During February I published 7 articles on InfoBarrel (7,375 words), 7 articles on the electronics niche site (3,867 words), 4 role playing game supplements (19,524 words), 2 articles on the science fiction site (703 words) and 1 blog post (537 words). I also republished 2 expanded and modified former Squidoo lenses on the general content site (1,899 words).

The total number of words written in February was 35,668, up substantially from January. Two articles were featured on InfoBarrel, Movie Review: Deadpool and Movie Review: Triple 9.

Paper and PenCredit: MorgueFileWriting Related Earnings for February

AdSense earnings were £2.28, mostly from the electronics site - other sites largely made income when it was all added together. YouTube rose slightly, but it's still well down from its previous highs; revenue has been lost to a competing, and better video, made by a friend. Perhaps I shouldn't have told him.

Earnings from Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising on InfoBarrel were $20.42, slightly up from the previous month.

There were 34 new posts added to Daily Two Cents, but absolutely nothing was earned, except possibly fractions of a penny. No new posts were made on WritEdge and nothing was earned there either.

It's not worth talking about HubPages any longer. It may never be again.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileAmazon

Amazon sales declined again slightly, at least for Amazon US, with $48.65 earned from 22 shipped items (there was a return from the previous month). This meant that the 6% referral rate was reached again, although the vast majority of sales were capped at 4%. Despite the decline from January, this was still my fifth best month overall.

Sales from Amazon UK increased, with 3 sales earning £5.88, making it the third best month overall. An increase in income was only to be expected - even if nothing had actually been sold - given January's negative figure. All the Amazon sales were from the electronics niche site.


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Four new role playing game supplements were published on RPGNow in February. Earnings were $100.31, after RPGNow's cut, from 99 sales across 20 supplements. This was the second highest earnings from RPGNow to date, only being beaten by November 2015. The November amount was down to two sales during the month, and lots of sales being made because of them. This month's revenue wasn't because of sales, but due to two of the released supplements being of the, still quite uncommon, larger, better and more expensive type. These accounted for the majority of the sales and two thirds of the income, and both of these supplements were connected, so many purchased both and a third, also related, supplement also had a number of knock-on sales

No new Kindle ebooks were released, and not much progress was made on any. There were no new sales either, just some Kindle Edition Normalised Pages read, which should produce a tiny amount of income next month.

Niche Sites

As well as the 7 articles mentioned earlier I published another 12 posts on the electronics niche site. It earned the vast majority of the AdSense income and all of the Amazon revenue.

No new posts were published on the clothing niche site, and there were no earnings again. I hope to get some more content written for the site soon, but I may be changing the style of articles first.

I published four pages and seven posts on the role playing games site. There were no new sales through the site, nor was any other revenue earned. This is still as expected.

I launched a science fiction site and published 36 posts and the two small articles mentioned earlier. Many of the posts on the new site are quite small, under 200 words, but some are longer, in the 200-300 range. A few of the new posts are mostly empty placeholders for future articles that are currently just there to tie the site together.

I also have a lot of prepared posts to publish on the site, probably something like a thousand, although they all need setting up correctly first. This includes stuff that was previously published on Bubblews, which I'm modifying as I add it, and totally new material - generally this tends to be longer - and more is being produced every week. I already have enough content on the site that I have added advertising, but only to longer posts, although there are no earnings as yet.

The site is getting a bit of social and search traffic, but I didn't do any research before launching this. This is on a subject I enjoy (I read someone's statement that their first successful site was one related to an interest of theirs) and related to something I'm doing anyway. There are a lot of sites to compete with, some rather authoritative, but this one is more general to the subject than most. Which may be good or bad. Only time will show how it goes.


The general content site still hasn't generated any income, but I still haven't added any advertising other than some Amazon products as yet. The amount of published content is, I think, sill a bit on the thin side to try adding anything like AdSense and Infolinks, and I only added two former Squidoo lenses to the site in February.

Plans for March

I'm altering some of how I'm doing things, partly due to the lack of return for the time spent on Daily Two Cents - I would have earned more doing almost anything - including playing a computer game - than the time I spent on the site. Even though I have additional content that could be published there, it all needs modifying first, and I'm just not seeing any return for that time currently. So, anything that isn't giving a return on time invested I'm going to discontinue doing, with a couple of exception. If I enjoy doing it and/or it fits in with long term plans to diversify my income sources (in some cases both of these are true), I will continue; otherwise, my time is better spent elsewhere. Whilst I have a few prepared posts to publish in Daily Two Cents, I'm not doing any more for the moment. I have over 800 posts on the site, and I will see if they generate any money in the long term before doing much more there.

I currently have enough prepared role playing game supplements to keep me going at one a week until the end of March, but I'm still struggling to write the more creative supplements that generate more income at the rate I'd like. Which would be one a week - or even higher.