During March I published 43 articles on InfoBarrel (50,581 words), 6 posts on a niche site (2,966), 1 blog post (524 words) and 4 role playing game supplements (6,133 words)

The total number of words written in March was 22,367, slightly up from February, which wasn't bad due to time lost during holidays in the month. Eight articles were chosen to be featured on InfoBarrel in March, A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement Emer Atlas III: The Southeast, A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement Shadow World Player Guide - The World, Movie Review: Chappie, Movie Review: Get Hard, Movie Review: Home, Movie Review: Insurgent, Movie Review: Unfinished Business and My Three Favourite Video Game Franchises.

Pen and PaperCredit: MorgueFileWriting Related Earnings for March

AdSense earnings were £3.16 from Seekyt and a niche site, down from the previous month. I still have work to do to get my overall AdSense earnings up again, but I seem to have been rather busy recently. YouTube again earned more than AdSense in general, although this was down for the month.

Earnings from Tier 1 and Tier 2 ads on InfoBarrel were $13.29, up from the previous month, although I'm unsure as to whether these are complete or not - February still has earnings missing.

I also placed top in the InfoBarrel article contest, which earned another $100, mostly accomplished by a series of articles which, on examination, took about nine and a half months from starting to completely publishing and interlinking them. Fortunately that wasn't the only thing I was doing during that period. They are not, as yet, performing as well as hoped, because they are not, as yet, ranking as high as hoped for a variety of search terms, although they are on the front page of Google for the terms I have checked. The difference between ranking top and ranking second can be enormous when it comes to traffic, let alone between top and 8th to 10th place. It is still early days, and some of them are starting to show promise, as well as income.

Earnings from WritEdge were $0.02 for the month, up from February, and $0.53 from Daily Two Cents, also up from the previous month. Nothing new was published on WritEdge but 31 short posts were published on Daily Two Cents.

Nothing earned from Expertscolumn again, and nothing new to report for either Zujava or for RedGage.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileAmazon

Three sales were made on Amazon, all through a niche site again, with $7.36 earned, down quite a bit from the previous month. This is still more than I was regularly earning in the past, but I would still like to see it increase - naturally.


$0.81 was earned from the HubPages Ad Program across both accounts last month, down yet again. I haven't done anything on HubPages in a while now, and there are an awful lot of Hubs that need fixing, including Squidoo lenses that haven't been fixed at all, lenses that now need fixing again, and Hubs that need fixing too, with many unfeatured for one reason or another. Fixing all these problems is probably going to take a day or so, and I haven't got around to that as yet.


It's rather pointless now detailing what was done on Bubblews in March, as they have now deleted my account. I'd argue the reason, and in fact did, but experience has largely shown this to be a waste of time. It would be more annoying if I was still making $2-300 per month from the site; $5-10 per month in lost income is less of a big deal.

Fortunately, I saved almost everything that was published there. Some items cannot be reused, as it was either time sensitive or specific to Bubblews, but others can, as can work written for later use. Some will work on two niche sites I have been creating content for, whilst other material can be used to create at least two more niche sites. Of the rest, there may be some that can be reused, but they will probably need rewriting first, unless I can use them on my own sites. Some rewriting may well be necessary anyway.

More annoying was the loss of potential traffic from Pinterest pins, even when I get them republished. Many of the original pins had dozens or, in some cases, hundreds of repins, which are all now pointing to a defunct web page. I can change some of my own pins, but that will still leave many, many pins - and any future repins from those pins - that will be useless - for me, anyway. I wonder if Pinterest can do a mass change of URLs for pins, and whether they'd actually be willing to do so?


No new Kindle ebooks were sold or written during March, but one of the existing ones was lent out.

As mentioned earlier, four new role playing game supplements were published on RPGNow, and there were 50 sales across six supplements, totalling $26.08 after RPGNow's cut. Back when I wrote my plans for this year in December's report, I wrote that one of my goals for the year was to publish at least 12 new role playing game supplements. I'm now well on track for this, with six already published this year, and will probably complete it by May, with plenty more to format and publish. These are largely small supplements, around 2-6 page PDFs. I plan to use some of the earnings generated so far to buy stock art for other, completed but not formatted, supplements, and perhaps pay to have them professionally laid out.

Plans for April

In April, I intend to continue writing and publishing role playing game supplements. I am publishing one a week currently. I could speed that up, as I now have several complete, formatted in Scribus and ready for publication, but unless I get many months ahead at the current rate, I'm not going to do that. Currently, I'm getting a regular weekly boost, especially as older supplements are often purchased with new ones, and I'd like to keep a consistent publishing rate rather than publish two a week for a couple of weeks, then nothing for several more.

I've been working on material for two different niche sites. I really would like to get at least one up and running in the next month or so - the material makes me absolutely nothing when it's lying around on my computer. I am continuing to work on new material for the existing one, which is currently generating the bulk of my Amazon revenue, and a some AdSense revenue too.

As yet, I haven't made any progress on my goal to publish another six Kindle ebooks this year.