In March, I published 7 articles on InfoBarrel (7,693 words), 4 role playing game supplements (7,002 words), 2 articles on the science fiction site (683 words), 1 article on the RPG site (666 words) and 1 blog post (597 words).

The total number of words written in March was 25,986, down quite a bit from February, although given there was Easter and other events, this was decent. I also wrote 3,173 words on a role playing game supplement collaborative project; I'm keeping track of this separately, as I don't know how much of what I write will make it into the finished supplement, so I don't want to track it with my regular work.

Notebook and PenCredit: MorgueFileWriting Related Earnings for March

AdSense earnings for March were £2.57 from the electronics niche site and Daily Two Cents, mostly from the former, slightly up from the previous month. AdSense income has a whole rose, with YouTube earnings increasing the most, although still well off their high.

Earnings from Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising on InfoBarrel were $46.77. Now, this looks like a substantial rise - and, indeed, it is, being more than double last month's earnings - but it's also a bit misleading. The increase is down to purchasing a portfolio of articles, rather than the existing ones performing better. I expect to see a larger increase next month, too.

12 new posts were published on Daily Two Cents. After deciding not to do any more on Daily Two Cents for now - these 12 were already written and ready to go - the site had its first earnings in some time, a, minimal, amount of AdSense income and four small Amazon sales. No new posts were made on WritEdge.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileAmazon

Amazon earnings were down from the previous month, but this was still the best March ever (although that wouldn't take a lot of doing frankly). There were 23 sales, mostly from the electronics niche site but with a few from Daily Two Cents, which was enough to reach the 6% referral rate. This did make a difference to overall earnings, even with many of the, usually more valuable, sales capped at 4%.

Amazon UK had 3 sales, reduced to two items dispatched due to a return on an item bought in February, earning £4.15, all from the electronics site.


Four new role playing game supplements were published on RPGNow in March. Earnings were $82.13, after RPGNow's cut (excluding one, very minor, non-writing related sale), from 157 sales across 51 supplements. There were a lot more sales this month compared to last, but many of them were at a discount, due to the GM's Day Sale happening during the month, or were simply for less expensive products to start with - two of last month's releases are priced at more than double what the majority are - so earnings were actually lower. This was still the fourth highest month to date, and it was only a few cents away from being the third.

For Kindle ebooks, there were only some minor earnings of $0.12 from Kindle Edition Normalised Pages read in February. I haven't done much with the Kindle ebooks as yet; I planned to do some tweaking and promotion of the current ones and still have one that is a work in progress, but I've been spending most of my time on other work.

Niche Sites

Nothing new was published on the electronics site this month, although some work has been done for the next batch of articles. It accounted for the majority of the Amazon and AdSense income though.

Nothing new was published on the clothing site either, and this didn't earn any money as well.

I published four pages and eight posts, one of latter being the article mentioned earlier, on the RPG site. I published the first proper article on the RPG site this month. This increased traffic and led to some increased exposure, primarily social. There was no other definite immediate benefit from this. Whether this will have any long term benefit is not yet known - and will probably be hard to measure anyway. The site still hasn't generated any more income or sales, but this is still as expected.

38 new posts, including the two articles mentioned earlier, were published on the science fiction site that I launched last month. There is, as yet, no income, even though there is a growing amount of content. Much of the content is republished, and slightly modified, posts that were originally published on Bubblews. These older posts are generally shorter, often under 200 words in length. These very short posts don't have any additional advertising, beyond the Amazon product related to the post, so they are less likely to earn additional income. Only the longer posts have AdSense and the longest also have Amazon Native Shopping Ads.

The site will probably need to have a lot more content (which I do already have), and a lot more longer content (which it is generally getting some of every month, but this is mostly newly written work), before it really starts earning anything of note. Still, as it's related to an area of interest and something I'm doing anyway, it realistically isn't taking up much in the way of time.


Nothing new was published on the general site during the month, so the amount of content didn't increase enough to start adding any ads other than Amazon products, and no revenue has been generated as yet.

Plans for April

I currently have enough role playing game supplements written to keep making the one per week schedule until the end of April. I am hoping to release another niche site during the month. This may seem a bit odd, given that I already have three that aren't really performing, but I'm trying something new out, and if it works, I'll probably be doing some modifications to how the clothing site at least is set up. Consequently, I won't be releasing anything new on the clothing site, as I may be overhauling the entire structure.

I really want to make progress on a Kindle ebook I'm working on, as there's an event happening next year that it could benefit from. It's not solely tied to that event, but it will cause an increase in related traffic and, possibly, sales of my book - if I get it published.