In June I published 11 articles on the general site (8,247 words), and also republished 2 modified former Bubblews articles on that site (723 words), 10 articles on the electronics site (5,190 words), 7 articles on InfoBarrel (8,053 words), 1 of which was outsourced, 5 articles on the science fiction site (1,843 words), 3 role playing game supplements (7,373 words) and 1 blog post (522 words).

Pen and NotebookCredit: MorguefileThe total number of words written in June was 38,075, down a bit from May, but still pretty high, and I also wrote another 252 words on the collaborative role playing game project (currently I've done the majority of the work I had to do; I'm waiting to see what else needs doing and what other people have done). Two articles were featured on InfoBarrel in June, Movie Review: Bad Neighbours 2 and Movie Review: Independence Day: Resurgence.

Writing Related Earnings for May

£1.88 was earned from AdSense, down from May, with the majority being from the electronics site and the rest spread in less than a penny packets across a bunch of others. AdSense income as a whole was down, which includes YouTube income. This is generally not surprising at this time of year.

Dolla SignCredit: MorguefileAt the time of writing, earnings from Tier 2 advertising on InfoBarrel have still not been updated. Tier 1 earnings were $32.25, down from May's Tier 1 earnings, but whether or not earnings as a whole were down is not known (they probably were), and will not be known until the earnings are actually updated.


Amazon US earnings were down slightly from last month, but once again was the best ever for this time of year. Fifteen items were shipped but there were two returns, which brought earnings down, earning $26.13 in total, all from the electronics site. Some of the earnings came from a bunch of items ordered at the end of May where weren't shipped until June. Enough sales were made to make the 6% referral rate again, which did make a difference to the earnings on a number of sales. There were no earnings or sales from Amazon UK this month.


Three new role playing game supplements were published on RPGNow in June (there was a fourth, but this supplement is a stock art pack, and therefore not writing related). There were 181 sales across 61 supplements (not quite a sale per supplement) earning $104.44, excluded some non-writing related sales and income. Total net earnings to date breached $1,000.

This was the second best month to date, despite the fact that no good supplements were published during the month, but the Dark Urban Fantasy Sale did run during the month. Sales always have a good effect on back catalogue sales, and this effect would appear to be improving as the number of items available in my back catalogue increases. There were a couple of large and one huge purchase, the latter being 38 supplements by my count to a single customer. One of the large purchases and the huge one looked to be because of the sale.

Once again, nothing new to announce on the Kindle front.

Niche Sites

I published 21 posts and a page on the electronics site, which includes the 10 articles mentioned earlier, the first new content for a few months. It once again earned the majority of the (non-YouTube) AdSense income and all of the Amazon income.

Once again, nothing new was published on the clothing site, and no measurable income was earned.

I published 5 posts and 4 pages on the RPG site, but neither income nor sales.

I published 27 posts on the science fiction site, which includes the 5 articles mentioned earlier. The amount of content has increased quite a bit, and it is getting traffic, but not generating noticeable income as yet.

No new articles were published on the writing site. Some slight progress was made on some that are being written, but not enough to publish them.


I published 13 articles on the general site during the month, greatly increasing the amount of content. Most of these were originally intended to be published on Bubblews or Zujava; in fact, since the articles were originally written several of the places written about have since shut. I published them anyway; they're written and they may attract some traffic, which may earn some money. Leaving them on my computer when all the work has already been done won't accomplish anything.

With the addition of the extra content, both AdSense and InfoLinks were reactivated on the site in June, but rather late in the month, so there are no earnings from either as yet.


myLot is a site I've used in the past, and made a bit of money from. In some ways, it's reminiscent of Bubblews, although it predates it; indeed, some of the same people are on it. Some years back, myLot stopped sharing revenue. Shortly before the end of the month I heard that it had started sharing it again, and that the minimum payout amount had dropped to $5, so I thought I'd return. It's certainly been around for longer than Bubblews was; it predates that site by several years and it's still going. I made six posts in the last few days of the month and earned $0.30. Not a lot, but something, and I have old Bubblews material I can reuse there that isn't suitable for anywhere else. Earnings are strongly related to interaction, though, rather than traffic. The referral programme hasn't been reactivated as yet.

Plans for July

I have enough role playing game supplements written (if not yet formatted) to take me in to August (possibly some way into August if not beyond; I have some written that I haven't scheduled release dates for as yet, because I'd like to get some others completed first). I still need to work on the in-progress Kindle ebook (which really needs finishing before the end of the year; it's only at about 1,500 words at the moment) and get the clothing site sorted out, and decide how I'm going to organise it in the future.