During November I published 7 articles on InfoBarrel (8,274 words), 4 role playing game supplements (5,319 words), 1 article on the clothing niche site (335 words) and 1 blog post (526 words). I also republished, with a few changes, 1 article (565 words) on one of my older sites that I've just relaunched.

The total number of words written in November was 26,151, slightly down from October. Two articles were featured on InfoBarrel in November, Movie Review: The Martian and Movie Review: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (although the first of these had already been featured once in October).

NotebookCredit: MorgueFileWriting Related Earnings for November

£12.45 was earned in November from the electronics niche site, Daily Two Cents and the clothing niche site, again with the vast majority coming from the electronics site. This was up substantially from October, due to this being the busiest shopping period in the year. AdSense earnings as a whole were also up, although YouTube earnings were down, which was expected to happen.

InfoBarrel earnings were $21.09 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising, up from the previous month, although not as much as might have been expected, given the time of year. However, I don't really have many articles on InfoBarrel catering to the Christmas shopping period (and most of those I bought from Dreammaker). There was also a minor Amazon sale.

47 new posts were published on Daily Two Cents and nothing new on WritEdge. Earnings from these sites are now through AdSense, and were up for Daily Two Cents, although there was a minor Amazon sale.

Nothing was earned on Expertscolumn.

Still nothing to report on HubPages, other than earnings are lousy and it's impossible to keep lenses featured without it being a full time job.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileAmazon

45 orders were shipped from Amazon US in November, earning $109.51, just slightly under my previous best in December last year. 43 of these were from the electronics niche site and there was one small sale from InfoBarrel and another, even smaller, sale from Daily Two Cents. There were enough sales to make it to the 6.5% referral rate - one of the few times that has happened - and this did make a noticeable difference, even though many sales were capped at 4%.

£15.12 was earned from Amazon UK for 12 orders shipped in November, by far my best month (the previous best, in July, was only £2.92), all from the electronics niche site. One advantage with Amazon UK is it's easier to get paid, as it's by bank transfer and it's paid in pounds sterling (of course, this is only an advantage for UK affiliates), so I should be seeing my first ever payment from Amazon soon (Amazon US I have a $1,000 threshold to cut down on fees). I'm not sure if Amazon UK has a higher referral percentage any longer; there is nothing saying you can increase your referral rate by referring more sales. I don't currently have that many Amazon UK links, largely because most sites don't have any option for geotargeting links, so Amazon US is normally used.

Most of this increase in income was because of the effect of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, which still hasn't finished. Cyber Monday was the last day of the month, so as there were plenty of orders that hadn't been despatched at the end of the month. Some of these may be cancelled, but I still expect an early boost to December's income.


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Four new role playing game supplements were published on RPGNow, and two of these were also combined into a bundle. Earnings were $111.69 from 203 sales, with every supplement published selling at least 2 copies.

This was the best month to date, even more than the previous month - almost $30 more - although this was largely due to the effect of two sales, the end of the Halloween Sale at the beginning of the month and the entirety of the Black Friday Weekend Sale. The supplements published during the month didn't accomplish much, but once published, they can keep earning - and may do better in future sales (they were not included in this one, as they had been published too recently).

Currently, my two biggest, best and most expensive supplements account for almost a fifth of the entire income from RPG supplements - of which there are 42 published (excluding bundles) at the time of writing. One of those two actually was one of the best selling supplements in the Black Friday sale, around about eleventh in the ranking, although that isn't quite as impressive as it sounds. Bigger and better certainly makes more money, but they are harder to do.

For the Kindle books, there were just some page reads which will show up next month, although this will be quite minor income.

Niche Sites

Only one article, mentioned earlier, was published on the clothing niche site. I simply haven't seemed to have had the time to get any new articles written, nor have I adapted any of the old Bubblews posts as yet. There were again some minor earnings, the same as the previous month.

Nothing new was published on the electronics niche site, again due to not seeming to have had any time, but it accounted for almost all of the AdSense and Amazon income.

Six posts and five pages were published on the RPG site. Again, no new earnings to report, but as I've mentioned before, I don't really expect any for some time.


I relaunched one of my oldest sites as a place to publish assorted articles on no one topic, which will also be a place to put articles as I take them off other sites that are no longer any use, or republish some from sites which have gone down. There is no income from there as yet, which is to be expected, as with only one article published on it, I haven't added any advertising beyond a relevant Amazon product. There is too little content to realistically consider re-adding AdSense or InfoLinks as yet, although I might look into adding some global links. Perhaps Swagbucks.

Plans for December

I'm currently running out of completed role playing game supplements. This is because the largest part of the work done last month was on one supplement, which when finished will be my largest to date. Hopefully this will also mean it's the best earner too. Once that is ready to publish - and formatting it for publication will also take some time - I hope to get more done so I can keep up the one release a week I've managed for quite a few months now. I certainly have plenty of ideas, including some that would be similar, but more specific and less general, to supplements that have already been released.

I also need to get some more content written and published on both the clothing and electronics sites, continue republishing content on my general site and add new articles that were planned to be published on places such as Bubblews and Zujava.