Weber 586002 Q 320 Portable Outdoor Propane Gas GrillBe it a Thanksgiving dinner, New Year celebration, your birthday or just another weekend get together nothing compliments your festive holiday spirit better than the Weber 586002 Q 320 Portable Outdoor Propane Gas Grill. Equipped with around 462 Sq. inches cooking surface on dual stainless-steel burners this weber Grill is undoubtedly the king of all portable grills. 21,700 BTU per hour this Weber portable gas grill ensures your burgers, hamburgers and chicken are cooked well.

I would personally recommend this Weber Propane Grill to everyone who loves to cook and also to those who love to eat grilled food for the fact that it is very efficient, equally convenient to use and as long as you have the Weber Outdoor Grill you need not worry yourself with portability concerns.

weber portable gas grill

You might wonder how an outdoor gas grill that weighs around 80 lbs. defies all portability complaints. I was equally surprised at the portability of this Weber portable gas grill. It is impossible to find a negative review for this Weber Propane gas grill. Anyone who uses the weber portable grill even once will fall in love with it. It moves when you want to move it and it stands still when you need it to be sturdy.

weber portable gas grill(58236)When you are planning to buy a grill you either have to compensate on portability or on cooking space. The Weber Portable Grill is both spacious and has a larger grill surface than other propane grills. Besides the 'vast' 462 sq. inches grill surface it has an additional 69 sq. inches warming rack that can keep your cooked buns, burgers and chicken warm. Cooking space is never a problem with this propane gas grill. I could never test its maximum capacity though the manual and the Amazon description said it can cook 2 chickens, 18 burgers or as much as 36 hotdogs at the same time. No matter how much guests you have they won't have to wait for their 'turn' to taste the delicious burger you have cooked. The grill ignites electronically for safe and convenient lightening and the high quality gas regulators make it easier to control heat.

If you are not yet convinced here are a few more add-ons. The weber outdoor portable grill is easy to assemble, move disassemble and clean. Once you have checked the manual or seen a help video it won't even take an hour to assemble or disassemble this portable Grill. It comes with a five year warranty and shipping is free if you buy from Amazon.

Want to make your neighbors jealous? The Weber 586002 Q 320 Portable Gas Grill  is the best weapon to cause envy neighbors.