Toshiba is one of the leading brands in the electronics industry today. Manufacturing everything from computers to sound systems, Toshiba certainly has a firm hold on the market.

Today, people from all over the world are looking for Toshiba Plasma TVs for their homes. But what exactly is the advantage of getting such a TV?

The biggest advantage of Toshiba brand lies in the SED technology, or Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display. This technology gives it a huge advantage over other plasma TV sets because it overcomes some imaging problems faced by plasma sets, including these:

1) Response time – The problem with most plasma screens today lies in the fact that they are not quite up to standard in terms of display response times.

Toshiba plasma televisions, on the other hand, combine the best of CRT and plasma technology by increasing response times and thus making sure that you don't miss even a millisecond of action on your TV.

2) Color accuracy – most plasma TV models today have each pixel controlled individually. However, Toshiba goes far beyond this –actually controlling every color in every pixel.

In each pixel, there are actually three colors: red, green and blue. By controlling these colors individually, Toshiba plasma sets give you a much better image quality. It even produces color black in shades deeper than what you think is possible.

3) Image detail – plasma is always good for high definition viewing. The resolutions offered by Toshiba plasma immerse one in a whole new world of entertainment. Every scene is rich in detail, adding to a realism that helps transport you into the world inside the image and making you appreciate what you view even more.

4) Console appearance – Despite the obviously superior performance of Toshiba plasma television sets, they are no thicker than other models in existence today. Add this to the great color schemes and design and you could actually make it look like the images are coming out of the wall and not a TV set.

These are just some of the advantages that people find in Toshiba plasma sets. Of course there are plenty more and to know them all, you might want to read a bit more.