During June I published eight articles on InfoBarrel (6,980 words), 1 HubPages Hub (728 words), 1 Daily Two Cents post (388 words), 1 Bubblews post (389 words) and 6 outsourced articles (5,725 words) across several sites, purchased from Zerys using Bubblews earnings.

The total number of words written in June was 27,084, up slightly from May. Two articles were featured on InfoBarrel during the month, Movie Review: 22 Jump Street and Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow.

Notebook and PenCredit: MorgueFileWriting Related Earnings for June

AdSense earnings for June were £0.26 from Wizzley, HubPages and Squidoo, down from the previous month. Other AdSense earnings were also down, both normal and YouTube revenue.

InfoBarrel earnings were $8.21 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising, one of the lowest months in a while. On the other hand, I did get my first referral earnings in the month, although they weren't very much.

Daily Two Cents earned $0.12 from the articles published there. I would like to get a bunch queued up, if I can manage to, as I have some ideas from something I've done on Bubblews.

Expertscolumn earned $0.03 from its articles.

Zujava. Still no change. 'Nuff said.

RedGage still does not appear to be updating properly, so I still have no idea what is happening there.

Amazon earned $8.32 from HubPages and Squidoo, up substantially from May and an amount which is, rather depressingly, the second highest amount I've directly earned from Amazon in a month. Still, an increase is by far better than a decrease.

A Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileSquidoo

At the beginning of the month, I suddenly had eight lenses on Squidoo get warnings for no apparent reason - they were 100/100 lenses (as usual). When I tried publishing one of them as a last resort, I got a message saying that I was linking to potentially dubious areas of the internet. The potentially dubious area turned out to be a shortened Amazon affiliate link. The message also said that the use of link shorteners prevented Squidoo from checking the destination page. Given that the only site amzn.to links point to is Amazon, that's rather poor handling on Squidoo's part. At least this was easy to fix.

Squidoo did another change in the month where any lens ranked over 175,000 will be put into Work In Progress state - which means they need editing and republishing to keep them active. Supposedly, this will mostly affect older lenses, but this isn't true. It is also affecting good lenses that add value to the site. Capping the number of definitely featured lenses seems an idiotic idea at best.

Since Squidoo did that, I seem to have noticed a drop in traffic from a third to a half, which could be lost from internal links, as lenses that were driving traffic to mine suddenly drop into WiP progress state. I'm also having to constantly republish lenses, especially seasonal ones, to keep them out of WiP.

Squidoo have also increased the payment threshold, to $25, bringing it in line with other sites' thresholds. This is about the only change Squidoo have done recently that makes any sense - as long as it isn't because they're running out of money, something that does seem a possibility given how much they must have lost from locked lenses. I received $10.31 in paid earnings during the month.


I earned $1.43 from the HubPages Ad Programme from the 76 Hubs currently published, down slightly from the previous month. There were also some Amazon earnings, as mentioned earlier. Again, I published several new Hubs in the month, which tends to boost earnings. This includes one locked lens moved from Squidoo to HubPages (717 words).


$199.43 in cleared payments was received from Bubblews in June, up from May. The site had a noticeable improvement in performance towards the end of the month, which created a noticeable improvement in income. On the downside, the time between sending in a redemption request and receiving it continues to increase, with the last one taking 16 days to process. Calculating that amount was harder than it used to be, as PayPal have changed their layout and, as yet, I haven't managed to find a way of getting the old information, or even if it's still possible. Instead of searching for all Bubblews transactions within a selected time frame, and getting a display with the deductions taken off, I had to search for the transactions, which brought back all in the last six months, then pick out the ones in the correct period, then examine them all individually to get the final amount. That's not an improvement at all.

Including the one longer post mentioned at the beginning of this article, 166 posts were made in Bubblews in June. The upwards trend of the keyword researched posts, as measured using Long Tail Pro, appears to be continuing.

The 80 posts measured for residual income earned $6.43 in total an average of slightly over $0.08 each, up substantially for the month. The 31 keyword researched articles made $2.04 between them, an average of almost $0.07 each for the month, and also up substantially. Unlike in May where there were many of the tracked posts that did not earn a single cent for the month, this was not the case in June. This is probably due to the improvements in the site's performance. The sole new post published earned $0.89.


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No new progress to report on ebooks this month. I really haven't done anything in the way of promotion for the one I published last month; just waiting for sales to turn up is likely to be a slow process, so this is an area that needs looking into.

Plans for July

In July, I'm still hoping to get some PDF ebooks published, but I'm having to wait for the layout guy to be free. I've currently got five queued up.

I didn't quite finish my initial pass of the articles purchased in March, but it's close, so it should be complete this month, so perhaps it's time to buy some more, if anyone is interested in selling.

I also want to speed up the transfer of locked lenses to HubPages, or possibly other sites. Some can be done comparatively easily, whilst others need rewriting to one degree or another.