In April, I published 8 articles on InfoBarrel (9,414 words), 6 articles on the writing site (2,790 words), 4 role playing game supplements (6,879 words), 3 articles on the science fiction site (1,149 words) and 1 blog post (600 words).

The total number of words written in April was 47,122, up substantially (close to double) from March. I also wrote another 1,289 words on the role playing game supplement collaborative project. As always, this doesn't include the variety of short, usually around 2-300 words, pieces I write for present or later use.

One article was featured on InfoBarrel in April, The Huntsman: Winter's War.

Pen and NotebookCredit: MorguefileWriting Related Earnings for April

AdSense earnings for April from writing were £2.23, down slightly from the previous month, from the electronics site and Daily Two Cents, with the majority being from the former of these. AdSense income as a whole fell, with YouTube income declining the most.

Earnings from Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising on InfoBarrel were $42.62, down from the previous month (which was a surprise) but generally up, due to purchasing Vic Dillinger's article portfolio. As this purchase was financed, all the extra money is going on paying off the financing as quickly as possible. Pretty much by accident, I also placed third in the April contest - I had simply written and published more articles that could be considered to be time-sensitive than I normally do - which earned an additional $25.

As I mentioned last month, I've stopped publishing anything new on Daily Two Cents for the time being, to see if the current content actually earns anything significant in the long run. Currently, it's not doing so well, and there is quite a lot of stuff up on the site, albeit with a lot of posts being under 200 words and most being under 300 at most.

Dollar SignCredit: MorguefileAmazon

Once again, Amazon earnings declined, down a similar amount this month to the previous decline and now less than half what they were in February, and once again, they were still better for this time of year than in any previous year (and, for that matter, better than a lot of months all together, even after I started earning regularly). Fourteen items were shipped, meaning that the 6% referral rate was reached again, which did make a difference to income, earning $21.54, all from the electronics site.

There was one sale, earning £2.25, from Amazon UK, again from the electronics site.

Notably, I also received my first payment from Amazon US in April. I had put the payment threshold up pretty high - to $1,000 - because of the costs associated with turning dollar cheques into sterling. Thanks to a suggestion from WinterWolf regarding Payoneer, I was able to get paid to a Payoneer, and then withdraw the money to a bank account, for rather less than it would have cost to deposit a dollar cheque, and far faster.


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Four new role playing game supplements were published on RPGNow in April (there was a fifth published, maintaining the one a week schedule, but this wasn't a written supplement). The total earnings were $43.84 from 74 sales across 36 supplements. This was down substantially from the previous month, but there were no sales during the month (which always provide a boost) nor were any higher quality supplements released (which also provide a boost, because they are both better and higher priced). Overall, one of the poorer recent months; better quality supplement releases and sales do make a significant difference to income during the month.

There is not much new to report for the Kindle platform; there were no sales and no page reads in the month, so no income or pending income, but I did make a slight bit of progress with one ebook I'm writing - which I really need to complete and publish in the next few months. At some point I need to crack on and do this; it does require travelling about a bit though, which hasn't helped.

Niche Sites

Once again, nothing new was published on the electronics site, but it earned the majority of the AdSense revenue and all of the Amazon income.

Nothing new was published on the clothing site but, as I mentioned last month, I may (probably will) be completely redoing how this site is organised.

I published five pages and five posts on the RPG site. I sold two role playing game supplements through the site, earning $0.08 in commission. However, these supplements were two of my own, so I also earned another $1.12 from the sale. This is what the site is supposed to do, sell my own products, with the affiliate revenue being a minor extra; it's not a big deal yet, but it's a start. The customer may also have been added to my mailing list (I don't think I can directly check that) and I make a few sales every month from emailing some or all of that list every time I release a new product, or when there is a sale.

As well as the previously mentioned three articles, I published 29 posts on the science fiction site. There is still no revenue as yet, although it is getting search engine and social media traffic.

I launched another new niche site in April (my second this year, which means I've released a third of the aimed-for six in about a third of a year) and published the previously mentioned six articles on it, even though there hasn't been much in the way of income from any of the niche sites bar the electronics site as yet. No advertising has been added to this site yet, and it still needs quite a lot of development.


I didn't get around to publishing any new material on the general site as yet, even though I have quite a few articles that have never been published anywhere that are intended for it, never mind a lot of articles that were published but need tweaking and republishing. There's always so much to do.

Plans for May

I have enough ready for May to keep publishing the RPG supplements at the rate of one per week (I do have a bit of a problem in that I have quite a few ideas for supplements that aren't written, or involve artistic elements, which I lack the skill to make and probably aren't worth paying anyone else to do - at least not yet), to the end of the month and perhaps beyond. I need to focus more on publishing content on the niche sites, both new content that has been written, new content that needs writing and old content that is being repurposed. I also need to publish articles on the general site that were previously published on, or intended to be published on, sites that have gone by the wayside. It makes no money at all sitting on my computer.