During December I published 8 articles on InfoBarrel (8,351 words), 1 Bubblews post (331 words), 1 blog post (521 words), 1 Facebook note (334 words) and 1 outsourced article (827 words) purchased from Zerys. I also published 1 ebook (6,942 words).

The total number of words written in December was 24,436, up from November and, considering that several days were lost over the holiday period, not a bad total. One article was featured on InfoBarrel during the month, Movie Review: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

Writing Related Earnings for December

Pen and PaperCredit: MorgueFileAdSense earnings were £8.41 from HubPages, Seekyt and a niche site, up substantially from the previous month. Again, HubPages did the poorest. Other AdSense income is still trending down, due to taking what was once my largest site offline and, as expected, poorer YouTube earnings for the month. General AdSense income outperformed YouTube for the first time in many months.

InfoBarrel earnings were $15.66 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising, down from the previous month, and meant I was just under the $50 threshold at the end of the month. Tier 2 performance has declined drastically in recent months, which has resulted in a drop in revenue, even though views are up. Tier 1 has performed better, but Tier 2 is down by 75% from August, when comparing it on a per view basis.

There was nothing new again published on Writedge and earnings were $1.82, up from the previous month.

27 new posts were published on Daily Two Cents and earnings were $10.88, down quite substantially. I would probably have received a payment on the beginning of the month, but I discovered near the end that my payment details were blank.

Once again, Expertscolumn earned nothing, there was no change at Zujava and RedGage income is still uncertain.

Mentioning tsu again, as the Facebook note published was on a page I set up about the site, it earned $0.32. Not bad for basically socially linking my other work.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileAmazon

This was the best month on Amazon ever, for both Amazon and Amazon UK. I made $112.91 on Amazon, which more than doubled the total earnings to date from them. The same applies to Amazon UK too, but it's a much smaller amount of money involved - £0.97. Almost all of the sales for Amazon and Amazon UK combined - bar one from HubPages - came from the niche site.

I don't expect January to be anywhere near as successful, as a lot of the sales were likely seasonal due to Christmas.


I still haven't got all of my former Squidoo lenses changed to suit the site, and my original account has Hubs that now need fixing too. I admit I'm getting rather tired of having to constantly tweak Hubs to keep them featured. It's hardly hands off income if I have to keep altering them.

HubPages made $1.44 across the two accounts from the HubPages Ad Program. Income has declined sharply over the past few months. I also made one Amazon sale, earning $1.49.


I published 154 posts, including the one longer one mentioned earlier, on Bubblews in December.

For the first month in a long, long time, I did not receive any payment from Bubblews, due to them altering the timescale to 60 days, and that was not the only change. One of the founders admitted that they had made a mistake with their payment model, and apologised for not admitting it earlier. Truthfully, this probably was not that surprising to a lot of people. Finally, at the very end of the month, they announced they weren't going to honour any redemptions made prior to November 11th, and would alter those made after that date to the new payment scale, losing me personally about $165, and some much, much more. This was due to fraudulent activities and manipulation by members so, rather than trying to work out who had committed fraud against the site, they just punished everyone. Not surprisingly, a lot of people who have lost their money - money they were depending on at this time of year - yet have personally done nothing wrong, a very angry about this.


I published one new Kindle ebook, as mentioned earlier, during the month. I also made two sales, totalling £0.66, the first for some time. I plan to go through the three currently published Kindle ebooks, which are all written under the same penname, checking for errors, then try a one day freebie offer to see how that goes, and whether I can get some knock-on sales from it.

Plans for January and Beyond

I am not just planning for January here. I would like to, as a minimum, achieve the following writing goals during the year, separate from any article publishing I do during the year:

12 new role playing game supplements published

6 new Kindle ebooks published

6 new niche sites set up

It's not quite as easy as just writing those down of course, as each has its own problems. With the role playing game supplements, it's comparatively easy writing them, and I already have more than enough ideas and in progress work to pass that target. The problem is the layout and formatting of them, as I lack Adobe InDesign (and I can't justify paying for it) or a library of suitable artwork for them, making me having to depend on other people who have other stuff they need to do too. I have a free piece of software, called Scribus, that is supposedly similar to InDesign, but that doesn't mean I know how to use it. The lack of suitable artwork, and possibly fonts, is a bit more serious, and expensive. I would pay to outsource everything I couldn't do, but the money isn't there to justify, or even cover it, as yet, except with a revenue sharing deal. Some of the artwork, such as covers and page backgrounds, isn't much of a problem to buy, as it can be reused many times. Other items, which would only definitely be used in one supplement, is a bigger problem as it would cost too much currently.

With the ebooks, I do not currently have any ideas for them and, even when they are written, marketing them so that they actually sell is a different matter.

For the niche sites, I currently have one idea with a number of posts written for it, but I need to come up with more ideas, buy domains and hosting, and find a variety of WordPress plugins that do various things I need.