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Having become a devoted convert from an ancient cell phone to my new beloved smart phone, I have had a blast exploring all the new features I had at my disposal. Internet! Games! Pictures! All from my phone! To understand this, know that I’m a voracious…albeit penniless techie that loves to find the best and most efficient ways to improve my technology. So after I overcame the initial shock at the wealth of features I started hunting. I hunted for anything and everything that would improve my user experience. This success at this has led me to share this list with all of you other would be smart phone optimizers!

Number One: Pulse

Beyond a shadow of a doubt Pulse News Reader is my favorite free app available. This is far and away the most convenient tool I have every used for organizing my RSS feeds, my news feeds and my blog subscriptions into one easy to access place. I have over 15 different feeds in my reader that keeps me up to date with everything I want to know about. It (almost HAH!) satisfies my insatiable hunger for articles and updates very quickly. The only thing I have to wait for is the authors to crank out more things to read!

Number Two: Colornote

This is my second most used app on my phone. This allows you to make checklists very easily. It has a quick and intuitive feel to it and has an option to place each individual list as an icon on your screen. I use this for my todo lists constantly. The only problem is in the interface for placing the icon. Sometimes it can get frustrating if you forget how to place widgets (you press menu!).

Number 3: The Weather Channel

This is pretty self-explanatory. I’m an outdoors type of person so knowing the weather is pretty much essential to my day. I wasn’t satisfied with the native weather app for the phone because it wouldn’t find my hometown. This is a perfect replacement with hour by hour forecasts all the way to the ten-day updated directly from the Weather Channel itself.

Number 4: Tinyshark

This is Grooveshark’s application for smart phones. It has the same database as the website, so it allows you the same access to the music! For those of you unconverted, grooveshark is a free music service that is completely legal. They pay record companies in order to host the music they do. So its basically no guilt listening! They have a great selection of music and and great interface. Be careful though! This one will suck up battery life like no tomorrow.

Number 5: Advanced Task Killer Free

Last but not least! This is a staple to every top app list. It does exactly what it sounds like. It terminates background running applications in order to conserve battery life. It works extremely well and can stand on its own two feet. No review from me can really enhance its acclaim.


So there you have it. A quick and dirty round up of what I love to play with on my phone. Let me know what you think and what your own favorite apps are!