During December I published 7 articles on InfoBarrel (8,286 words), 3 role playing game supplements (23,965 words) and 1 blog post (521 words). I also republished, with tweaks, 8 articles (5,130 words) on my general content site.

The total number of words written in December was 40,554, up substantially from November, and quite an impressive figure in retrospect given the fact that a good chunk of time was lost over the holiday period. One article was featured in December, Movie Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Notebook and PenCredit: MorgueFileWriting Related Earnings for December

£13.44 was earned in December from Daily Two Cents and the electronics site, with the latter earning the majority of the income. This was up from the month before, although AdSense earnings as whole decreased slightly, mostly due to the expected decline in YouTube revenue seen at this time of year.

InfoBarrel earnings were $23.09 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising, up a bit from the previous month, although not quite enough to take me over the $50 payment threshold, which should be achieved next month.

38 new posts were published on Daily Two Cents and again nothing new on WritEdge. AdSense earnings for Daily Two Cents increased slightly, but there were no Amazon sales. Nothing was earned from WritEdge or Expertscolum. HubPages income deteriorated yet again, and it will take decades at this rate to reach the payout threshold.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileAmazon

Amazon US sales were 199 despatched items earning $493.56 in commission. Thanks to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, I had actually passed my previous best earnings - December last year - within a few days of the beginning of the month. By the end of the month, I had more than doubled the entire lifetime earnings from Amazon, as far as I can tell (the stats only go back five years), and reached the 7.5% referral rate for the first time ever, which did make a noticeable difference to earnings, even with many items having fixed rates. Almost every day of the month had sales; they did not start to drop off until December 24th. Amazon UK earnings were also the best, beating last month's, although much lower than Amazon US. There were thirteen dispatched items earning £20.70.

Whilst I am very happy about this, the fact that this is sales from only one site, and one whose sales are largely seasonal, is a bit of a concern. I need to start generating income from more than one site and either getting some all through the year or making so much at the Christmas period that the rest of the year's sales are largely irrelevant. In other words, I'm looking to boost the income many, many times - say fiftyfold.


Three new role playing game supplements were published in December on RPGNow. This is one less supplement than might be expected at the one a week rate I've been managing to keep up with (and still did in December). This is because one of those released during the month was an image pack. As it was images, and involved no writing, I haven't included it in the writing report, even though it did generate a small amount of income. Earnings were $66.62 from 89 sales across 30 supplements, and only two thirds of the supplements had sales.

This was quite a drop in income from the previous month, but this wasn't surprising, and was expected, given that there were two sales in the previous month which accounted for a lot of the sales. It was still the fourth best month overall. More products have been listed, resulting in more being for sale every month, and the more there are, the more they tend to generate more sales. Purchasers may often only buy one supplement, but the occasional sales of a dozen or more related supplements does happen.

One of the supplements released during the month was also my largest, and most expensive, to date. Its sales have not been huge as yet, but given that it is more expensive than anything else, it has generated more money than the majority of the others, and accounted for a substantial percentage of the monthly income.

There were no new Kindle ebook sales and a slight amount of income, $0.09, earned from page reads in November.

Niche Sites

Nothing new was published on the clothing niche site and there was no revenue, however tiny, this month. I need to make the time to start writing and adding new articles to the site, as it's looking a bit neglected.

There was nothing new published on the electronics niche site, due to a lack of time again, but this accounted for all of the Amazon and the majority of the AdSense income as it was popular over the Christmas period.

Five posts and five pages were published on the RPG site. There was one sale on RPGNow from the RPG site, going by the marketing sources report, and I was able to identify what had sold. This was for a copy of the Pay What You Want Image Collection. Given that the majority of these sales generated nothing, it is highly unlikely that this sale generated any direct, immediate revenue. Still, it's a promising sign. Again, until I start adding content that ahs value in itself, rather than being simply promotional, I don't expect to see much from the site.


I republished eight articles on the general site. This is not really a niche site; this is one of my oldest sites that I've redone, because it no longer worked, and I'm using it for a variety of articles on assorted topics. The only advertising being done at present is some Amazon US links; I haven't added any others as yet, because the amount of content is still a bit thin to really re-add the two contextual networks I was using before, AdSense and InfoLinks.

I have, so far, been republishing articles, with some tweaks, that were previously published on the site, and after that is finished, or at least done with the articles that were unique to that site, there is still plenty of content that was from a variety of sites, or was intended for them, that I will probably tweak and republish, or simply publish, on this site.

Quite a bit of the current traffic it is getting is from old, now obsolete, links for the type of site(s) it used to be, so they aren't that useful any longer; visitors are visiting the main page and then leaving without going any further into it, once they see that the site isn't what they expected. I also need to do something about the old subdomains, and redirecting the traffic to the current site.

Last Year's Goals - How Did I Do?

In the report for December 2014, I wrote down some hoped-for goals for the next year. Admittedly, until I was writing this report, I had forgotten about them, so let's recap to see what, if any, progress was made towards them.

I wanted to release twelve new role playing game supplements. I managed to release 45 that were writing based, plus one that wasn't, so 46 in total. This goal was most definitely met.

I wanted to start six new niche sites. If the RPG site is included, I only managed two. This goal was failed. I also re-launched a general site.

I wanted to release six new Kindle ebooks. I managed none. This goal was an abysmal failure.

Plans for January and Beyond

Like last year, I'm going to look at some goals for the next twelve months, not just January. Hopefully, this year I'll remember about the goals for a bit longer than last time.

For role playing game supplements, I want to keep up the release rate of at least one a week, so this goal is 52 new supplements in total (if I finished everything that is currently in progress, I would very nearly reach this already, even excluding other ideas. Admittedly, in progress works range from under 100 words - I have notes for others that are longer - to over 10,000, and the amount written doesn't directly correlate to how near to completion the supplement is). I also want to have released at least one supplement that isn't generic, but for a specific game system, probably Pathfinder.

For the other two goals, I'm going to go for the same as last year.

6 new Kindle ebooks published.

6 new niche sites set up.

The Kindle ebooks goal is going to be the most difficult; the niche sites, I already have material ready for two at least, they just need launching.

I still need to sort out what I am doing with all the domains I'm no longer using; currently, they are just costing me money.