During July I published 9 articles on InfoBarrel (10,075 words), 1 Hub on HubPages (794 words) and 1 post on Daily Two Cents (544 words).

The total number of words written in July was 17,890, down substantially from June. I'm going to point out again that this total doesn't include short articles that are under 325 words, such as those written for Daily Two Cents and Bubblews. Between those two sites, that's probably another 20,000+ words, which makes the monthly writing total look more impressive. Two articles were featured on InfoBarrel during the month, Four Urban Fantasy Series to Check Out for Fans of The Dresden Files and Movie Review: Hercules.Pen and PadCredit: MorgueFile

Writing Related Earnings for July

AdSense earnings were £0.76 from Seekyt and HubPages, up from the previous month. Other AdSense earnings continued in their downward trend, although YouTube was very slightly up.

InfoBarrel earnings were $6.48 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising, the lowest in some months. Traffic was down as well, so this could be due to the start of the summer season.

Daily Two Cents earned $0.79 from its articles, and I published another 14 posts, including the one mentioned earlier, during the month. I did manage to get a number queued up, and most days I'm increasing the length of the queue, so there's a new article added every day.

Expertscolumn earned $0.03 from its posts, staying constant at not very much.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileZujava, for the first time in eight months, actually approved some new members - seven in total. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of them. Four were people who joined in July; the others were earlier in the year. There were no new members from last year. It makes me wonder if the site has realised it's annoyed all the people who have been waiting for months for approval so much that it may not be worth adding them any longer.

RedGage earnings are still unknown. There probably are earnings; I just have no idea what they are.

Amazon earned $13.60 from HubPages, my second highest month to date, and sold seventeen items, sending me up an earning tier, all from one click. That's still not the sort of money I'd like to be getting though.


$4.17 was earned from Squidoo, although no payment received this month, due to the increase in the payment threshold as mentioned last month. There did appear to be an increase in traffic but, frankly, that is simply from me having to constantly republish lenses to keep them live. Yet another truly dumb idea from Squidoo. I'd love to take a look at their company accounts; I bet earnings have gone through the floor.

I did manage to make a few more sales, but currently it's not really worth publishing anything on Squidoo, not with there being more and more lenses trying to fill a static number of spaces. Most days I'm having to republish at least one lens to keep it out of Work in Progress status, so there's no point adding new content, that I will then likely need to keep republishing, that I can publish at plenty of other sites first.


$1.04 was earned from the HubPages Ad Programme from 79 Hubs, as well as the Amazon earnings mentioned earlier. As well as the single new Hub published, I also moved two former Squidoo lenses (1,566 words).


$200.27 in cleared payments were received, slightly up from June. Bubblews underwent a major change during the month, and this has not been without its problems.

One of the biggest problems caused by the new site, and the most damaging for me, anyway, has been the change in how images are handled. Previously, images were shown better; now, every image, no matter how appropriate, is shown as a horizontal rectangle, often with a washed out grey gradient on them, and with text covering up a large amount. This has made most images appear ugly; not the sort of thing you want when Pinterest is such a good and growing source of traffic. The other problem is that multiple images are no longer possible, and any posts that had multiple images has had them removed. This is also removed any text that accompanied them. Many of my longer posts, in the 325+ words range, and some pushing 1,000 words, have lost much of their original content. In some cases, they are down to a mere sentence or two, which is hardly going to help for search engine traffic.

Now, I have got all of the original content backed up (which is why it's important to back up your data), so I can restore most of the article (except the images) if needed, but I'd prefer Bubblews to fix this, but unfortunately they are still not responding to support requests, despite the statement that customer service is a priority. Something needs doing soon before the rankings start to drop down again, due to a lack of content. Unfortunately, I have no idea how many other articles part from the tracked ones have been wrecked by this change, other than it's probably quite a lot.

As part of the changes, redemption request are now being given an estimated date of processing, which is about a month away currently, so I have a lot of queued up requests - six at the end of the month, over $300 worth - all from July.

During July I submitted 160 posts. The rankings, as measured by Long Tail Pro, seem to be still trending upwards, although that may change. The 81 posts measured for residual income earned $8.39, or approximately $0.10 per post, up from the previous month. The 31 keyword researched articles made $2.73 of that between them, or aver $0.08 each, also up for the month. Unfortunately, the majority of the measured posts suffered serious damage from the Bubblews change, as mentioned earlier.




I made two sales of my Kindle ebook last month, the first two, totalling £0.52. Not a huge amount, but it's a start. There hasn't been any progress, unfortunately, with my RPG sourcebooks, at least regarding getting the layout done, but I have mostly completed another, larger Kindle ebook.

Plans for August

I didn't actually manage to finish the initial pass through of the articles finished in March; I seemed to be doing other things and never got on top of them. Still, they are mostly done now. I hope to get the next Kindle ebook published in August, and I would really like to get some RPG supplements published, but the latter is dependent on other people. I will also probably get a decent sized batch of articles published on InfoBarrel.