During May I published 13 articles on InfoBarrel (10,400 words), 4 Hubs on HubPages (3,023 words), 4 posts on Daily Two Cents (1,364 words), 2 articles on Wizzley (1,787 words) and 3 outsourced articles (2,961) purchased from Zerys, primarily, as usual, paid for using Bubblews earnings and one Kindle ebook (4,369 words).

The total number of words written in May was 25,628, up substantially from April. Four articles were featured on InfoBarrel during the month, Movie Review: Godzilla, Movie Review: Maleficent, Movie Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past and Why Use Fertilisers and Weedkillers on your Lawn?

Pen and PaperCredit: MorgueFileWriting Related Earnings for May

AdSense earnings for May were £1.56 from Seekyt and HubPages, up slightly from the previous month. AdSense income as a whole was only slightly up this month, but this was solely down to an increase in YouTube earnings, and AdSense continues to perform poorly.

InfoBarrel earnings were $11.65 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising. The figures appear to be missing the final week of Tier 2 earnings, though, so this could increase. The image that, in April, earned a substantial proportion of the entire earnings on InfoBarrel, did not earn anything this month. Whatever caused the unusual spike last month appears to have disappeared.

As well as the four longer posts mentioned earlier, I did another short one on Daily Two Cents. Mostly, what I'm planning to add to that site are short Amazon reviews, as I can link to the Amazon product. These are probably going to be expanded and more in depth versions of posts on similar items I've made on Bubblews, but only the items being reviewed are similar, the text is longer and different (and not spun). The posts earned $0.10 in total for the month.

Expertscolumn earned $0.03 from the articles published there.

RedGage stats still do not seem to be updating, so I don't know what, if anything, has been earned there. Earnings really were better updated before they improved the site.

Zujava. Another month, and nothing heard. No new graduates from the Petting Zu. It really doesn't seem plausible that in seven months there hasn't been a single person able to graduate. This site is making Squidoo look well run.

This month saw some Amazon sales for the first time in a couple of months, with $2.65 earned from HubPages and Wizzley; the first Amazon earnings to date on the latter site.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileHubPages

The 72 Hubs on HubPages earned $1.47 from the HubPages Ad Programme, up from the previous month. This increase was undoubtedly partly due to the publication of a number of new Hubs; new Hubs always seem to get an initial spike in traffic and a corresponding income boost. Nothing was earned from the eBay programme, but there were some earnings from Amazon, as mentioned earlier.


I had five lenses locked on Squidoo this month, the first in some time. In one case, it went into work in progress and had a score less than 100. I published it because it didn't look to be displaying correctly, and it promptly became locked. I never received an email about the locking (despite what it said in the lens workshop), nor did I receive any response to my support request, because frankly that looked like a bug. Another four were locked at the end of the month, including three of my most recent. These were all scoring 100 on the scorecard, so I fail to see what that is actually supposed to indicate.

In the email I received about the other four, there's a list of things that will get a lens locked, but it says it isn't an inclusive list, which it certainly isn't as none of the reasons supplied were applicable, which does make it rather hard to know what you are doing wrong when they don't bother to explain it. It's beginning to look as if the lenses that are safest on Squidoo are the ones least likely to ever earn me a penny from that site, although they will from anywhere else they are submitted.

The earnings received from Squidoo were $15.28, the highest amount since last September. Up until getting 10% of my lenses locked, it was beginning to look as if Squidoo had finally turned the corner.


$150.59 in cleared and pending payments were received from Bubblews, up slightly from April. Again, the increased time that it's taking Bubblews to make payments is reducing the apparent earnings, although redeemed earnings were probably lower this month due to poor site performance. 168 new posts were added during the month but, again, due to poor site performance, no longer posts were published.

As with the previous months, the various keyword researched articles seem to be climbing back up in the Google rankings (they are probably doing better in Bing's), as measured by Long Tail Pro, but they are still low enough that this climb is making little difference in their actual traffic, and the tendency for the site to time out a lot is probably reducing their earnings.

The income of the 80 posts measured for residual income was only $2.59, only slightly more than $0.03 per article and substantially down. The 31 keyword researched articles earned a mere $0.69 between them, also down and only a bit over $0.02 per post. In the past, they have earned more than that on a daily basis on average. There were a substantial number that didn't earn a single cent during the month. This was quite probably due to the site's frequent abysmal performance.


Tips on Buying Property (and Anything Else) from Offline Auctions
Amazon Price: Buy Now
(price as of Sep 4, 2016)
You may have noticed that I have changed the title of these articles from previous ones, from "Article" to "Writing," as I published my first Kindle ebook (under a penname) during the month.

This is only a small (if longer than initially estimated), cheap book and, so far, there have been no sales, but there has also been no real promotion either. The book is at least written, published and out there, so it at least has the potential to start earning.

Plans for June

I would like to get several more ebook published in June, although these are not Kindle books. There are several done, at least from the point of view of writing them, but they are waiting for layout work to be completed, which largely depends on when the person doing the layout has the time to squeeze them in.

I may finish doing the initial pass through of the articles I purchased in March, as most of them are done; if not, they should be finished shortly into July.

An interesting book that I read through for the first time recently. I plan to go back and give it another read through too.