In August I published 16 InfoBarrel articles (23,734 words), 4 role playing game supplements (11,839 words), 2 articles on the science fiction site (751 words), 1 article on the general site (1,908 words), 1 blog post (576 words) and 1 article on the writing site (391 words). I also reposted 2 former Bubblews articles on the general site (792 words).

NotebookCredit: MorguefileThe total number of words written in August was 43,042, up quite a bit from July. One article was featured on InfoBarrel in August, Movie Review: Suicide Squad.

Writing Related Earnings for August

AdSense earnings for July were £2.36 from the electronics and clothing sites, with the majority being from the former. AdSense income as a whole, including YouTube revenue, was down.

Earnings from Tier 1 and Tier 2 ads on InfoBarrel were supposedly $19.85, down from last month. I say supposedly because, ever since attempts to make the earning process automated, something for which there were definite problems, earnings have been absolutely appalling, with a massive drop over what was expected. I earned less in August of this year than I did in August of last, despite having almost double the amount of impressions. Nothing has been heard from admin regarding whether or not the problems have definitely been sorted out - frankly, the current earnings look suspect.

Dollar SignCredit: MorguefileAmazon

Amazon US saw a rise in income to $39.47 with 18 items shipped, which was surprising, mostly from the electronics site but a couple from InfoBarrel. The latter are a concern, given that people have lost their Amazon accounts through InfoBarrel, and there still has not been any update on this situation either from admin (especially as the amounts earned were both extremely small, and risking my Amazon income for that is not worth it). The 6% referral threshold was reached again, and this made a bit more of a difference than usual, as there were more items sold that weren't capped at 4%.

Amazon UK saw a loss of £1.35 due to no sales and one product being returned. This isn't the first time it's shown a loss, as Amazon UK sales are typically very low, only a few each month at best.


I published the four role playing game supplements mentioned earlier on RPGNow in August. There were 460 sales across 66 supplements earning $347.47, just over triple the previous best month's income.

The OneBookShelf sites (which include RPGNow) held their regular Cthulhu Mythos Sale to celebrate the birthday of H. P. Lovecraft in August. This sale had a far greater effect on sales of supplements than the Christmas in July sale had, even though August's sale had a lower discount - 20% compared to 25% - and only seven supplements in it, as opposed to nearly all of them in the previous month's. In the first week of the sale, the amount of supplements sold was substantially greater than the previous best number, and revenue, for an entire month.

Four supplements achieved the Copper sales level on DriveThruRPG, and one of these then progressed to the next level of sales, Silver. There are different sales medals, Copper, Silver, Electrum, Gold and Platinum, and each apparently requires a progressively higher number of sales to reach (although these aren't publicly disclosed and it turns out that Silver at least just requires double the number of sales than Copper, which isn't a progressive increase), and each has to be passed on individual sites in the network; sales on one site won't count towards getting an award on another. Sites on which your product is not technically listed (but can be purchased through) probably don't count towards the sales levels anywhere.

The supplement that went Copper and then Silver also became the first to pass 100 sales across all the OneBookShelf network of sites. With four supplements reaching Copper, I also did the first sale of my own that wasn't part of a sitewide sale, which would appear to have had an impact in sales, although nowhere near as big a one as the Cthulhu Mythos Sale.

As well as the products sold through the sales, there was also the sale of 40 different supplements to one purchaser, which is I think the largest individual purchase to date, even if they were the cheaper, rather than the more expensive, supplements. All told the best month ever by far.

No new earnings on the Kindle front, but I did make a bit of progress with the book I'm working on.

Niche Sites

No new posts or pages published on the electronics site in August, and a small amount of progress was done towards the next batch. Once again it earned the vast majority of the Amazon and non-YouTube AdSense income.

I published 10 posts and 4 pages on the RPG site. Although I didn't see any sales from the site, I may have had some affiliate income.

There were $4.03 in affiliate commissions earned from RPGNow (and the rest of the OneBookShelf network) during August. There is no way of knowing for sure where affiliate earnings came from, as only the items and revenue are listed, not the source. I am reasonably certain that some of these came from an email link, but there were a couple of clicks on affiliate links on the site prior to the commissions starting to be earned, so there is a reasonable chance that some of the earnings did come from it. I am reasonably certain that some of the affiliate earnings did not come from my site, because they were for my own products, and they weren't listed as having originated from my site in my Marketing Sources report. The bottom line is I think the site earned some money selling other people's products, but I don't know how much.

The clothing site earned a few pennies from AdSense during the month and I finally started with my overhaul of the site. This basically meant that I published a bunch of largely blank pages and interlinked them, getting some of the new site structure into place before adding or moving content. I also definitely need to find a 301 redirect plugin.

I published 29 posts and the 2 articles mentioned earlier on the science fiction site. Still no income from this site, although it is starting to get search and social traffic.

I published 1 small article on the writing site. This is also intended to be expanded later.


As mentioned, I published one new article and republished two former Bubblews articles on the general site, but there were no earnings for the month. The ad layout really needs tweaking a lot, and I could probably also do with a new theme.

Plans for September

I may split up the new article on the general site into several smaller ones; it is currently quite large and I have some related ones I was planning to publish. Instead of having one large one, I may have several smaller ones, all tied together by a fairly brief central post. I also still have plenty of articles formerly on other sites that really need reposting so that they can start earning again.

I probably have enough finished role playing game supplements to take me through the end of September to October, although in some cases I have some ready that I don't want to publish yet. One in particular I want to publish in October, but I also have two more I'd like to get finished for then as well, but one is proving difficult to complete. I have also finished the text for my first Pathfinder supplement. Paizo require that they be sent a copy of all supplements published under the Pathfinder Compatibility License to be sent to them, within 30 days of release for the first. Given that this is my first, I want to send them it before release, rather than afterwards, so it needs finishing off so that they can be sent their copy.

Both the clothing site and the Kindle ebook I'm working on are becoming urgent to be overhauled or finished. I really need to get these done.