During April I published 7 articles on InfoBarrel (7,477 words), 4 role playing game supplements (9,405 words), 1 blog post (551 words) and 1 niche site article (349 words). This excludes a number of smaller niche sites posts I made, as well as the short posts on Daily Two Cents.

The total number of words written in April was 30,679, up substantially from March. One article was featured on InfoBarrel during April, Movie Review: Ex Machina.

Writing Related Earnings for April

NotebookCredit: MorgueFile£1.70 was earned from Google AdSense from Seekyt, Wizzley and a niche site, down quite a bit from the previous month. There was another decline in AdSense earnings as a whole, although there was a slight increase in YouTube revenue.

InfoBarrel earnings were $24.08 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising, substantially up from the previous month and the highest figure to date, including AdSense earnings prior to InfoBarrel's own ad programme. February's earning figures still look wrong though.

$0.59 was made from Daily Two Cents, up slightly, and 53 posts were made on the site, as a number of posts that would previously have been added to Bubblews were posted on Daily Two Cents instead. $0.02 were earned on WritEdge, up slightly, but nothing new was published on the site.

There was no change with RedGage (it really doesn't seem to have done anything since the update), Expertscolumn earned nothing again, and Zujava is shutting down so I have some more work that needs moving, even if Zujava never actually bothered to get around to approving, or even rejecting, my account, as I had submitted three articles to the site.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileAmazon

$5.81 was earned from four sales during April, all from a niche site, which was down from March but was still above the long-term monthly average. I would like to see a regular increase in Amazon affiliate earnings, as I'd like to see that monthly average going up a lot, rather than just slightly trending upwards; I think achieving this is going to require a lot more effort being expended on developing and building niche sites.


Well, I've discovered, thanks to a forum thread on InfoBarrel, that you aren't allowed to disclose earnings from any part of the HubPages program without written approval from them, so it looks like I won't be putting the amounts directly earned from HubPages here any more (Amazon is separate and my own account). It's still tiny though.

I still have not made any more progress in updating the transferred lenses or fixing the unfeatured Hubs. In addition, despite frequent Amazon clicks, Amazon is not performing very well, with rarely any conversions to sales, even with those former lenses that used to be quite productive on Squidoo. HubPages has not made an Amazon sale for some months now.

Other News

As I mentioned in last month's update, my Bubblews account was deleted during April, which has resulted in a lot of work that needs shifting elsewhere. I also have several hundred unused short posts, which number is increasing every day, never mind the material that was already published and can be reused, which includes a few dozen long posts and hundreds, if not a thousand or more, already published short posts. Some of the content cannot be reused as it was either time specific or related to Bubblews, but I have ideas for three, or more, niche sites, as well as content to use on two other sites I have been writing content for, even if the sites are not as yet launched.

There is still a lot of content there that can be reused, even if some of it may require at least some modification or expansion, but it does seem that the amount of work I have to get on top of in fixing stuff for one reason or another is taking up far too much of my time; a good reason to continue developing my own sites.


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(price as of Apr 2, 2016)

In March there was another book lent using the Kindle Lending Library which earned another £0.90 in April - once again, more than a sale would have earned. There was no other progress with Kindle ebooks. Four new role playing game supplements were published during the month, as mentioned earlier, and there were 69 sales across all 11 currently released products, totalling $36.20 in revenue after RPGNow's cut was taken, which was up quite a bit from the previous month and almost half my total earnings. Every current supplement had at least one sale; whether that will continue into May is uncertain as yet, as newer supplements sell more regularly than older ones. Of the at least twelve new supplements I wanted to get published this year, I had managed to have published ten of them by the end of April. They are incredibly niche, though, with potential markets probably only in the hundreds, and probably much less - the most popular to date has only managed 25 paid sales to date.

Plans for May

I am going to continue with publishing role playing game supplements, as I currently have enough ready to take me through to the end of May, and some others that need laying out, which I may be able to get on with. I also intend to get the domain to go with them up and running as a WordPress blog, rather than simply using it to redirect to my RPGNow publisher page. Whilst I expect to see at least some regular residual income from publishing these, this is unlikely to be a truly significant amount without moving up a level to more advanced, longer, better laid out supplements - something that is probably going to require money to do, but perhaps can be worked towards. I do have an ebook to read by someone who did do something similar to that.

I would also like to get another niche site launched; the existing one is proving to be reasonably successful and I expect it will do even better at the end of the year.

I'm still struggling to come up with any ideas as to what new material to publish on Kindle, not that the existing ebooks have been terribly successful as yet. Still, they are written and can potentially earn, so I would like to make some progress with some new Kindle ebooks.