During July I published 8 articles on InfoBarrel (7,862 words), 6 articles on the clothing niche site (2,166 words), 11 articles on the electronics niche site (4,882 words), 4 role playing game supplements (4,552 words), 1 outsourced article purchased through Zerys (1,032 words) and 1 blog post (523 words).

The total number of words written in July was 22,028, slightly down from June. Four articles were featured on InfoBarrel during the month A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement Arkham Unveiled by Keith Herber, A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement Escape from Innsmouth by Kevin A. Ross, A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement Return to Dunwich by Keith Herber and Movie Review: Stolen. This meant that four of the six articles I submitted to be featured actually were, although this probably had less to do with the quality of the articles than with the low number actually published in June.

Notebook and PenCredit: MorgueFileWriting Related Earnings for July

AdSense earnings in July were £5.64 from the electronics niche site and Seekyt (although there may not be any future earnings from the latter), up quite a bit from the previous month. Normal AdSense revenue was up, but YouTube was down, mostly because the primary video doesn't do that well at this time of year.

InfoBarrel earnings are currently listed at $12.90 for Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising. This amount is not accurate, however, as July's earnings have still not been updated.

73 new short posts were made on Daily Two Cents. Both views and income were up, with the latter up to $0.83, although part of the increase was due to an increase in the payment rate.

WritEdge earnings were $0.02, with no new posts made.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileAmazon

There were 15 sales on Amazon US, which resulted in the referral rate being increased to 6%, making this one of the few times this has happened. Unfortunately, this made no difference whatsoever to earnings, as every product sold was at a fixed referral rate that didn't change. The earnings were $23.20. There were 2 sales on Amazon UK, earning £2.92.

All of the sales on both Amazon UK and US were from the electronics niche site. This was the third best month to date on Amazon US and the best month on Amazon UK.


HubPages earnings remain pitiful, although slightly up from last month. Nothing is being earned from Amazon, even on former Squidoo lenses that did reasonably well. On one account, all but two of the Hubs are unfeatured, which is why earnings on that account are almost nonexistent. I haven't done anything in months to try and fix any Hubs (again, in many cases). The question is whether it's even worth bothering trying to fix them. HubPages has never made much money, so would it be simply be throwing more valuable time on a site that isn't worth it? I may get around trying to fix some whilst watching television (already wasted time, so it doesn't matter as much but it's hard to get motivated to actually do anything on that site these days.


Four RPG supplements and one Bundle - which contained two of the supplements published in July at a reduced price - were released on RPGNow. As I mentioned last month, I fully expected a decrease in the earnings from the supplements in July, because June's releases included the best, most expensive and highest earning supplement to date. Rather than declining, earnings actually increased slightly, to $55.34, after RPGNow's cut, with 94 sales with every supplement selling at least one copy, including the Bundle.

This was down to a couple of factors. There were a couple of large sales of thirteen supplements each, but probably the biggest influence was the Christmas in July Sale. In this sale, which I had forgotten I was signed up for - and, I think, I'm signed up for other, similar sales - all PDFs are reduced in price by 25%. Consequently, a lot of the sales were from customers taking advantage of the reduced prices; more supplements were sold, but for less money.

Next month, I definitely expect a substantial drop in sales - no new, better, supplements are finished and there is no major sale to encourage people to buy.

There were no new Kindle sales last month, but there was $1.35 in earnings from the Kindle Unlimited/Lending Library during the previous month.

Niche Sites

Here's an update of my niche site progress for the month. Articles are posts over 325 words; posts are those under that. Pages are also lower than 325 words; they are just published differently. All the sites are running WordPress.

11 articles and 9 posts were published on the electronics site. Earnings were mentioned earlier, and were from Amazon and AdSense.

On the clothing site, 6 articles and 2 posts were published. No earnings were made. Some progress has been seen in the search engine rankings, as measured by Long Tail Pro.

For the role playing game supplements site, 8 pages and 6 posts were published. No earnings came from this site either. As yet, there isn't much direct interest in it, and it's likely there won't be until some posts that have use in and of themselves are published. Some search engine traffic has been seen, but not really relevant traffic by the looks of it as yet.

Plans for August

There are enough RPG supplements currently completed to continue publishing one a week until the end of the August. Other than that, there is currently only one ready for formatting. There are many in progress, but they need quite a bit of extra work before they can proceed to formatting, and I haven't decided as yet how to lay out the one that is finished.

I plan to continue working on my Kindle ebook. How long it will take, I don't know, especially as it will require images to be made for it, which will also take time. There are also more niche posts to make, and sites to launch, but I may not get those done in August.