During August I published 10 articles on InfoBarrel (9,416 words), 5 role playing game supplements (8,379 words), 4 articles on the clothing niche site (1,633 words) and 1 blog post (540 words).

The total number of words written in August was 34,131, substantially up from July. Two articles were featured on InfoBarrel during August, Movie Review: Fantastic Four and Movie Review: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation - which between them actually accounted for a significant percentage of the total number of articles featured on the site during the month.

NotebookCredit: MorguefileWriting Related Earnings for August

AdSense earnings in August were £0.86 from the electronics niche site and HubPages; the vast majority was from the niche site. Normal AdSense revenue was down substantially, but YouTube earnings were up slightly. I have been taking down various sites that aren't really worthwhile, partly to comply with Google's new EU cookie compliance rules, which will have a slight effect on income, but at some point I do expect to see a rise again from new sites.

$21.89 was made from Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising on InfoBarrel, substantially up from the previous month and the third highest amount earned from InfoBarrel's own advertising to date.

64 more short posts were published on Daily Two Cents. Views were slightly down and so was income, to $0.79. Once again, nothing new was published on WritEdge and income was down to $0.01.

Dollar SignCredit: MorguefileAmazon

There were 11 sales on Amazon US in August, which meant that I again made it to the 6% affiliate level, and this month it did make a difference, as none of the items sold were capped at 4%. The total earnings were $9.27, down quite a bit from the previous month, and possibly all of this was from the electronics niche site, but there was a $5 sign-up bounty within the earnings, and no indication as to where that sale originated from. This was still one of my better months on Amazon; I really would like to see earnings improve substantially.


I still haven't done anything with any Hubs and consequently earnings from the HubPages Ad Program are still pitiful, although up slightly from the previous month. Whether actually doing anything about fixing all the Hubs would actually improve earnings at all is a different matter.


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I published five new role playing game supplements, and a Bundle containing one of them and one from July, in August on RPGNow. In July's report I said, as I had in June, that I didn't expect to see an increase in income in August. Once again, I was wrong - the sort of wrong that's good. There wasn't a big sale on the site in August, but there was a sale that I had one product in. I also didn't release any of the better supplements, basically because they aren't finished.

There were 124 sales across 30 products and the total made in August, after RPGNow's cut, was $67.35, substantially up from the month before. A respectable proportion of this was from one sale of twenty items to one customer. Two of the new product releases also performed quite well. Once again, I don't expect an increase in September, but it would be nice to be wrong again. Continually releasing new supplements increases the number of items in my back catalogue and also increases the chance of a customer purchasing multiple items.

With regards to the Kindle platform, there was one Kindle ebook sale earning $0.33, as well as some Kindle Edition Normalised Pages activity; the latter will probably generate some income in the future. I made a bit of progress on a Kindle book I'm currently writing, but that's still a long way from being finished.

Niche Sites

Here's this month's update on the three current niche sites. As stated previously, articles are considered to be those posts and pages that have over 325 words; anything described as just being either a page or a post is under 325 words.

On the clothing site, 4 new articles were published. This site hasn't generated any income as yet, although it is starting to see some search engine traffic, but this isn't converting as yet. I have more content written that really needs pushing out faster than I'm currently managing.

There were no new posts or articles published on the electronics site in August, but it accounted for all the Amazon sales, possibly the Amazon sign-up bounty, and most of the AdSense revenue covered in this article/

On the role playing game site, there were six posts and six pages added. Once again, there was no income; again, the only affiliate programme - currently; Amazon may be added at some point should I start selling on that site - is RPGNow's and no sales were made of supplements through site links. This is pretty much as expected, as the site doesn't have much value in itself yet, as it only promotes my own products. I have started creating content that isn't solely related to my products and has value in itself, but I haven't published any of it yet; I will probably wait until I have a few pieces ready on different topics before adding any.

Plans for September

I still haven't managed to get another niche site launched, and there is more work to do on the two current primary sites - the RPG site isn't considered to be a primary one. I have enough role playing game supplements to take me to the end of September at the moment, with many more in development, some just needing formatting. Some also need images, especially maps. I do have some RPG map-making programs, which may do the trick, but need more time spending on them first.

I don't expect to make much progress on new sites in September. Instead, I'm going to be shutting down existing ones that no longer have value, partly to ensure compliance with the new EU/AdSense rules. I'm going to continue working on the Kindle ebook, but I don't expect to be anywhere near finishing that.