My primary goals for October 2010 are to earn at least $750 writing for TextBroker and to increase my InfoBarrel earnings.

I will increase my InfoBarrel earnings by drastically increasing the number of articles I write this month. I have a few other web projects that are keeping me busy but my primary goals will be to earn $750 with TextBroker and increase the number of articles I have on InfoBarrel so I can earn more money,

I will be at 1,000 articles on InfoBarrel by the end of this year, but I want to get to that goal sooner so I can publish even more articles. Ideally I would like to have 1,500 articles published on InfoBarrel by the end of this year.

I wish I could dedicate all of my writing time to InfoBarrel but I have to write for Up-front pay in order to pay my bills. The more my InfoBarrel income increases then the less time I have to write for websites such as TextBroker. The less I have too wrote for TextBroker then the more I can write for InfoBarrel, thus increasing my InfoBarrel earnings even more.

My ultimate goal with InfoBarrel is to earn at least $1,000 per month writing for InfoBarrel. Obviously this will not occur this month, but every step forward I take by publishing more articles to InfoBarrel will get me closer to my ultimate goal of earning $1,000 per month with InfoBarrel.

Baby steps towards my ultimate goal of $1,000 are important, as every little article you write will get me closer. The problem is I am dang sick of baby steps. I want to put a big emphasis on my writing goals this month.

Each day I will write until I earn $25.00 with TextBroker, and then I will dedicate time to writing and publishing more articles to InfoBarrel. Although my income rose to record levels with InfoBarrel last month, I am sick of these baby steps. A few articles here and a few articles there are not cutting it for me right now. I am in a mind state that October will be a huge month for me, maybe not so much income level, but as to the number of articles I have published in InfoBarrel.

I need to dedicate my time to publishing a lot of new content onto InfoBarrel this month. I consider October my favorite month, and also the start of my personal fiscal year. I want to get off to a great start in the first month of my fiscal year by writing a lot for both InfoBarrel and TextBroker.

By writing and publishing many new articles during October it will get me a lot closer to my goal of a 1,000 articles published.

I also need to look into how I am going to integrate my affiliate ads into my articles. A single affiliate sale can drastically boost your monthly income with InfoBarrel is you are receiving a lot of pageviews.

I am tired of dinking around and in October I will publish many new articles to InfoBarrel. What are your goals for October 2010?