In November I published 12 articles on the science fiction site (6,271 words), 8 articles on the general site (3,236 words), 7 InfoBarrel articles (8,878 words), 5 role playing game supplements (13,523 words), 1 article on bitLanders (2,824 words) and 1 blog post (535 words).

Notebook and PenCredit: MorguefileThe total number of words written in December was 35,249, up substantially from November, even with the holiday season. One article was featured on InfoBarrel, Movie Review: The Girl on the Train.

Writing Related Earnings for December

AdSense income was £15.08, up from November. The majority of this was from the electronics site, but there were also earnings from the clothing site, the largest amount to date, and a tiny amount from Daily Two Cents (the first income from that site in some time). AdSense income as a whole, including YouTube income, was up.

InfoBarrel earnings continued to be unbelievably poor, with only $17.11 earned from Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising (which means that, despite purchasing Vic Dillinger's article portfolio, and getting a substantial boost in views, I am now earning less than I was before I purchased them). Admin claimed that they were selling advertising for more than was being earned from AdSense - either this is simply untrue or earnings are, as I have been saying for months, broken.


Dollar SignCredit: MorguefileAmazon US had 100 shipped items and earnings of $200.87, with almost all of the income coming from the electronics site and a small amount from InfoBarrel (the latter is still worrying, because whatever the problem Amazon has with InfoBarrel has still not been sorted out, or even had any noticeable attention paid to it in months). This may have been substantially up from November - more than double - but it was unfortunately less than half what was earned during December 2015, with only slightly over half the number of items shipped. The 6.5% referral rate was reached, but not the 7.5% from last year. Month after month during the year outperformed the previous, and the same months in any year, until October was reached. During the primary earning period, all the income was lower than the previous year.

Amazon UK had 21 items dispatched and earnings of £23.57, all from the electronics site, up from both November this year and December of last.


I published the five role playing game supplements mentioned earlier, which included my first Pathfinder supplement, on RPGNow in December. There were 157 sales across 48 supplements earning $114.55 after RPGNow's cut, ignoring the sale of an image pack (which involve no writing). This is down from November but currently the fifth best month over all. A significant proportion of the income came from the Pathfinder supplement, which is one of the ones that I consider to be of better quality. I would like to get this converted to D&D 5th Edition at some point.

A bit more was done towards writing the in-progress Kindle ebook, but it wasn't complete for the end of the year as had been hoped, and no income was received from the three currently published books.

Niche Sites

Nothing was published on the electronics site in December but it accounted for the majority of the Amazon and AdSense income

Nothing new was published on the clothing site, but it accounted for the next highest amount of AdSense revenue, although still well below the electronics site, the highest income from the site to date.

On the science fiction site, I published 33 posts, including the twelve articles mentioned earlier. Two of the articles replaced placeholder posts from previous months and some of the new posts were themselves placeholders. No income was earned from the site.

I published six pages and seven posts on the RPG site. There looks to have been one sale from the RPG site, for my most expensive supplement, although no affiliate income from this sale.

No new posts and no income to report on the writing site.


I published 39 posts and earned $1.36 from myLot, the lowest amount for a full month since I became active on the site again. Once again, I didn't interact with others as much as is necessary to earn more, but truthfully the site isn't worth spending prime writing time on, only for using between other tasks.


I published 74 blogs, including the article mentioned previously, and 21 microblogs and the article was submitted for review. Unfortunately it only got 4/5 (apparently let down by tags and not enough images, even though I used what looked like was the maximum number of the latter), not the hoped for 5/5. A 5/5 review gives free promotion and a return of all the gems used to get the review, so this was a shame. This will need promoting now to get the buzz score, and thus my overall earnings, up.


I published the eight articles mentioned earlier on the general site, although all were on the same theme. Some were originally intended for Daily Two Cents, but a number were written specifically for the site.

Last Year's Goals - How Did I Do?

In the December 2015 report I wrote down some writing goals for 2016, so how did these go?

I wanted to publish 52 new role playing game supplements. I published 50 written ones and 2 stock art collections. I also wanted to publish my first non-generic supplement, and got my first Pathfinder supplement published in December.

I intended to launch six new niche sites, but I only managed to launch two. One has quite a bit of content, although the majority of it is quite short (being based around old Bubblews posts), the other has only longer pieces but much less content overall. Neither has done much in the way of income as yet, but the second only has one potentially income generating link as yet.

I wanted to publish six new Kindle ebooks, but once again didn't manage to get any complete. I didn't quite get nowhere with Kindle, but not much was done.

Plans for January and Beyond

Once again, I'm going to set some online goals for the next twelve months and not just January.

I want to maintain the pace of one role playing game supplement release a week at the very least, nut I would like to increase that though, with at least one piece of stock art per month and at least one outsourced supplement per month, whether this be a new one or one converted to another system on average. More produced by me would be nice and, from looking at other people's production rate, possible, but I need to come up with a faster work method. In terms of words I could write a new supplement (of certain types) every day or two, but often creativity slows things down. Outsourcing supplement creation will require upfront money, as will some images that are wanted. Given that a profit is not guaranteed, especially when images are involved, I will probably set up a Patreon campaign this year. I also want to get more non-generic supplements, not just Pathfinder, but also for other systems (ICONS is one that has several under development, and there are others, especially D&D 5E). If I was to get every in progress supplement that has progressed past notes into actual typing, I would be set until at least the middle of 2018 at one release a week. As a branch off, I would like to create some adventures and then convert them into modules for Fantasy Grounds.

With the niche sites, instead of trying to publish six new sites, I'm going to try to launch one, two or maybe three, new sites, and concentrate on adding new content to the existing ones and building them up. Although most have not yet been that successful, some are starting to show potential.

Kindle is not doing very well at all. The existing three ebooks only made $0.12 for the entire year and no new books were completed. I would like to get at least one published in 2017, and I have one that's getting there. Six would be great, but I think I'll set a target of three.

There may be another way of boosting my Kindle sales though. with the role playing game supplements, once I get a decent number of Pathfinder-compatible ones published, I will no longer only sell on the OneBookShelf sites but branch out to other sites. As this will lose the 5% exclusivity bonus (admittedly, not a big bonus, but there need to be enough products to sell elsewhere to justify the loss across all the product range) it will make sense to sell the supplements on as many different platforms as possible, possibly including Kindle.

One thing that seems highly likely for 2017 is not writing on InfoBarrel. Possibly I will still keep publishing these articles on the site, but frankly it's not worth doing otherwise at the moment. The 80% drop in eCPM after the automation attempt, the apparent removal of the competitions, which were the only way of boosting income, the uncertainty over Amazon which still hasn't been resolved, the inability to earn affiliate income from the signatures and the fact that the site gets neglected for weeks or months on end all contribute to this. Frankly, if I'm not going to earn much, it makes more sense to not earn much on my own sites which I know won't be neglected than on someone else's. If income was at the levels I think it should be, that would be a different matter.