In May I published 8 articles on InfoBarrel (10,328 words), 6 articles on the science fiction site (2,237 words), 4 role playing game supplements (17,717 words), 2 articles on the writing site (1,291 words), 1 blog post (512 words) and 1 WritEdge article (432 words).

The total number of words written in May was 40,270, down quite a bit from April but still one of the highest. I wrote another 963 words on the role playing game collaborative project. Three articles were featured on InfoBarrel, Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War, Movie Review: The Angry Birds Movie and Movie Review: X-Men: Apocalypse.

Notebook and PenCredit: MorguefileWriting Related Earnings for May

£2.25 was earned from AdSense from writing, from the electronics site and the science fiction site, with the vast majority being from the former and up very slightly from the previous month. AdSense income as a whole slightly increased, both normal and YouTube income.

Earnings from Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising on InfoBarrel were $47.69, up from the previous month (and, as a consequence, the highest to date). I also finished third in the InfoBarrel monthly contest again, and again mostly by accident, as I published an article I hadn't planned to publish rather than saving it to draft as intended (working when tired isn't always a good idea; fortunately it was an article that was ready to publish and not one lacking images, formatting, links, signature and the rest, which some of the articles I was editing that night were).

An article was approved on WritEdge - approved, because it was written and submitted for approval at the beginning of April. Unfortunately, by the time it was approved, it was no longer as relevant, at least for this year, as it relates to a topic - ISAs - that tends to be most important around the time of the end of the tax year in the UK in April.

HubPages continues to generate pitifully small amounts of money. Sure, I could redo all the articles, but that's no guarantee that they will continue earning for more than a week or so (or even a day or so), as they become unfeatured so easily. Currently, my time is far better spent elsewhere. Frankly, deleting and moving most of the articles would probably be more productive than fixing them on HubPages.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgeufileAmazon

Amazon US earnings increased in May, which wasn't expected, making it the best May ever, and just in the top ten months overall. Twenty items were shipped, all from the electronics site, earning $28.28, and there were enough sales to reach the 6% referral rate again. This made a negligible difference, however, as only two items sold weren't capped at the 4% rate, and neither of those was very expensive. There were also some sales that weren't shipped during the month, but during June. With the addition of Payoneer, it looks like I'm going to be receiving regular monthly payments from Amazon, even if small ones, which improves cash flow.

Amazon UK income declined, with only one sale from the electronics site earning £1.13. Still, there have been many months (the majority in fact) in the past when earnings on Amazon UK were nothing, so any income is better than that.


Four new role playing game supplements were published in May on RPGNow. There were 89 sales across 41 supplements (at the end of the month I had 66 different written supplements, excluding bundles, published, so not every supplement is selling every month; sales help for that) earning $74.36 after RPGNow's cut and excluding three sales on two supplements that were non-writing related.

One of the supplements published during the month was a high quality one, which accounted for a large proportion (over 40%) of the sales revenue, continuing to prove that the better supplements simply make more money (admittedly, they are usually at least five times as long). A goodly chunk of the rest of the income came from the other, better quality, supplements.

No new progress was made on the Kindle platform, with nothing written and no new sales or page reads.

Niche Sites

Nothing new was published on the electronics site, although some preparatory work was done on the next batch of posts, but it still earned the majority of the AdSense income and all of the Amazon income.

Nothing new was published on the clothing site again, and there was no income earned.

27 posts were published on the science fiction site, as well as the 6 articles mentioned earlier. The site also had its first, very minor, earnings, from Google AdSense.

There were four pages and four posts published on the RPG site, but no income.

2 articles were published on the writing site, as mentioned earlier. These articles may be expanded later into longer articles. No income was made either, but there's very limited opportunity for that as yet; the site is still quite under populated in content.


Once again there was nothing new published on the general site, which means that there was no income generated again, as the only advertising currently on the site is Amazon.

Plans for June

I have enough role playing game supplements completed to continue the one per week release schedule until the end of June, although not beyond. If I managed to complete every in-progress supplement - those I have started writing - I would have enough to keep me going until the end of June next year, and beyond - never mind the jotted ideas. The problem is often the creativity needed to complete them can be erratic, and some require knowledge of rule systems that I'm learning, or skill I lack.

I want to get enough published in the general site to reactivate both the AdSense ads and the InfoLink ads. I may add InfoLinks to the science fiction site; I haven't decided as yet. It has more than enough content, but I'd prefer Amazon earnings if possible.

I want to get another group of posts and main article published on the electronics site, publish some more on the writing site and overhaul the clothing site and publish some new articles. If I can find a 301 redirect plugin for WordPress that does what I want, that will be useful for rebuilding the clothing site, ensuring that old posts redirect to new pages.