Okay, lots of people have done these lists before and lots of people have always dissagreed with those lists, myself included, but I'm gonna give it a shot anyway. I tried to be as impartial as I could when I came up with the movies for this list and the order they go in, but unlike the main characters of most these movies, I'm only human and I couldn't help myself. Still, I find these things are always fun to read even if you don't agree with them and some times you see a movie on there that you may not have seen yet and it inspires you to check it out. So, you never know. Let's get started.

10. Blade

In between the worst Batman movie ever made and The Xmen, we got "Blade". It was only faithful to the comics at a basic level and the look of the character was changed quite a bit, but that was all okay. Because this movie did two things that nobody thought could happen right then. It made a comic book movie look cool and it improved on the source material. This was one of those rare occasions when the movie studio made a bunch of changes to comic source material and it actually paid off in a positive way. It didn't hurt that Wesley Snipes was a super bad a$$ as Blade either. This one still holds up to this day. In fact, just talking about it kinda makes me want to go watch it now.

9. Thor

I might be a little biassed about this one, because I really liked Thor in the comics, but this was a movie that for a long time nobody thought would ever actually get made. Then, it not only got made, but made well. Some of the best scenes in the movie are done mostly with CGI and they actually look GOOD. We have Anthony Hopkins playing Odin, the allfather. There's frost giants, hammer swinging, a powerless Thor fighting off a small army with his bare hands, a giant magic robot guardian, a fight with the always deceiving Loki, and a good amount of humor as a nice bonus. This movie did just about everything right. The only parts I didn't like really were with Natalie Portman's character being an unlikely and exteremly fast love interest as opposed to the awesome female Asgardian warrior, Sif (who I hope is in the sequel with a bigger part next time.)

8. Sin City

This movie was the first one to my knowledge that really felt like it was being pulled straight from the pages of the comic books. It was shot in a different way visually than anything else was being done at the time and had a great cast. One of my favorite things it did was manage to do the classic comic narration throughout the movie and not leave an uneven feel or break the pacing of the movie. It proved that it can be done. There really wasn't a lot this movie could have done better to be honest. One of the only drawbacks to  it is that it's so adult themed with language, situations, and even nudity that you just plain can't take the kids to it. It's got a lower accessibility to it than the other movies on this list, but if it were any different it wouldn't be as true to the source material and unlike with "Blade", it would suffer for it.

7. V for Vendetta

I've heard some people give this movie a bad review, but I really never understood why. It had political intrigue, a deeper plot, conspiracy, knife fights, super human strength. There were all kinds of things going on in this one. It was craziness.... crazy awesomeness. Unlike her role in "Thor" Natalie Portman was very believable and fitting for the role of Evie in this movie. There was just so much to this movie that even my girlfriend loved it when we saw it in the theater and at that time, that was quite an accomplishment, because a lot of women were just not interested in these types of movies and maybe that's the point. This wasn't your normal superhero movie. There was a lot of gray area there and a lot of underlying messages I think. For my money, I don't know if I saw a better movie that came out the year this one did.

6. Iron-Man

I liked the second one too, but this first Ironman movie was awesome. It was kind of a rebirth to Robert Downey Jr.'s career. And if I remember correctly, it was the first movie that Marvel produced with its new movie department AND the first movie to start the setup for "The Avengers" movie. This one had everything. It couldn't have been cast better. The humor was spot on. There was seriousness when it was needed, action when there should have been action, and Samuel L Jackson when we needed mother @$%#'n Samuel L Jackson!! In fact, I know there are people out there who would probably put this one at number one and it's good enough to be there on a lot of lists. But not this time. The fight with Jeff Bridges' apparent Iron monger version of the Ironman tech was lack luster when compared to the rest of the movie. It didn't make sense that his suit was superior in so many ways just because it was bigger when Tony Stark had been personally working on so many aspects of the Ironman armor and not sharing it with anyone else. I think the fights in the sequel were actually more fun to watch.

5. Watchmen

This is where it starts getting tricky, because depending on the day, I honestly think I could pick any one of these top five as the best comic based movie ever. They're just that good. This one's biggest drawback was that so many people had never heard of the watchmen before and then, some who had heard of them and read the comics were often times way way WAY to hung up on directly translating every little detail of the comics exactly as it was onto the movie screen. I loved both versions of the story and I have to agree with most of the changes that were made in the movie version. Plus, there really weren't as many changes as people complain about there being and if you get confused by the theater version, I highly suggest that you check out the director's cut on dvd or blueray, because there is plenty of extra footage which kind of fills in the gaps that were left in the other version. Things make more sense that way.

4. The Dark Knight

This movie was awesome and yes, Heath Ledger did what many thought wasn't possible and put on a performance as the Joker which managed to dwarf Jack Nicholson's portrayal in comparisson. He was almost too good. You almost miss how good of a job Christian Bale did as Bruce Wayne/ Batman for his second time around. I know some people get hung up on his Bat voice and the way they added to it a little in post production, but it's minor if you ask me. I'm just thrilled to have a guy who can pull off both roles so well and genuinely seems to care about the character's portrayal in the movie. Plus we get to see Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine in their respective roles again. Everyone does an awesome job. And I know a lot of people will think this should be at number one, but there were still problems with it. The side story with Two Face got to be a bit distracting and might have been better left to build over the course of two movies when seen in light of the Joker story already going on. Maggie Gylenhall managed to be even more annoying as Rachel Dawes than Katie Holmes was and some of the fights were done as if in slow motion when compared to the fast pace of the previous movie. I know that a lot of people complained about how the fights were done in the first one, but it made Batman seem much more menacing and dangerous than when you can see each one of his movements the way you can in the club scene for example. Still good, but could have been a little better.

3. Spiderman 2

This movie's greatest misfortune is that it was followed up by that steaming pile of a sequel. This one kept true to the idea of a single main vilain. And it built a good side story with not only Peter's love life, but his on again off again powers situation. It was truly inspired and the scene on the train where Peter nearly dies, saving all the people on board demonstrated why I think a lot of us get so into the hero mythos in the first place. The silence in that scene spoke volumes and I would hold it up to any one scene from any one of the movies on this list. Even so, this movie doesn't quite get the number one spot.

2. Superman (1978)

In a time where nobody was making superhero movies and special effects the likes of which would produce movies like Star Wars were only being used by George Lucas himself, this movie made you believe a man could fly. Christopher Reaves gave us what is still to this day the standard that all actors who step into those red boots are trying to live up to. He was cheesy, too good to be true, a hundred percent hero, and exactly what we wanted and needed from the first superhero, Superman. There were great moments throughout the movie, but just like with the previous movie on this list, I always go back to one particular scene. When Lois Lane is about to fall off the top of a building with a hellicopter falling quickly after her, Superman flies up to save her and makes his first appearance in action and costume for the movie. "You've got me? Who's got YOU???" Classic.

1. Batman Begins

Batman is not only one of the most famous of all the comic book superheroes. He's also perhaps the most versatile. There are so many aspects to Batman which someone could choose to focus on that he could be portrayed in completely different ways from one media or even one movie to the next. And he has been. That's his strength and his weakness. After the horror which was "Batman and Robin" it seemed as if Batman might not see the silver screen again until after everyone who'd seen the last movie had died of old age. Then, along came Chris Nolan and Christian Bale. They not only gave us a new Batman movie, but a really good one with really good action and a really good story. They showed Batman's origins for the first time on screen or at least in this depth. They showed that Batman was a real bad a$$ and he trained hard to get that way. Batman didn't need gadgets to kick your butt. They just help. The movie also showed the deep traumatic past that drove Bruce Wayne in what he did and what he would become. This movie put Batman into such a different and somehow more gritty and realistic world than the previous films that when you watched it, you forgot that there were any others before it. This was a genuinely scary Batman who you could understand would make the criminals want to spill their guts to get him to let them go. This Batman doesn't play around. He'll hang you upside down off the top of a building with faloffel still crammed in your mouth and snot coming out your nose till you tell him what he wants to know. This was the movie that Batman deserved. We can only hope that the new one coming out this summer can be near as good as this one or the sequel to it.