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My Vacation in North Carolina to Animal Farm

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North Carolina
Credit: mjpyro

I am currently visiting some family in western North Carolina. They have some land and a garden and a lot of animals. In fact, they have so many dogs and cats that the Vet came by today to give them their rabies shots. Yes, they still do that out in the country. It’s such a pain to get large animals in a vehicle to take to the Vet, he offered to come by on his day off to do it.

I have been trying to write more pet articles for the site, so I would like to take the time to introduce you to some of the characters on the “farm” .

I’ll start with the eldest.


My Vacation in North Carolina
Credit: mjpyro

Poor Winston has seen better days. I remember when he was the baby of the bunch of several other dogs that have since died. Now he is the elder statesmen.

He actually showed up one day out of the blue and my Aunt and Uncle took him in. To this day they don’t know where he came from.

Unfortunately, five or six years ago he got hit by a car and had to have surgery. He has walked with a limp ever since and now that he is 10 years old, he is moving a lot slower with each passing year.

However, he’s a really good dog. He never bothers anyone and he has a very gentle personality. As you can see, he loves to have his belly rubbed. I gave him the rest of my apple and he ate it up.

Winston's balance isn't very good sometimes and we speculate that he had a stroke a couple of years ago. However, he is still one of the most gentle dogs I have ever been around.

Clementine and Adam

These two are actually brothers and sisters. They were left on their front porch as puppies.

Animal Farm

They have grown up over the last four years and they are built as solid as a pit bull. They are stout and when they get a head of steam, they will nearly knock anything over like a bowling ball.


There is actually one more sibling. Sophie. Clementine and Adam are best friends. Clementine and Sophie have issues.

Three years ago, they locked up with each other and one of them would have ended up killing the other if my Aunt and Uncle had not been around to beat them off each other. They both had deep cuts all over their bodies. I happened to arrive for a visit the day after it happened. I can honestly say that I have seen an animal lick their wounds now. They were both in bad shape.

Western North Carolina

Since then, they have not let them in the same area together. They have sectioned off areas to keep them apart. Clementine and Adam stay together all the time and Sophie and Winston hang out together.

All three of these dogs are healthy eaters but Adam has taken it too a whole other level. Sophie and Clementine weigh about 50 pounds each, but Adam weighs in at a whopping 82 pounds. Dogs will absolutely eat everything you put in front of them and they feed them generously, so I don’t see him losing any weight any time soon.

So which one of the siblings is my favorite?

Actually it is Sophie. Despite being the instigator of the fight years ago, she is a very gentle dog with people. She loves to be petted. Well, most dogs love that, but Sophie and Winston are the perfect pair because they would lay on their back for days letting you rub their bellies. Both go into a trance.

Sophie has the strongest personality. She is 50 lbs of pure muscle and fiestyness. Whenever I go wandering off the ground, I always take her with me because if anything got after me, she would pounce on it.


This is actually my grandmother’s dog. She lives with my Aunt and Uncle now.

My Vacation in North Carolina

Since he is my grandmother’s dog, I’ve always called him my Uncle Mickey.

Uncle Mickey is almost 15 years old and has just arrived on the farm less than a year ago. He stays inside because he is afraid of his shadow. Plus, the other dogs would probably tear him apart if they got near him because he didn’t grow up with them.

All except Winston. Winston had to spend about a year inside after he got hit by a car and he wouldn’t hurt anything. He’s a gentle soul.

As for Mickey, he’s a little overweight too. They’ve put him on somewhat of a diet because my grandmother had been over-feeding the little guy for years. Long haired chihahahs are not supposed to weigh 10 pounds.

Anyway, he’s a funny little fella. He used to be really playful, but he has slowed down in his elder year. He loves to eat and sleep and that’s about it.

North Carolina (America)
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North Carolina
Credit: mjpyro

This one just showed up one day a few months ago and started hanging out. Now she is a regular.

She actually showed up with another cat that hung around for a while. They named him Chester, but Pru was bullying him. He spent a lot of time up in trees either because Pru had run him up there, or because he wandered into the fenced-in area with the dogs. He had no fear of the dogs, and that was a problem. The dogs treed him one day, and my Uncle had to go get a large ladder to get him down. They haven’t seen him since.

As for Prunela, she is here to stay. She knows a good thing when she sees it. She freely roams and goes off into the woods during the day to patrol the grounds but always returns for his dinner and her bed. She likes to sleep on the chair cushions on the deck.

No one is really sure how old she is, but she too got a rabies shot today.


Western North Carolina
Credit: mjpyro

Finally, this is Charlie. He’s about the same age as Winston. He’s another gentle soul.

In fact, I have only heard him bark once or twice, and that was to growl at Adam when I took him for a walk. About the only thing Charlie likes to do these days is sleep and eat. Charlie has a bit of a weight problem too and spends all of his time indoors in a separate apartment on the property.

Oh yeah, he likes to ride in a truck. He sits up in the back seat and doesn’t say a word.


My Vacation in North Carolina
Credit: mjpyro

There are also countless birds and squirrels that are fed regularly. You can look out the kitchen window at any given time and see five or six squirrels hanging around the feeders. There is also an outdoor pond with four gold fish and a couple of frogs that live in there with them.

The is a small stream located near the property and there are bunch and bunch of deer the cross the fields every day. Sometimes they come up and drink water out of the bird baths.

North Carolina
Credit: mjpyro

As for me, I spent most of the day putting together this mesh netting canopy thing. Perhaps I will write a “How to” article about that one day because I have to tell you, it was not easy. The instructions provided were absolutely useless.

I always have a good time when I come to visit here. It’s a nice change of pace for me. I live in an urban area and I don't have any pets of my own.

If you ever get a chance to come to western North Carolina, there are a lot of activities in about a 100 mile radius so you will not be bored.

Time for me and all of the animals to sleep now.

My Vacation in North Carolina
Credit: mjpyro
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Jul 5, 2014 12:56am
I love the way you've introduced me to the animals and I like your very straight forward style of writing.

Great article and photography.

I lived on a farm in England when my parents rented a house during my childhood. Please write more about the farm - I really enjoyed this.
Jul 5, 2014 1:28am
Thanks. This is one of those articles where I was just playing around and having fun. I do that from time to time to try to reboot my brain for more articles.

I'm actually going back there this morning for another week so I may write some other stuff.
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