Thinking of writing for Triond?

Writer be ware

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I started writing for Triond when I was still curious to see how my writing could bring revenue. It was the first website that popped up when I did a google search, and ever since then I have been writing for Triond (Granted, not as much as regular users but still sticking with it nevertheless). It was only recently that I made the hard decision to quit Triond and start writing for InfoBarrel. There were many push and pull factors, and I will list all of them below:

  1. Triond frequently misplaces articles: Unlike InfoBarrel, Triond places your articles on separate websites, which can be a good thing. However, be warned that once you hit the publish icon you can never go back. I've seen many people on Triond complaining about the fact that their articles were placed incorrectly by the system and that every time they requested for a reallocation their requests were denied. Personally this has happened to me as well, and the worst part about this experience is that when your articles are incorrectly placed then very few people will visit them due to the mismatch of the theme of the website and the article in question. 
  2. Triond has a friendly communityI have met some truly amazing people on Triond and I am still communicating with many of them . Veterans welcomed me into their community with open hands, and gave me tips on how to improve my writing skills. The people there left an extremely positive impression on me and I was disappointed to find out that...
  3. Triond has no forumThe forum was closed last October due to the overwhelming amount of spam that was flooding the forum. Members were left with no means of communication apart from commenting on another user's article or messaging another user. This is obviously an aspect that people who are considering to join Triond should consider, because there will be no way to make themselves known to the community from day 1.
  4. Money is hard on Triond: It's true. The only way to make a decent amount of money from Triond is to focus on increasing page views, mastering SEO, and writing a ridiculous amount of articles per day. From my 15 or so articles I have earned about 15 dollars over the past year and a half, and that was only because I had an article that attracted about 90% of my viewers because its topic was very popular on search engines for a time period. Some people might argue that if I had written more articles I would have earned more money. This is of course, wrong, because I know some people who published 100's of articles, with a revenue of only about 3 to 5 dollars a month. 
  5. Triond is filled with bad contentWant to read a decent article to pass some time? I'm sorry, but in order to do that you will have to waft through thousands of articles that are a waste of your precious time. I've seen too many articles with the title "How to earn money on Triond" only to find the words "Haha. You clicked on my link. Now I get money from you" in the actual body. Triond is simply too loose when it comes to allowing content to pass its filters, thus resulting in a junkyard filled to the brim with bad english, pornography, and scam. 
  6. Triond has monthly specialsTriond has these monthly specials that will boost your earnings if you meet the requirements. Sadly, they are the main cause of spam on Triond as the requirements all have something to do with publishing a certain amount of articles within a limited period of time. It's almost encouraging quantity over quality, but nevertheless can sometimes benefit authors. 
  7. Triond does nothing to promote your hard work: Most of the people who read my Triond articles are Triond users themselves. No one outside Triond would be bothered because Triond has notorious repulation of being extremely unreliable. This is part of why it is so hard to earn money on Triond. 
  8. Triond frequently suffers from various system errors: During my time with Triond, many cases took place where Triond accidentally awarded its users with thousands of dollars in revenue, which was then taken away along with some of the money generated by genuine hard work. I am not sure whether this is a form of scam, or that this is merely a system error. Either way, the damage was done and many frustrated users ended up leaving. Additionally, Triond was recently attacked by malware through its own ads. This is further proof of the weak infrastructure Triond was based on. 
Triond may be a good place to get the hang of writing online, but it certainly is not somewhere you want to stick with. If you want to earn money by publishing articles online, InfoBarrel is a website worth considering. I have recieved much more views in one day from my articles here than the views I recieve on a monthly basis at Triond. Certainly this is a sign that InfoBarrel is superior publishing platform.
I look forward to seeing positive results from my content published on InfoBarrel. Hopefully this experience will be more promising than my last. 
(If you wish to sign up for InfoBarrel, you may do so here. Good luck and happy publishing!)