During January I published 7 articles on InfoBarrel (7,948 words), 5 role playing game supplement (7,641 words) and 1 blog post (558 words). I also republished, with adjustments and added content, three articles (1,921 words) on the general content site.

The total number of words written in January was 23,421, down substantially from December. One article was featured on InfoBarrel in January, A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement Menzoberranzan.

Writing Related Earnings for January

Notebook and PenCredit: MorgueFileAdSense earning were £3.31 from the electronics niche site, the clothing niche site and Daily Two Cents, with the majority being from the first. AdSense income dropped across the board (including YouTube, which was the worst in years; the worst month in fact since I started measuring it), being substantially down from December.

Earnings from Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising on InfoBarrel were $19.97, down from December, yet still one of the better months, but more than enough to take me past the $50 payment threshold, so a payout is expected to be received around the middle of March.

There were 40 new posts on Daily Two Cents but earnings were down substantially from December. The amount being earned from Daily Two Cents compared to the amount of work being done there is making it rather debateable as to whether it's worth continuing, although most of what is done is rewriting and republishing former Bubblews posts. Still, the hourly return is almost nonexistent. Nothing new was published on WritEdge.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileHubPages. Meh.

A drop in income is expected in January as, with the possible exception of holidays and January sales, most companies tend to spend less money on advertising after Christmas, as most customers have less money to buy things. Consequently, the severe drop in Amazon revenue and the drops in other income were expected, although not desired.


Amazon sales saw a not-unexpected decline post-Christmas decline, although Amazon US sales were still the fourth highest to date, with $56.35 earned from 38 shipped items and with the 6.5% referral rate reached again. All the sales were from the electronics niche site.

Amazon UK sales were unfortunately negative, as one item purchased in December was returned and the two sales that happened during the month were never shipped, so were presumably cancelled. Again, these were all down to the electronics niche site. Amazon income as a whole still revolves too much around one site.


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Five new role playing game supplements were published on RPGNow in January. Earnings were $43.83, after RPGNow's cut, from 70 sales across 33 supplements. This was again down from the previous month, and the poorest in a while, and this was again expected. Post Christmas rarely sees as much money being spent, especially on what could be considered luxury items (at least those that aren't holidays). No new good, and therefore higher priced, supplements were released, which makes quite a difference in income - they generally add a significant percentage to the month's revenue.

I'm still struggling to produce the better supplement at the sort of rate I would like. Although I can easily write enough words to publish one every couple of weeks, or maybe less, the problem is coming up with the actual words and ideas (these supplements require rather more creativity) to actually complete them. I can come up with a general idea easily enough, and make a start on the writing, but coming up with enough ideas to actually finish them quickly is a different story. Some have been in progress for well over a year. One reason I am publishing so many reviews of other role playing game supplements is because I'm reading so many for ideas, inspiration and to see how others have done things. I could do with seeing if anyone has written a book on how to come up with creative content.

Nothing new to report on the Kindle front; there were no new book sales, page reads or any books published. I did make a tiny bit of progress on one Kindle ebook I'm working on.

Niche Sites

There were no new posts on the electronics niche site, but it still generated the majority of the AdSense income and all the Amazon income.

There were no new posts on the clothing niche site, but it did have some minor AdSense income; minor, but it was more than the site had earned in total to date.

There were ten posts and six pages published on the role playing game site, but no new sales were generated through it as yet. I still haven't, as yet, published any real content on the site that has value in itself, although I did post a couple of samples from upcoming supplements. These are closer to having genuine value, but are still mostly adverts for upcoming supplements.


As mentioned, three articles were republished on the general site. These were originally published on part of the site before it was redone; they have had a fair few changes made to them before they were republished.

The site still has no income as yet, but I still haven't added anything other than Amazon products, and a lot of the traffic received is still based on the former use of the domain. Until I get a bit more content published and republished on the site, I'm reluctant to re-add AdSense and InfoLinks.

Plans for February

I currently have enough role playing game supplements ready to take me up to the end of February, although beyond that date is currently looking a bit sparse. I also need to create some more niche site content for the three sites that are currently live - the RPG site is easy enough, as it gets a bit of new content every week when a supplement is published, but the other two haven't had anything new on them in months. I do have some content ready to publish in the electronics site, though, as soon as all the related posts and articles are written.

I would like to get a new niche site launched, as I certainly have enough prepared posts and articles that aren't making any money by remaining on my computer.