‘rest on your laurels’ as it were, and to get out there into the world to achieve your dreams. Have you always wanted to start a business? If so, what are you talented at and what is your passion in life?

For example, perhaps you are a very skilled chef or baker, writer or musician. Think about the ways in which you could offer or deliver your skills to others. Could teaching be an option for you? Look for ways to develop your skills even further by attending master classes, courses and local classes too. This way you can make contacts within the business area you are getting started in. These contacts could become mentors and friends and will offer you advice and guidance on your journey to financial success.

Remember that taking action stems from bravery and the knowledge that without it, nothing can be achieved.

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The important thing is to try and give yourself a chance. Too often in life one can get disheartened by the levels of competition already out there. However, to be counted you need to stand up and say ‘pick me!’. You can become your biggest champion with hard work in life.

I hope that these five brief points can offer you a little encouragement to get into the mind frame of a ‘wealth mentality’ today.

Below is a brief video from author and coach Jack Canfield in which he discusses some very useful techniques for how to get rich.