During May I published 7 articles on InfoBarrel (7,857 words), 5 role playing game supplements (11,600 words), 7 niche site articles (3,480 words) and 1 blog post (518 words). As always, there were also various shorter (under 325 words) posts published.

The total number of words written was 16,962 words, substantially down from April, primarily due to offline events at the end of the month.

Writing Related Earnings for May

NotebookCredit: MorgueFile

£1.22 was earned from AdSense, from a niche site, Wizzley and Seekyt. Most of this was from the niche site; Seekyt earnings were the lowest they have been in some time. AdSense as a whole is still performing poorly, and YouTube earnings had declined again.

InfoBarrel earnings were $22.28 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 ads, slightly down from the previous month. Just a few dollars more and the $50 threshold would have been hit in two month. The income from Tier 2 ads saw a substantial increase (impressions were up by about 10%; Tier 2 revenue over 200%), reversing the downward trend and the best performance from Tier 2 in months.

I made 63 short posts on Daily Two Cents and earned $0.79, up quite a bit. Much of this increase in posting is from work that would originally have been posted on Bubblews.

$0.01 was earned on WritEdge, down from the previous month, but no new posts were made.

Nothing earned on Expertscolumn again and no change on RedGage.


Only one sale, from the niche site, totalling $0.89, was made during the month. This is the lowest monthly income on Amazon in over a year. There were two sales on Amazon UK, but these were never despatched, so presumably they were cancelled. A shame, as there was well over £100 in sales between them.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileHubPages

Only a tiny amount was earned was earned last month from the Hub Pages Ad Program across both accounts (as I mentioned in last month's report, I'm not disclosing the amount any longer as it's apparently against HubPages' terms). I still haven't done anything more about updating any of the Hubs, and now I have very few that are featured. I think in most cases this is due to a lack of traffic; I read somewhere that HubPages got badly hit - again - recently by a Google update. Currently, I feel my time is better spent elsewhere than fixing stuff on HubPages.

Niche Sites

I launched what could be considered to be a niche site in May. It's definitely niche, but it's really there to promote my role playing game supplements, rather than to sell other peoples' products. Currently, the only affiliate programme used is the RPGNow/DriveThruRPG one (OneBookShelf); should I start selling anything through Amazon at some point, I will probably use their programme too. Even though it does only exist to sell my own products, it looks like it did generate some affiliate earnings as well, if only $0.20, from both my own products and those of other publishers. Keeping track of whether or not the site generates affiliate income in this way is pretty much impossible; there are no tracking tokens I can see. It just happened in this case that a click through from the site resulted in purchases at the same time. Traffic to the site is still pretty low; this will probably only start to increase when some posts that have value in themselves, rather than being there to promote newly released products, are added.

During May I published 6 posts and 19 pages on the RPG site. Some of the pages are going to be frequently updated, such as the product lists and release schedule, whilst some of both may be updated at some point in the future, such as the individual product pages and posts, which is most likely to happen if some of the supplements get new cover art (something I am planning on; I just haven't found anything really suitable yet) or should they start being listed for sale on other sites, such as Paizo, Amazon and Warehouse23. The latter is not likely to happen for a while, as listing them elsewhere will lose a few percent in income on RPGNow, so it will only be done once enough sales are likely.

On the other niche site I published 6 longer posts (325+ words) and 1 page.


One Kindle ebook sold during the month, earning $0.52. There were no other changes to report for the Kindle platform. I still need to give the books another look through and then I'll probably do one as free for a day.

Five new role playing game supplements were published, taking the total published this year to fifteen and meaning that I have easily passed the planned 12 new supplements for the year. During May, I earned $38.68 from 74 sales across 15 supplements (one short of a sale for every supplement). The most popular supplement has now made it to 26 sales, which is still quite low. Still, there are continued residual sales after publication, even if the initial sales are the greatest.

Plans for June

I intend to get at least one niche site up and running in June. The one I'm going to do first I have 31 posts written and ready to publish, and 11 longer articles, formerly on Bubblews, that can be repurposed for this site, although they may need a bit of editing first. I do need to start writing some new material for the site, too, as I've written posts for all of my current list of topics - although that doesn't even come close to exhausting the ideas that can be sued for posts.

I'm going to continue publishing role playing game supplements, as I have enough completed and formatted in Scribus to publish one a week until halfway through July. I have another completed, but not formatted as yet - I still need to decide how I'm going to do it, and I need some artwork. I will also be adding the relevant pages and posts for each new release on the associated site. I could do with coming up with some, preferably useful, posts on that site that don't simply exist to promote my supplements.

I would like to at least make some progress with some Kindle ebooks, but I'm lacking ideas currently.