I've finally taken the plunge. I forked over $30 to SBI! for my first month so I could finally pursue my dream of building a sustainable business online. It feels great. To me, this was the very first step I had to take to finally make my dream come true.

This happened about a month ago. I signed up. I picked my niche. I created a blueprint for my business and I started building high-quality content. 3-4 weeks later however, I got stuck. I was hit by a major roadblock. I realized that I had picked the wrong niche. Why? Here's the deal. I picked the alternative energy niche because it was something I loved. Within days, I had watched the Penn & Teller episode that debunks the going green movement and I also saw the ex-VP of GM(I believe... or maybe it was Ford) state that he believes global warming is baloney.

Needless to say, I wasn't as inspired as I was before to help "save the world". Now, I'm not saying I don't believe in global warming but anyways, that's another story.

So, I'm back to the drawing board and I'm faced with the very first decision(and one of the most important decisions) I need to make about my new business. I need to pick a niche again.

If you're interested in building your own niche site, the very first obvious step is to carefully choose your niche. I rushed it the first time around and that's why I have to start over from scratch. This time around however, I'm planning on carefully thinking about it for as long as it takes to find my elusive perfect niche.

I wanted to note something here. I mentioned SBI! at the very start of this article. You might not be familiar with it. It's basically an all-in-one platform that allows you to build a real business online instead of just building a run-of-the-mill site. It's worth every penny in my opinion.

With that said, make sure you stay tuned because the second part of this series on niche sites will be about my niche selection.

Signing off.