The Zombie flick genre has been around for decades, and has recently been revved up these past few years. Here is my list of my favourite zombie movies.

5. Warm Bodies (2013)

warm bodiesCredit:   Yeah okay, this zombie movie is more of a romantic comedy rather than an undead horror film. But, it is an interesting take on the zombie genre by creating a love interest between human and undead in a sort of Romeo and Juliet adaptation.

   In a post-pandemic world, there is a zombie named "R", as he calls himself. A girl named Julie, along with several others members from city, raid an abandoned airport for supplies and are attacked by a hoard of zombies. While most of the other people get killed, as soon as R lays his eyes on Julie it is love at first sight. By protecting Julie from the other zombies at the airport, they develop a strange relationship, and eventually come to learn that the way to reverse the undead back into the living is by human interaction and attention.

  Sounds a bit cheesy, but it is actually a really cute and funny movie and you will most definitely fall in love with R.

4. World War Z (2013)



    Again, I may get a lot of hate on this choice, but I really enjoyed this film. I'm not too big of a Brad Pitt fan, but the movie was good regardless. 

   Also in a post-pandemic present day world, Gerry Lane as a former UN investigator travels throughout different countries in the world hoping to help find a cure to the outbreak. With an interesting twist to zombie movies, while in Cardiff, Whales in a World Health Organization, and from past observations in Israel, he theorizes that if a person was ill or had a serious disease or infection, the zombies would ignore that person almost as if they were invisible, as their instincts tell them that that person would not be a suitable host for the virus to survive. 

3. 28 Weeks Later (2007)

   Definitely one of my favourites, not only as a zombie movie, but of all time. Though, this had always bothered me - The "zombies" in this movie, as well as 28 Days Later are infected living humans, not zombies. Since it is clearly being described as a rage virus in the first movie, they are referred to as the infected, not zombies, as they did not die and come back to life such as in The Walking Dead, for example. 

28 weeks laterCredit:

   Anyway, 28 Weeks Later focuses on two young adults, Andy and his sister Tammy along with their dad Don. Forces from the United States have taken over Great Britain, and a safe zone has been established. Before the children come home to GB from a trip in Spain, Don and Alice, his wife and Andy and Tammy's mother, are taking refuge in a small cottage outside London. When the infected attack, Don escapes leaving Alice trapped in the cottage, presumably dead. Later, Don tells the children what had happened, only somewhat revised. The kids decide to sneak out of the safe zone to visit their old house, and discover Alice in the house, yet not infected. When they are taken back to the zone by soldiers, Alice is washed and examined by researchers and conclude she is infected, but she is only a carrier. Later that night, Don sneaks into the room were she is quarantined and they kiss, giving him the infection. This then starts the outbreak all over again, and Andy and Tammy with the help of two US military officers must try to escape to safety. 

2. I am Legend (2007)

  Another one of my all time favourite movies, I Am Legend is a film based around Robert Neville, living in New York City after it had been wiped out by the infection caused by a cancer-reversing vaccine gone wrong. Again, contrary to popular belief, the infected are not zombies, in fact, in the book by Richard Matheson the infected are actually more modelled as vampires. 

i am legendCredit:

   Robert Neville and his German Sheppard, Sam, live as what he believes to be the only survivors left in NYC. Being a scientist, he works to try to find a vaccine to the outbreak. After having capturing an infected, what seems to be the alpha male is more than just a little upset, and also ignoring it's instincts for not being able to come out in daylight, leading Neville to believe that there may still be some type of human emotion left in them (also you can notice a tear from his eye, while he screams/groans at Neville).

   After almost being killed by the infected, a woman named Anna and her son, Ethan,  saves him and takes him back to his house. Though, since she drove back to the house before sunrise, the infected followed them and attacked the house. They go down into the basement, Neville's lab, and lock themselves into the plexy glass sealed area where the infected woman lay on a stretcher, who he had been testing his vaccine on. Anna discovers that the vaccine is working on her, so Neville extracts a vile of her blood to give to Anna to escape with. The infected break into the basement and realizing they won't stop, Anna goes out through the escape hatch and Neville kills himself and the infected with a grenade. It ends with Anna and Ethan going to Vermont to a safe zone and giving them the vaccine. 

   To me, this film is extremely emotional and can speak to humanity on a larger level. Having watching it enough times, I have found so many metaphors and symbolism throughout the film making it much more meaningful than most people think. 

1. 28 Days Later (2002)

  And finally, 28 Days Later. Though I like 28 Weeks Later equally as much, I think 28 Days Later changed zombie movies (though as mentioned before, they're infected not zombies). It is actually quite scary, and keeps you on your toes. 

28 days laterCredit:

   The film opens in a hospital in London, where Jim lays in bed as the only survivor. Not knowing anything of the virus outbreak, he wanders around an abandoned London not a clue what is going on and where everyone is. While looking in a church, he discovers the infected, but is saved by Selena and Mark, and they explain what is going on. While at Jim's house, the infected attack and Mark had been bitten, so Selena kills him before he develops the virus. Jim and Selena meet two other survivors, Frank and his daughter Hannah, and the four of them drive to Manchester where there apparently is a military blockade. Shortly after arriving at the base, Jim discovers that the soldiers have a flawed outlook involving female survivors and "forceful" re-population. They eventually escape, and are then seen at a cottage somewhere in the country with the word "HELLO" in fabric laid outside as a jet plane flies overhead. 


   So these are my favourite zombie movies, although some not actually your typical "zombie". I'm not much a classic horror film type person, which explains why these 5 are all from the 2000's, but I don't believe that classics are always considered the best films of their genre. Thanks for reading! comment on your favourite zombie flicks.