During February I published 12 articles on InfoBarrel (11,694 words), 6 articles on Daily Two Cents (2,343 words), 3 niche site articles (1,668 words), 1 blog post (502 words), 1 article on WritEdge (404 words) and 2 role playing game supplements (1,490 words).

Notebook and PenCredit: MorgueFileThe total number of words written in February was 21,232, down from January. Two articles were featured on InfoBarrel during the month, Movie Review: Jupiter Ascending and Movie Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Writing Related Earnings for February

AdSense earnings were £3.56 from a niche site and Seekyt, up substantially from the previous month. AdSense earnings as a whole are still lower, as the DNS problems I mentioned last month are still causing problems and it seems I've been short of time this month. There was an increase in revenue from January, though, and YouTube earnings increased also.

InfoBarrel earnings were $11.32 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 ads, down from January. However, although these figures are considered to be finalised, there do appear to be quite a few days lacking earnings that should be there. This figure may, hopefully will, increase at some point.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileOne new article was published on WritEdge this month. Earnings were, apparently, $0.01 earned. The income from the prior months has all been adjusted downwards quite a bit; I never thought they looked to be that accurate.

Including the six longer articles mentioned earlier, 34 posts were made on Daily Two Cents. $0.46 was earned. As with WritEdge, earnings from the previous months was also revised downwards.

Once again, nothing was earned from Expertscolumn, and there was no change on either Zujava or RedGage.


Only four sales (it was originally five, but one was returned) were made on Amazon during February, all from the niche site. The total earned from the sales was $19.68, making this one of the best months on Amazon.


$0.85 was earned across both accounts from the HubPages Ad Program in February, down once again. No progress has been made on fixing the remaining former Squidoo lenses, especially as some of those that need fixing have already been fixed once, or any of the HubPages Hubs that now need fixing. I'm getting rather tired of the site; the changing of things is reminding me of Squidoo and we know how that ended. Part of the reason for the downward trend in income is how many Hubs are currently unfeatured, and it looks like unfeatured Hubs lack ads.


169 posts were published on Bubblews during the month, up slightly from Janyaru. I received a payment of $47.75, after fees, in February. This looks like it is going to be the last payment for some time, probably a good chunk of a year, unless how much posts earn increases substantially.

It's still impossible to track individual posts on Bubblews, or whether anything is being made from old posts.


There were no sales of any Kindle ebooks during the month, nor were any new ones published. The share of the Kindle Select Program from the two "borrowed" books from the previous month was £1.81 - which was more than if they had been sold.

Two new role playing game supplements were published on RPGNow, with $7.85 earned from fifteen sales across all three of the supplements that had been published to date.

Plans for March

I am going to do some more role playing game supplements in March. I have ideas for quite a few, and I'm working on them, but those that are going to be published, at least initially, are those that I can easily format in Scribus with free stock art. As more of the supplements are sold, I'm going to reinvest some of the income into purchasing some new templates.

I also plan to develop the current niche site some more, and do some work on content for two more that haven't been launched as yet.