During June I published 7 articles on InfoBarrel (6,949 words), 7 clothing niche site articles (2,412 words), 4 role playing game supplements (12,571 words), 1 blog post (476 words) and 1 outsourced article purchased from Zerys (1,102 words).

The total number of words written in June was 25,893, substantially up from May.

Writing Related Earnings for June

Pen and PaperCredit: MorgueFile

AdSense earning were £1.71 from Seekyt and a niche site, with the majority being from the latter. Seekyt has not been performing as well recently. AdSense earnings as whole, both content and YouTube earnings, were up slightly from the previous month.

InfoBarrel earnings from Tier 1 and Tier 2 ads are, at the moment, not known for certain. The current earnings are $9.96, and they are listed as finalised, but there are a couple of days of Tier 1 earnings missing from that figure and over three weeks of Tier 2 (EDIT: The earnings have now been updated to $13.06).

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFile

I also got $25 from placing third in the monthly contest. This had less to do with the amount of work I did and more to do with the rather low number of articles submitted - 167, many of which would not have been 1,000+ words. The last three months have all seen many fewer articles published. When I finished publishing the articles to get to the 31 points, I discovered that put me in joint second for the monthly contest, so I decided that it was worth publishing a 1 point, already written, article, just to see if that would get me a place, which it did.

60 new short posts were made on Daily Two Cents, but views were down substantially and therefore earnings too, but the CPM for the next month has been increased and June also saw my first Amazon affiliate sale on the site. I think $0.47 was made, but the increased CPM for July unfortunately backdates in the reports, making older figures inaccurate and I hadn't made a note of them prior to that.

WritEdge earnings remained at one cent, but I haven't done any new work there in a while.

HubPages earnings continue to slide; partly this is because I have few, if any, featured Hubs currently, for one reason or another, and I simply can't be bothered at the moment to spend the time to try and fix them.

Again, no change on RedGage and nothing earned on Expertscolumn.


Only two Amazon sales were made during the month, one on the electronics niche site and the other on Daily Two Cents, the latter being the first sale on that site. These totalled $5.47 between them, substantially up from the previous month, but still not as impressive as I'd like.


One Kindle ebook was sold during the month, earning $0.35, and it was also lent out later in the month. The earnings for the latter will be known later this month.

I only released four role playing game supplements compared to the five of the previous month, but one of these was the most expensive currently released, as well as being the longest, and two of the others were more expensive than the typical supplement I've been releasing. One - my longest, best (in my opinion anyway, but it also is the first product to be reviewed, getting 5/5, so at least one person agrees with me) and most expensive became the second best-seller, in terms of numbers of copies sold, which was 24, and this was achieved in slightly over 3 weeks, compared to the current best-seller, which has sold 28 copies in a bit over four months. Due to it being more expensive, it has also made more money - more than double that of the best seller. There is something to be said for creating longer, better works, the problem is that they are more time consuming and more difficult to produce, so the majority of supplements are likely to be otherwise.

$54.14 was earned, after RPGNow's cut, from 62 sales across 12 supplements, substantially up in earnings although down in both total number of sales and the number of different supplements sold from the previous month. Earnings are unlikely to be as high in July, as none of the supplements planned for release are as good nor as high in price as the major income generator in June.

Niche Sites

So far, I have three, if the role playing game site intended to promote my own products is included, niche sites up and running.

The electronics site had 13 short posts added during the month. This had an Amazon sale and some AdSense income.

The clothing site, which has only just been launched, had 7 articles added to it. Prior to launch I had a few dozen articles already written. No revenue was seen from this site last month.

On the role playing game site, 5 posts and 4 pages were published. There was no revenue related to this site as far as I can tell in July; the only OneBookShelf affiliate earnings I got during the month were definitely not from it, and there were no sales with the site's tracking code. It's still early days, and I may (hopefully will) see more benefit in the future. Of course, given that I'm not using ads, that will make a difference, at least in the short term, but that's part of my long term strategy, given the site exists to promote my own products, not someone else's.

Six Months Update

Back in the progress report for December 2014, I made a list of three different writing goals I wanted to achieve for the year, as well as any regular article publishing I do. It's now halfway through the year, so how am I doing on those goals?

Role Playing Game Supplements:

I wanted to publish twelve new supplements this year. So far, I've published nineteen new supplements by the end of June, easily beating that target, with, at the end of June, another seven formatted and queued for release. If I manage to keep up the current output - possible in theory at least, I have at least that many ideas; writing and formatting them is another matter - that will mean a total of 45 new supplements by the end of the year.

Kindle eBooks:

I wanted to publish six new Kindle ebooks. So far, I haven't managed to publish one. Not particularly good progress with this goal so far. I did, however, have an idea for a book which I started writing last month. It's mostly at the deciding what to put in it stage, and it may or may not work out. If it does work out, and proves to be successful, I can do several more along the same lines.

Niche Sites:

I wanted to launch six new niche sites. So far (if I count the RPG site, which is admittedly extremely niche), I have two new ones launched. Not as much progress as I'd like, but I have content in various degrees of progress (from idea to full articles written) for another five potential sites, mostly based on work that was previously published on Bubblews.

Plans for July

I intend to continue publishing role playing game supplements at one a week - I have enough for July and beyond already queued up, but I need to format and finish some more to keep on top of things. Some also require graphics creating, and some template graphics purchasing.

I would like to see if I can get a second niche site up and running, but this is less likely. Other than that, I have various in-progress articles for InfoBarrel that need finishing off - primarily images. In addition, I plan to keep working on my current Kindle ebook idea.