Veigar - The Tiny Master of Evil: Veigar the yordle every mage in the game fears. Personally I hate him more than any other league champion in the game . Most of the times I play either mid or attack damage carry . In both occasions if veigar manages to stun you , you are doomed especially if you are a mage and you have some ability . His ultimate is just what is called in the game antimage ability , in a second he can wipe out the enemy's mage and turn the game in your favor. I haven't seen though Veigar been played for some time but that is due to his not so aggressive playing. In the early game he is to counter but if you are patient good things come at the end with this tiny yordle.

Amumu - The sad mummy :This poor little yordle is always crying and he is always sad . He remembers nothing of his life as he was found in a tomb . But don't you think just because this small yordles is always crying that he is to be taken lightly. All amumu need to make you scream is to wrap you inside his ulty with his bandages . As a jungle he is one of my favorite pick due to his bandage toss ability where you close the distance between you and enemy champions . Play him either as a tank or build some ability power and he is still strong and durable in team fights.

Ziggs – the hexplosives expert :Along with lux, ziggs is my favorite mid player . I can play as aggressive as I want with him and still have time to get from trouble. This little expert on bombs yordle is one blasting champion .Small but extremely powerful with his abilities and his play. As said before I play ziggs really aggressive which helps me in most of the times to out farm the opposite mid player and bring his health down as well . Even if you can't kill your mid opponent always look the map for potential kills in other lanes , with the rage of his ulty you can kill anyone in all lanes from really far away.

Corki - The daring bombardier :when choosing a yordle to play as attack damage carry , look no further away than corki. The flying yordle is one tough and strong champion . He is better when the game goes till late and you full build him because then you can utilize perfectly all of his abilities and especially his ultimate . The missile barrage which finally is being buffed a bit is great for team fights and really powerful when it's passive is up .great mobility and good escape options are why corki is one of the most played champions .

Rumble - The mechanized menace :My favorite solo champion is Rumble without even taking a second to think about it . I just love him so much . He is not consider menace for no reason . His fire ability is so good when used while farming because you also push away the enemy champion and because he has no mana. However this sometimes might be tricky because you don't want to leave rumble to overheat and then be stuck with no abilities for five seconds . He is great pusher and good farmer but you always have to worry about his heat . I always play aggressive but I am always careful with his heat . Never be afraid to use his ulty ,it's great when used in team fights but even in single target it does tons of damage .