During August I published 22 articles on InfoBarrel (26,188 words), 2 articles on Daily Two Cents (716 words), 5 articles on Writedge (2,195 words) 1 blog post (533 words), 1 article on Bubblews (373 words), 1 outsourced article purchased from Zerys (808 words), 2 articles on a new site (1,889 words) and 1 ebook (10,065 words).

The total number of words written in August was 23,300, up substantially from July. Five articles were featured on InfoBarrel in August, A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement The Book of Taverns by Chris Jones, Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy, Movie Review: The Expendables 3, The Television Series Man v. Food - Is it a Celebration of Food or of Gluttony? and What is an Individual Savings Account and Why Should you Open One?

Notebook and PenCredit: MorgueFileWriting Related Earnings for August

AdSense earnings were £0.46 from Seekyt and HubPages, down from the previous month. AdSense earnings as a whole were slightly up for the month, although YouTube earnings did drop.

InfoBarrel earnings were $17.18 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 ads, plus $25 from coming third in the monthly contest (I might have been able to come first, but I had effectively no internet at the end of the month). Traffic was up quite a bit, which was probably connected to the majority of the work published during the month. The articles are appearing on page 1 and 2 of Google for many connected search terms, and most of the articles ranking higher are not actually appropriate for said terms, which results in more traffic than would normally be expected in such circumstances.

A Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileDaily Two Cents earned $2.26, up quite a bit, but there were 33 new posts published, including the two mentioned earlier.

Writedge saw its first earnings, with $0.14 earned from the articles published during the month.

Expertscolumn earned only $0.01

Nothing good happened on Zujava, but the site managed to lose its Amazon Associates account somehow. It's a bit worrying that that can happen. I think I'm probably going to take the three articles I submitted the best part of a year ago and post them elsewhere when I have the chance. I've been patient long enough for this site, so it looks like it's time to write it off as a bad job.

RedGage earnings are still unknown.

Amazon earnings were $3.20 earned via HubPages.


Squidoo. Well, what to say about this one? $7.39 was added to the Reserve Hopper, but the site is shutting down and the content being moved to HubPages. Presumably, for a chunk of cash paid to Squidoo's owners. I don't believe that this change is something that came completely out of the blue - I doubt the management woke up one day and decided to do this - so it's annoying that they had people pointlessly jumping through hoops to try and meet their variable and impossible to guess standards for months, all the while knowing that they were going to trash the site off. Can't really say that I didn't see problems happening to Squidoo, though, given how many, frequently incomprehensible and stupid, changes had been enacted there recently. Some lenses are being transferred over - whether that is something that should be done is a different question, and surely it would have made more sense to be able to merge Squidoo and HubPages accounts. The whole thing has been badly handled, which pretty much sums up Squidoo's behaviour in general for the past year.


HubPages earned $1.19 from the HubPages Ad Program from the 79 published Hubs, plus the $3.20 in Amazon earnings mentioned earlier.


$197.30 was received in cleared and pending PayPal payments, slightly down from July. The amount would have been higher, but two redemptions went missing. This is a known problem, as it happened during the site changes, so anyone missing a redemption was asked to write in, which I did. Bubblews has promised to sort all of the missing redemptions out, but their record at doing so in the past has been less than sterling, so I'm not holding my breath. Plus, for some reason, the fees dramatically increased from cents to dollars for the last two payments.

There are still problems with many of my posts which had multiple images, which lost a lot of the text after the change last month. Many 500-1,000 word articles are now much smaller, in some cases down to a sentence or two. I did save the missing text - always, always, back your stuff up - but, thanks to people abusing the system, older posts cannot currently be edited, so the reduced length is probably going to harm their rankings. Bubblews are apparently working on recovering the lost text. Until that happens, or the posts can be edited, this problem won't be fixed. Some, if the text cannot be recovered, may never be fixed, simply do not know which posts have been affected. This problem does seem like something they should have thought of beforehand, rather than after they broke things.

During August I published 160 new posts, including the longer one mentioned earlier. The 81 measured posts earned $5.96, or an average of just over $0.07 per article, down from the previous month. The single new post earned $1.70. The 31 keyword researched articles earned $1.71, or an average of about $0.05 each, also down for the month. This is quite probably down to the loss of article length as mentioned earlier.


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No sales were made of any Kindle ebooks during August, but I did manage to get the second one published. After some tweaking, and the publishing of a third using the same penname, I then want to look into doing some actual promotion of them.

Plans for September

I would like to get the third ebook in the current series finished and published by the end of September, so I can start looking into promoting them a bit more, perhaps by doing some freebies. I hope to also get an RPG book published, as well as another decent batch of articles on InfoBarrel.