In July I published 7 InfoBarrel articles (9,143 words), 5 role playing game supplements (6,454 words), 3 articles on the science fiction site (1,194 words) and 1 blog post (533 words). I also reposted 2 former Bubblews articles and 1 former Xomba article (1,225 words) on the general site.

The total number of words written in July was 39,403, up slightly from June. I also wrote another 269 words on the collaborative role playing game project, which pretty much completes the work I had set out to do for the moment.

Writing Related Earnings for July

AdSense earnings for July were £3.77, up substantially from the previous month and with the vast majority being earned from the electronics site. AdSense earnings as a whole, which includes YouTube revenue, was up quite a bit from the previous month, which is a surprise.

Notebook and PenCredit: MorguefileEarnings from Tier 1 and Tier 2 ads on InfoBarrel are currently listed as being $22.30, up slightly from the adjusted earnings for June, but still really poor. The last two months have had the lowest earnings per 1,000 views ever, far, far poorer than is usual even at this time of year which tends to see low advertising rates; they are supposedly now correct but, if so, they are really, really bad, only slightly over half what was expected.


There was a rise in income from Amazon US to $35.91 with 21 items shipped, all from the electronics site. This was enough to reach the 6% referral threshold once again, although as is quite common, this made a marginal difference to earnings as most of the sales were capped at the 4% rate. The rise in income and sales was at least partially due to Amazon Prime Day, and once again this was the best July ever.

Amazon UK also saw a rise in income (which, given that last month's income was nothing, was not that hard to accomplish) with three sales earning £3.03. All these sales were also from the electronics site.


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Dollar SignCredit: MorguefileI published the five RPG supplements mentioned earlier, and a bundle product which combined two of them at a lower price, on RPGNow in July. There were 88 sales across 30 supplements earning $50.92 (excluding a minor sale that was from art, not writing). This was lower than what had been anticipated to be the revenue for the month.

Generally, there have been two factors responsible for higher revenue; the release of good quality supplements and supplements being in the RPGNow sales. Although there were no good quality supplements, there was one of the biggest sales of the year, the Christmas in July Sale. This did not have the expected effect on sales, with only a few extra supplement sales due to it. Perhaps this sale was too close to last month's Dark Urban Fantasy Sale or perhaps it is simply at the wrong time of year (the start of the summer holidays) to make that much of a difference (even though I personally bought quite a few things because of the sale).

Yet again, there's nothing new to report for Kindle.

Niche Sites

No new posts or pages were published on the electronics site this month, but once again it earned the vast majority of the non-YouTube AdSense income and all of the Amazon income.

I published 7 posts and 6 pages on the RPG site, but didn't see any sales or income from it this month.

Once again, I have done nothing on the clothing site. I really need to start updating this site and adding new content, as well as probably shifting the existing content around. No income was earned from the site during the month.

I published 24 posts and the 3 articles mentioned earlier on the science fiction site. Again, no income from the site this month.

Nothing new was published on the writing site, and there was no income. A small amount of progress was made towards getting new articles completed. Another site that needs time devoting to it.


As mentioned, I reposted three articles formerly on other sites on the general site in July, increasing the available content again, although not that significantly.

The site did generate some income last month - a total of $0.01 from the reactivated InfoLinks (plus probably a fraction of a cent from AdSense). The site does not have much in the way of ads being displayed as yet; I plan to add some more AdSense blocks, vertical banners or skyscrapers, in the future, once I can get the text to flow round them properly. It seems the CSS for the template probably needs tweaking to some degree.


I'm going to continue posting about myLot. It doesn't have any potential for earning anything from traffic, so not much in the way of residual income, but it does provide a bit of money from interacting and writing posts during breaks from doing more important work. Twenty posts were made on myLot in July, and $1.51 was earned. Nothing spectacular, but it was basically earned during time I wasn't doing anything else.

Plans for August

I have enough role playing game supplements written to take me through past August and well into September, and I'm close to getting my first non-generic supplement finished, one for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Once this is complete, I'm going to send it to Paizo for approval before publishing. Although you do have to send Pathfinder compatible supplements to the company, you don't actually have to do it until after they are published. However, given this will be my first, I'd rather find out if I've made mistakes before releasing it, not after.

I need to continue to try and push through with progress on the Kindle ebook so that it will be ready for the end of the year at the latest. Currently, I'm rather unlikely to hit my year end goal of six new Kindle ebooks. Finishing the first would be a big help.

I also need to republish articles on the general site, revamp the clothing site and actually get some more content completed for the writing site, as well as write and publish another batch of posts and articles for the electronics site.